Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey, Chris here with you tonight, if there's anyone out there, don't forget to give us a shout at!

Hey hey! As expected, not icing tonight for the Devils are Hartwick, Fulton, Campbell and Davies.

Happy birthday tonight to Luke, Bob the drivers son who's celebrating his 18th in Belfast!

And another congratulations to Gaz G and his partner Kate on the birth of their daughter! Probably the youngest Devils fan there is :)

Devils fans at the game number around 25, but estimates to actual attendance are under 1000!

Both teams are on the ice!

Anyone else out there!? Email us!!

And the game has started and the webcast still not working!

Aubry makes some good saves within the 1st minute!

2mins of the 1st period have passed. Giants have started quicker.

Oooooooooh. Johnson misses a one on one!

Hicks is our ref for tonight.

Devils penalty. Prpich 2mins slashing at 4:47

Voths dad is at the game tonight and has bought the travelling fans a beer!

Giants powerplay is 'woeful'. Makes a nice change :)

Rah! Devils kill the penalty and Aubry makes a good save at 6:54

Giants had 0 shots during their powerplay!

MacIver is hitting 'anything that moves' - sounds like a plan :)

Giants #8, Malcolm Macmillan limps off the ice after trying to check MacIver. Texters saying it looked like knee on knee

OOOOOOOOOH. Devils pushing the Giants backwards and Voth forces 'an awesome save' from Lyle at 9:17

Macmillan back on the ice. MacIver didn't pick up an injury luckily from his hit on Macmillan, makes a nice change :)

Aubry makes an incredible save at 10:20, Giants fans thought it was in!

Texters reporting an end to end game at the moment and Devils holding their own.

Bah. Giants goal at 11:57. Awada scores.

Assists to Shields and Robins. Goal at 11:57

Lyle forced to make another save!

Lyle last save was at 13:24

Giants goal came after a Devils error in neutral zone and then failed to clear the puck!

Aubry save at 14:25. Awada had breakaway.

Giants penalty. Burgoyne 2mins holding at 14:38!

Lyle save again at about 16mins!

Big hit from Robins on MacIver on our powerplay.

Devils powerplay is 'as useless as ever' :(

Sample shot goes high at 17:20.


Devils goal after Shields and Morrison lose puck behind Giants net.

Goal Voth, assist Hill at 18:38

Latulippe also gets an assist on that Devils goal.

Atmosphere and noise from home fans is almost non existant!

Devils penalty called at 20mins on Voth.

And the end of the 1st period finishes 1-1

Don't forget to give us a shout if you're out there!

Shots on goal for the 1st are Giants 13, Devils 12.

Couple of hits towards the end from Voth resulted in penalty, but it's not been announced yet!

Some good interviews on the webcast which is running from

Cheverie not icing for Giants either tonight! 2:30 to go until game restarts!

Devils have taken a large contingent of fancy dress fans to the game :)

Voths penalty called as holding at 20:00!

And we're back for the 2nd period :)

Aubry saves the puck by diving on it!

Giants powerplay again looks incredible ineffective.

Devils have had more shots on Lyle in penalty kill than Giants have had on Aubry during powerplay.

Devils successfully kill another penalty

Giants are being pushed around by our defence players!

Giants are icing the puck rather than taking hits from the Devils!

About 25mins have gone I believe.

Lyle save at 25:02!

Giants penalty! Thornton 2mins for interference at 25:21

Before Thornton penalty, Lyle saved a shot with his face. Any which way I suppose!

Devils putting lyle under pressure on the powerplay, but Giants kill the penalty

Prpich misses an open goal!

28:12 gone and Devils ice the puck!

Some big hits from both teams, game is still end to end. Defensively we're playing well!


Goal Jarvis at 29:18. Assists to..... Latulippe

Hill given an assist for Devils 2nd goal.

Devils ice the puck about 35mins in I guess

Aubry with an ace save at 32:17.

Giants passing is shockingly bad. Devils fans are outchanting the home fans!

Devils think they have scored, but Hicks was so far behind the play he didn't see it!

Texters are saying Jarvis shot saved by Lyle at 35:05.

Goal not allowed, they're showing replays on the webcast but quality not so good.

Devils penalty. Latulippe 2mins at 35:27 for unsportsmanlike conduct!

Adams was refusing to send players onto the ice after goal disallowed!

Crowd estimated to have increased to about 2000.

Giants penalty. Shields 2mins at 36:17 for holding.

4on4 for about 1min. Devils will have 1min of powerplay when Latulippes penalty killed.

Handbags infront of Aubrys net. Johnson compares his with MacIvers. MacIvers is best :) 3:19 to go!

Giants pushing the Devils for an equaliser!

Devils are back to full strength! Devils on the powerplay!

Game getting a bit heated now. Aubry saved at 36:41. 40 seconds of powerplay I think.

More handbags and much comparing of purse sizes

Prpich saves a Giants shot with his body to prevent goal.

Giants back to full strength. Lyle saves at 38:20.

Voth and MacIver roughing things up a bit :)

Final minute of the second period!

39:04 Devils offside!

And that's the end of the 2nd period. Devils winning 1-2!

Shots on goal for the 2nd are Giants 18 and Devils 26. I'm not sure if that's just 2nd period or totals so far?!

Texters think Voth may have picked up another penalty at 40:00 but no idea what for!

Shots on goal as I announced are total. Giants had 5 in 2nd, Devils had 14!

And the 3rd period starts with the webcast down again!

Voth penalty called at 40:00, 2mins for elbowing!

Bah. Goal belfast.

Shields with the goal, assist to Thornton at 40:16. Powerplay goal.

Robins takes Towe out with a big hit! Why do they always go for the little players damnit!

Big hit from MacIver on Shields.

Devils penalty at 46:19. Jarvis 2mins interference.

Confirmed that Voths dad is at the game! He says Devils are playing well and are definately the better side :)

Bah. another Giants goal.

Voth lost puck, Deniset recovered and was gifted the goal. 3-2 down :(

Goal at 49:26. Goal Shields assist to Macmillan and Phillips. Not Deniset as originally stated.

Giants penalty. Sample 2mins tripping at 50:35

come on Devils, we're on the powerplay, finally give us a goal!

Oh hooray. The webcast finally comes back!

Giants penalty. Macmillan 2mins interference at 51:38

Devils miss an opportunity infront of net.

Devils powerplay not so good and Giants kill all penalties.

Giants penalty. Burgoyne 2mins hooking at 53:03

Devils miss goal opportunity :(

Giants are back to full strength.

Roughly 3mins to go

Giants penalty. Deniset 2mins holding at 55:31

Devils penalty. Towe 2mins holding at 55:49. 1:40 of 4on4

Giants back to full strength.

12 seconds of powerplay to the Giants.

Devils back to full strength.

Final 2mins of 3rd to go!

Lyle saves far from the net. at 58:17

Final minute of the 3rd. Aubry is pulled!

Goal Giants at 59:23. Empty net goal from Deniset.

Well bugger.

Goal Deniset. Assist to Howells are Burgoyne. 59:23

And that's it folks. Game is all over. Giants win 4-2.

That's the 5th league win for the Giants this season. Almost as bad as our record against the Steelers :(

Devils man of the match is Aubry.

Giants man of the match is Shields

And that's it folk. We're all done until Saturday when Nott Simpson will be back with you for the away game against the Steelers.