Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Join me from 5:30pm for build up to tonight's game. Game predicitions to

Danette and Kevin Macrae just about to board the flight back from Bermuda so will miss the game until they get home but they call it 3-2 Devils. Safe journey home to Nova Scotia to them.

Fans are starting to arrive at the rink with some positive news. Jesse Gimblett will be icing

I will keep you all updated on the U18's game tonight. They win the game and they're top of their league but Guildford will have 1 game left v Bracknell. If they win that game, they win the league by a better GD, if they draw, Devils win the league

Captain's blog now online @

Sam going for a Devils 3-2 win in overtime

All texters have checked in and warm up is underway

Just waiting for updates on tonight's line ups.

Hull are back to a full roster it seems as Silverthorn has recovered. Hart and CJones are icing for the Devils. No news on Buglass or Osman yet

Devils U16's win 8-1 Milton Keynes

3minutes of warmup left

Lack of game predictions tonight. Mail to

Warm up over and 15minutes to face off.

Balloon fight amongst the Devils fans. Over 50 Devils fans so far

Now up to 80 Devils fans at the rink

Devils on the ice

Officials on the ice

Hull on the ice

Late intro's

Devils u18'5 1-0 T Howells after 1:54

Anthem time

Osman and buglass are with enl 1 in chelmsford

Devils u18's 2-0 shanahan @ 3:04

Game underway

Davies gimblett and cj

End to end start. Hull offside @ 1:04

Whitley save @ 1:48

3:34 gone and very end to end

Big save bowns from Harding @ 4:20

Bowns save from davies @ 4:36

All Devils at the moment

More good work from the Devils and deflected into the crowd

Devils u18's 3-0 @ 10:30 Randall

Devils u18'4 -0 Randall 11:20

End to end @ 7:00

Whitley save @ 7:28

Some very vocal Devils fans in Hull. Maybe the alchol and Wales and the Bluebirds has helped them?

Devils u18's #9 Raffaelli @ 12:36

Game time 8:07

Davies so close to scoring

Devils 2 on 1 chance but shot saved by Bowns

Devils u18's 7-0 bradshaw @ 14:30

Macrae crashes the net but bowns save


Davies with the rebound after we hit the pipes.

Davies from c jones @ 12:04

Davies with the ayatollah celebration

Devils look dangerous on the break

Blight shot wide @ 13:41

Stu shoots wide from close range @ 15:44

Stingrays pen cloutier 2mins hooking @ 15:44

All Devils but missing easy chances

1minute of pp left

End 1st Devils u18's 7-0 Milton Keynes

Devils offside. 40seconds pp left

Hull full strength

Gametime 19:00

End 1st Hull Stingrays 0-1 Cardiff Devils

Could have been a higher score if we bury the chances

Devils u18's 2nd period underway

Sog on Stingrays 14- on Devils 7

Devils u18's 7-1 @ 21:19

Ice is cut ready for the 2nd period

Devils on the ice

Hull back on the ice

2nd underway

Devils u18's 7-2 @ 34:19

Osman and m smith tussel but nothing from it @ 21:19

Bowns save @ 22:05 from piggott

Weak shot saved by Bowns @ 22:54

Adams pen 2mins interference @ 23:20

Devils go close then stingrays miss on the break

Puck in Devils net but moorings off @ 24:37

Stingrays player hurt- no name

Nihl 1 devils 0-2 chelmsford end 2nd

Was hit by the shot but he's up and good to continue

Just confirmed it was Osman

Whitley save @24:57 Tendler and Silverthorn close

Devils full strength

25:54 gametime. Very flat

Bowns save @26:07

Devils u18's 7-2 end 2nd

Stingrays goal

Osman from cloutier and Davies @ 26:51

Gametime 27:15

Gimblett offside @ 29:54

End to end game and both teams throwing some big hits

Whitley save @ 31:14

Hull look the better team since their goal. Gimblett having words with cloutier and osman

Devils fans singing don't stop me now ready for playoffs

Devils pen adams 2mins tripping @ 33:33

Kenton and hand exchange blows

Gametime 34:47

Devils pk working

Devils pen 2mins k smith @ 35:22 hooking

Devils back to 4 skaters

Stingrays goal

Tendler from 36 and 21 @ 36:00


Davies from Gimblett and Marsh 36:12

Sorry 37:49 it seems the goal

Stu clears after Hull pressure

All kicked off it seems.

Cloutier trying to fight CJones. Handbags with both teams

Devils pen 2mins davies and stingrays pen 2mins cloutier @ 38:23 delay of game and roughing called

5 on 5 and into the final minute of the second

Devils u18's 9-2 @ 44:02 Archer and Morris with the next goals

End 2nd stingrays 2-2 devils

Hull fans doing the chicken dance. To gimblett as he leaves the ice

Devils u18's 10-2 Archer @ 46:03

Devils u18's 11-2 @ 49:15 edmonds

Sog for the 2nd period. On Stingrays 10 on Devils 14

Officials back for the 3rd

Devils u18's 11-3. 3minutes left

Both teams back on the ice

Devils u18's 12-3 Perkes @ 57:46

3rd underway

Stingrays score but net was off


Man in crease



Macrae from Birbraer @

Bowns save @ 45:21 waiting for goal time

43:20 the goal was scored

Quiney & Rodin exchange blows after a questionable check that goes uncalled

Gametime 47:18

Quiney pen 2mins roughing @ 47:18

One minute of the pk killed

Davies shoots high for devils on the short handed chance

Stingrays thought they scored, net off again

Devils fs

Some saying whitley hurt some saying c jones hurt and medic calledm more info as I get it

Devils u18's win 11-3

Whoever was hurt is back up and playing

Lots of hull pressure @51:23

Nihl 1 devils lost 4-1 on the road to Chelmsford

Bowns save @ 51:35

Puck hits the ceiling @ 52:00

Bowns save from max @ 52:51

Save from Bowns 53:29

Max gets tripped and ends up in the goal on a breakaway 56:05 - no call

Whitley covers @ 56:17

Big save whitley @ 56:35

Gametime 57:00 Devils fans very loud and game now even once again

Gametime 58:00

Hull icing @ 58:39

Gametime 59:00

Stingrays timeout @ 59:27

Bowns pulled

Devils icing

Devils icing


Blight @ 59:50 eng

Whitley save @ 59:57

Buzzer goes Devils win!!!!!!

No mom updates yet but all the texters are sending woooooohooooooo! Fans still chanting

Devils mom Stuuuuuuuuuu

Still waiting for Stingrays mom

As we're waiting for the MOM, can I say a big thank you to our texters at tonight's game : Jon Wildthing, Rachel Hopley, Gerald Davies and Maria James for the Devils and Keith Martin from Hull.

No mom given for Hull. Stingrays fans not happy a Devils fan won shirt off his back

Ger-devils signing out. Join oj from 4:30pm for coverage of Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils