Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 4 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome on MNL on the last weekend of the regular season

We brting you MNL unique coverage of the game between our very own DEVILS and the EIHL league champions the Nottingham Panthers

Rachael has made it to the Lace City despite the heavy traffic and worsening road conditions.

Hopefully we can rustle up additional texters to report on events at the NIC where the Panthers make their first appearance since winning the league.

Hopefully the Devils can put a dampen their celebrations by grabbing 2 points.

Kirsty F thinks Devils will win 4-2 in O/T

Danette & Kevin Macrae predict a 5-3 win for the Devils

The Macrae family are having snow as well

In Cardiff thankfully we haven't had any snow but if the rain we have had in the last 24 hours had been snow we would havebben totally snowbound

Unconfirmed news tat face off is delayed due to road conditions

Having waiting for so many years to win the league who would begrudge a delay to let the Panthers fans get to the NIC

By my reckoning the last League title won by the Panthers was in 1954

After more thought Nottingham's last league success was probably 1955/6 season

That was before any player who iced for the Devils throughout their history was born

A cruel fan suggested that Steve Moria was born before then - you will never know

Devils were late arriving at NIC

Warmup started

Warmup completed

About 20 Devils fans spotted at NIC

Chris F has volunteered to text us - Thanks Chris

Lights are dimmed, intro started

Very quiet on the prediction side tonight

John J says Devils will win 4-2

Hugh G says he following MNL for the first time, welcome. He is also going for a 4-2 scoreline for the RED ARMY

Devils out on the ice

The Davies Clan go for a 3-2 Devils win

No team news yet

Kevan & Sue Batch in snowless but freezing Essex call it 4-3

Trying to find out if Panthers backup netminder does indeed start as rumoured

Panthers intro ongoing, will they ever appear

Still no Panther team

Maybe FO is 8pm,

They are now doing Photos of every player as they appear

Finally they are all on the ice

Michael Hicks is referee


Devils fans sang Welsh Anthem

Off we go

End to end start to game

Birbraer goes close

Kwall starts for Panthers not Dan Green as rumoured

Big save Whitley

Gametime 3:36

Panthers penalty - Kwall - delay of game

Another Panthers penalty gives Devils 5 on 3

Lee - tripping @ 4:03

Devils peppering Panthers net but Kwall maKING SAVE AFTER SAVE


Panthers return to full strength (FS)

Big save Whitley

Whitley save @ 6:25

Panthers goal @ 6:37

Scored by Clarke assists Fox & Myers

For those of you interested Kwall penalty was @ 3:54

Panthers icing

Kwall save @ 8:17

Gametime 8:49

Devils missed on a clear chance

Game is played at a pace and its end to end

Whitley save @ 10:01

Rachael & Leanne very vocal making up for low nubers in RED ARMY

Gimblett & Clarke having words

And again @ 10:36

Gametime 11:30

Devils are clearing their zone efficiently tonight

Richardson breakaway foiled

Panthers exerting pressuire but Devils holding them off

Davies shot saved @ 14:53

Fight Marsh & Wilson

Not much of a fight

Called a draw

Devils penalty - Marsh - fighting major: Panthers penalty - Wilson - fighting major @ 15:15

Kwall save @ 15:55 from Macrae

Gimblett big shot marginally high

Lower, Lower FIRE JESSE

Kwall saves from Piggott

Big shot from blueline by the Doctor

Last 2 minutes of opener

Face off in Panthers zone

Final minute

Davies working hard at both ends as usual

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 0

Off we gor for 2nd period


Quiney assists Harding & Richardson @ 22:12

Cannot give you SoG none announced

Kwall saves from Gimblett @ 23:48

Its now the Devils exerting pressure

SoG for 1st period Panthers 18 DEVILS 11

DEvils penalty - Birbraer - tripping @ 4:05

Panthers goal

@ 25:30 a ppg

Scoer Ling assists to follow

Werner got the only assist

Panthers fans only sing when they are told to

Blight fed by Macrae sees shot saved - FO in Panthers zone

More goals are sure to arrive as it is still an end to end game with chances for both teams

Chris Jones breakaway comes to nothing

Devils pressure but Panthers clear zone

Devils pushing hard for equaliser

Marsh shot deflected @ 30:15

Great play from Harding who feeds Marsh - shot batted away by Kwall

Davies has breakaway - Kwall covers

Kwall saves from Macrae @ 31:06

Panthers penalty @ 31:06 - Clarke

Hooking the call

Kwall save @ 31:32

Come on U DEVILS lets have a ppg

Not to be as Panthers return to FS

Big save Whitley from Ling

Gametime 33:26

Plenty of breakaways for Devils - its Macrae this time

Kwall holds on @ 34:25

Devils penalty - Piggott - hooking @ 35:33


Whitley save

Devils clear zone

Whitley covers

Gametime 36:04

50 secs of PK left

Whitley saves from Fox

Gametime 37:01 as Devils net off moorings

Devils back to FS

Whitley save from Lachowicz @ 37:58

Final 2 minutes of period

Panthers offside

Blaze appoint Soderstrom as head coach

Rachael in a shouting war with a Panthers fan

Rachael as one expects has the last word and wins

Final minute

Kwall fumbles @ 39:10

End of 2nd period Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

Chris F our texter at NIC says the team have given 200% so far and hopes they can keep it going for another period

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 12 DEVILS 13 making it 30-24 after 2 periods

Teams are back

Off we go

Whitley covers

Quiney battles his way towards Panther net

Macrae offside


@ 44:10 - Harding assist Piggott

Great goal, 2nd of the night for the 3rd line

Big save Whitley

Another big save by Whitley

Gametime 45:21

At this rate of production from our home grown players my hope of a league based on 6-8 imports is getting closer and closer

Panthers have upped their game, huge pressure on Devils at the moment


Its them again PIGGOTT this time

@ 46:51

Assists Blight & K Smith

ts good for the old boys to give them a hand

The RED ARMY at the NIC have gone bonkers

Piggott does the Ayotollah to the Red Army

Chris says there are 8 in Red Army, there were 14 I suppose they have been overcome

Lepine throwing his weight around

Panthers look rattled

Whitley covers @ 49:58

Panthers fans started chanting, it didn't last long

RED ARMY Haven't stopped allnight

Devils penalty - Davies - tripping @ 50:31


One minute killed

All of you out there who can get to the BBT on Sunday do so this team has worked its socks off tonight

Devils return to FS

Whitley is immense tonight

Devils now unbelieveable exerting pressure on Kwall

Chris Jones is having an awesome game on 2nd line

Devils penalty @ 54:08 - Quiney - hooking


Panthers PPG

@ 54:37

Hicks called Quiney for hooking, he should have called Myers for diving

Panthers 3rd goal scored by Graham assists Ling & Clarke

Kwall savs from Davies & Jones

ametime 55:40

Puck out of play

Gametime 57:03

Whitley save @57:38

Final 2 minutes

Gimblett hit off the play Hicks does nothing

Devils net dislodged

Panthers penalty- Werner - delay of game @ 58:38

Devils time out

Game restarts

Final minute

End of regulation Panthers 3 DEVILS 3

O/T here we come

Those faithful RED ARMY have had a game to savior

Here we go Devilsd start with a 4 on 3 for 38 secs

Panthers back to FS (ie 4 on 4)

Whitley save @ 60:58

Whitley standing on his head says Chris F

Davies goes close

Kwall saves from Richardson

Whitley save

Devils are matching Panthers shot for shot

Gametime 63:08

Panthers offside @ 63:25

Whitley covers @ 63:39

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal please

Final minute of O/T

Devils shot goes high

O/T end Still Panthers 3 DEVILS 3


Richardson scores

Merger - miss

K Smith save

Ling - scores





Now sudden death

Richardson misses

Werner - save

K Smith


Ling saved





Richardson - save

Werner - scores

Final score Panthers 4 DEVILS 3

Top effort by Devils to take a point at NIC

What a game I bet you all cannot wait until Sunday night when the Panthers visit the BBT

Waiting for MoM



Our thanks to Rachael and making his bedut Chris Fletcher, their coverage was brilliant,

Safe journey home to those brave Devils fans who made the trip to Nottingham

Join me (OJ) on Sunday night for the last league game of the season when hopefully we can put one over the league champions