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Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL for thne visit of the Sheffield Steelers to the BBT in Cardiff Bay.

OJ your host who has everything crossed for a Devils much needed victory

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Checking on my band of merry texters

Andrew R in North Bay calls it 4-3 to Devils after penalties

DEvils on ice for warmup

Steelers out for warmup

Macky call it 4-3 Steelers

Devils have called up 2 players from the under18s - Callum Buglass & Owen Griffiths

Kevin B has Devils to win 3-2 in regulation

Will bring you team newsd ASAP

Warmup done, Franny now being interviewed

I assume we ice 7 imports tonight plus Whitley in net

My dream of a 6 import EIHL is getting closer by the minute, the problem is its only the Devils who comply

Franny updating fans on Jesse Gimblett's injury

No real update on Gimbletts injury, just explanation. Franny also said how please they were with the performance of the young Brits

Officials take to the ice

Hazel hoping for a change of luck for the team preicts a 4-2 victory for them.

Both team now on ice

Tom Darnell has the whistle

Osman wears #3 for Devils

Will tell you how many Brits icing for Devils in a moment

Have I got enough fingers I ask myself


Birbraer Macrae & Blight start for Devils

Puck dropped

Puck shot into Steelers bench

Steelers goal @ 0:19

Tait, assists Ferguson & Stephenson

Devils chance

Devils offside @ 3:14

Devils have 16 skaters - 7 imports & 9 Brits

Tait on breakaway misses

No Owen Griffiths on Devils bench

RED ARMY trying to lift team.

Birbraer floors Hewitt

DeCaro save

Steelers hit pipes


Kenton Smith scores

@ 9:03

Feed from Macrae from behind net Kenton roofs it

K Smith assist Macrae & Birbraer

Steelers icing @ 9:55

Birbraer narrowly misses on a tip off Macrae

Steelers penalty- x-Checking @ 12:02

Frank the quilty Steeler

Gone quiet - no news is good news

29 secs of Devils pp left


Adams the scorer

Michel was hurt by a shot on the play

Michel limps off after being hit on ankle

Adams assists Richardson & ???? @ 13:56

It was a PPG

Adams goes close again

Michel is back

Devils penalty @ 15:23 K Smith - interfertence


Chris Witley credited with an assist on Devils 2nd goal

devils offside @ 16:31

Steelers offside

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Devils penalty @ 17:39 - Davies - hooking


Whitley save @ 19:05

Puck out of play @ 19:23

Devils back to FS

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Steelers 1

Danette Macrae messed up the time difference and goes for a 4-2 Devils win

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 11 Steelers 9

a 4-2 Devils win prediction seems to be very popular tonight Come on U DEVILS you are halfway there

Ice ready

Steelers return to ice

This has been a long period break

2nd period finally starts

Long break was due to Devils Charity Shootout

Now we know



Birbraer, assists Macrae & Blight @ 22:03

That goal was on a delayed penalty

DeCaro save from Adams @ 23:43


DeCaro pulled

Woolhouse goes in net for Steelers

Devils 4th goal scored by iggott assist Quiney @ 23:46

Things are not happy in that part of South Yorkshire in Cardiff Bay tonight

Whitley save from Frank

Steelers penalty

Legue @ 27:28 - x-checking

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Woolhouse covers @ 27:35

Marsh goes close

1 minute of pp gone

Another Steelers penalty @ 28:30 - Limpright

Roughing the call

1 minute of 5 on 3

steelers back to 4 skaters

Steelers Goal

Frank @ 30:08

Shorthanded Goal

Frank from Legue

Steelers back to FS

Checking on texts as they are coming out of order

Blight goes marginally wide

Devils have a 2 on 1 - Macrae shoots wide

I am now getting details of Piggotts goal

Confirmation that score is as shown 4-2

Richardson goes off injured and stright to dressing room

The bus driver will take his kit with him on next weeks road trip

Any good players in the under 12s

Quiet again

Gametime 56:02

I asked for an explanation of how the Devils have iced their various lines considering theuy only have 3 import forwards

Whitley covers @ 57:52

Final minute

Gametime 39:20

Steelers goal @ 39:36

Legue assists Ferguson & Sarich

Steelers penalty

Ferguson - elbows @ 39:46

@ 39:55

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Steelers 4

Limpwright scored Steelers 4th goal assists Tait & Fata

Richardson wasn't in the dressingroom for long, thats good news

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 13 Steelers 13 making it 24-22 after 2 periods

Devils return to the ice

Steelers return as well

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS you can have tomorrow off (+Tuesday + Wednesday)

One minute of pp gone, no threat from Devils unfortunately

Glove save Woolhouse @ 41:51

Steelers are back to FS - missed that

Apologies I clicked the wrong goal button

Adams has been playing as a forward on 2nd line with Davies & Chris Jones

Steelers goal @ 43:16

Sarich assists Meyers & Ferguson

Devils offside @ 44:08

Devils 3rd line Piggott, Harding & Quiney

All lines have been featuring on pp and pk

Devils look washed out - not surprising

Whitley save @ 45:04

Devils still working hard though

Tough ask when Piggott, Harding & Quiney have to go against Limpwright, Michel & Tait

You can't beat icetime

They will be the better for it

Attendence given as 1,363

Woolhouse covers from Harding 48:48

Gametime 50:03

Whitley save

Woolhouse covers @ 51:29

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Devils penalty 52:19 - Richardson - delay of game

1 minute killed


Devils return to FS

Stephenson & Quiney have words

Gametime 54:29

Roughing minors for Stephenson & Quiney @ 54:29

Macrae hits crossbar

Franny thrown out by Darnell

Abuse of Offical - Game misconduct @ 56:28

Both teams back to FS

Devils crowd unhappy with Darnell - whats new

Final 2 minutes

Woolhouse covers @ 58:04

Final minute

Glove save Whitley @ 59:09

39 secs left

Puck in Devils zone so Whitley stays

Final score DEVILS 4 Steelers 5




Thanks to me regular texters - Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils

Thats all from me, join us at MNL next Saturday night when the Devils are in Hull to take on the Stingrays