Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 4 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils try to make it a 4 point weekend as the take on the Steelers

OJ your host tonight, many thanks for Ger-Devils for sitting in for me last night.

Been in touch with our texters already, they are up for the task, so are the team after that nice victory in Hull last night

Score predictions to before the 5pm face off please

WArmup in progress

Mark says 4-2 Steelers but hoping for a Devils win

Soph & Matt says its too close to call but thinks Gimblett and Frank will come to blows

Sam goes for a 2-1 Devils victory

Warmup completed

Jo says Devils will win 5-4

Ben predicts a 4-3 win for the Red Army

Hazel predicts goals galore with a 6-4 victory for the Devils

Mark predicts a loss for the Devils 5-3

Unconfired reports thar Woolhouse in in net for Steelers

Lights are dimmed

Officials take to the ice

Andy Carson is the referee

In tonights programme Dave Sims says "I hope each and every one of you feels as sick as I do this weekend"

Panrthers fans should send him a Get Well Never" card

Devils take to the ice

Steelers finally appear after that long silly intro of theirs


Steelers claiming they are No 1 - yes in South Yorkshire, nowhere else

Ice repair before face off

puck is dropped

Jones, Davies & Gimblett start for Devils

Devils penalty

@ 0:26 - Gimblett - interference


Birbraer goes close SH

Steelers Goal

PPG @ 1:19

Its a Teddy toss tonight

Steelers goal scored by Michel assists Jorgenson & Tait

Game restarts

Its 12 minutes past shedule FO and we have played less than 90 secs

Steelers penalty @ 1:46 - Phillips - holding the stick

just to confirm Woolhouse is in net for Steelers

Steelers penalty _ Stephenson high stick @ 17:20

Devils have 5 on 3 for 1:06

Blight hits post

Steelers back to 4 skaters

Stephenson penalty was @ 2:40

Steelers return to full strength (FS)

Macrae shot hits Woolhouse on mask

Whitley save @ 5:57

Woolhouse leaves ice, gets told off by Carson and returns to crease

If he crossed blue line he has to go off until next whistle

Devils icing @ 6:42

Only reason netminder can delay game is faulty equipment

He can't even go to bench for water bottle

Steelers penalty - Tait - tripping @ 7:16


@ 7:54 PPG scored by Richardson assists Blight & Macrae

Steelers icing @ 8:10

Steelers goal @ 8:21

Legue assists Sarich & Ferguson

We claw ourselves back and they concede

Macrae offside @ 9:25

Its end to end at the moment played at a pace

Can Devils maintain this for all three periuods is the question

Whitley save

RED ARMY chanting for Panthers

Steelers penalty @ 11:28 - Phillips - roughing

Come on U DEVILS lets have another ppg

Devils pp doesn't impress Maria

Michel runs Whitley

Steelers penalty @12@:10 Michel


PPG @ 12:34

Birbraer assists Blight & Macrae

Devils still on pp

Lets have another one U DEVILS

Steelers back to FS

Devils struggling to clear zone

Devils penalty @ 15:54 - Gimblett - elbows


Steelers PPG

@ 16:29

Scored by Limpwright assists Goertzen & Michel

Considering the goals scored it is very quiet in the Arena

Final minute

end of 1st period Steelers 3 DEVILS 2

SoG for 1st period Steelers 9 DEVILS 14

Danette Macrae goes for a Devils win

Kevan & Sue Batch predict a Devils win to round off a perfect weekend for Wales (Sorry Swans fans)

Teams back on the ice

SAm J predicted a 4-3 win the DEvils so come on U DEVILS you can do it

Delay for some reason to 2nd period

Simms talking to himself

Waiting for ice to dry

Finally we start

Its end to end in 2nd period

Devils icing @ 23:34

K Smith breaks a stick but Whitley covers @ 24:10

Blight takes a tumble

Skates off holding his face

Devils offside

Blight either hit the boards or sticked himself when tangled up

Devils icing @ 26:19

Davies goes close ' 26:50

Blight back out on ice

Its very subdued both sets of fans quiet

Devils penalty @ 27:30 - Birbraer - interference

It was a beautiful hit says JohnWildthing, ref Carson thinks otherwise


One minute killed

Steelers PPG

@ 29:01

Tait, assists Ferguson & Jorgenson

Woolhouse save @ 31:03

Gametime 31:35

Good save Whitley

Whitley covers @ 34:45


@ 36:07 Harding assists Macrae & Birbraer

Whitley covers @ 36:17

Devils penalty

Gimblett - tripping @ 36:51


Don't cough up a ppg this time U DEVILS

Gaetime 35:58

Blight clears Devils zone

Devils return to FS

Final minute

End of 2nd period Steelers 4 DEVILS 3

Correction to SoG they now read after 2 periods Steelers 6+9 DEVILS 12+5

Teams back on ice

Come on U DEVILS this game is there to be won , LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO

Off we go

Whitley covers @ 40:37

Gametime 43:35

Macrae shot saved @ 44:12

Devils icing @ 45:35

Big save - Whitley

Plenty of rebounds from Woolhouse but Devils have failed to capitalize

Gametime 48:03

Woolhouse somehow deflects a big shot from Gimblett

Steelers penalty @ 48:39

Limpright - roughing

Steelers clear their zone

JohnWildthing thinks Devils pp is in better shape tonight

Steelers back to FS

Gametime 51:58

Devils pressing for that equaliser

Gametime 53:30

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Chris Jones goes close

5 minutes left

Gametime 55:16

Maria impressed by how Devils have stayed in this game

Whitley covers @ 55:52

FFergusson knocks Gimblett's helmet off, Jesse just laughs at him

Blight shot saved @ 56:54

*** ENL Devils take 1-0 lead after 11 secs

3 minutes left

Blight goes close

Final 2 minutes

Steelers go close

Time out Devils

@ 59:20

Whitley lifted

Whitley back in net

Game restarts

30 sec left

Devils icing

Whitley not able to get off

Now he goes

2 sec left

Whitley return for fo in Devils zone

Final score Steelers 4 DEVILS 3

Thanks to our texters - Maria, Rachael, Gerald and JohnWildthing


Lots of presentation but hopefully we will be able to bring you Steelers MoM

DeCaro gets Steelers player of the month (February I assume as he hasn't had a great March)

Steelers MoM - ASHLEY TAIT

Thats all from me, join me on Friday night when the Devils will hopefully spoil the Panthers celebrations at the NIC

GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE - NOS DA PAWB PS If you see any boken down English Chariots on your way home - give them a push into the ditch