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Coventry Blaze 4 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Coventry to take on the Blaze.

Join me (OJ) from around 6p m as we bring you our unique coverage of EIHL hockey

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off

Gerald one of my texters has already reported in, now waiting for Rachael to clock in

Ruth predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils, that would do nicely

If there are fans going o the game who can help us out at MNL get in touch by e-mailing

Warmup underway - well Blaze are out anyway

DEvils on ice

Warmup completed

DAnette Macrae in sunny Bermuda clls it 5-4 to Devils

Stephen B thinks Devils will lose 4-2, but hoping he is wrong

Carl goes for a 4-3 hard fought Devils victory

Mar G predicts 4-4 in regulation with Blaze winning in O/T

Angela L is more confident and alls it 4-2 to the Red Army

Kev & Sue Batch in wer Essex say 5-2 Devils

Will bring you team newsa ASAP

Not icing for Blaze - Selby & Bayrack

Both Chris Hart & Chris Jones icing for Devils

Ireland & France 13-13 - result

Tom Darnell is the referee

That should make for an interesting evening

Devils come onto the ice

Followed by Blaze

No sign of Whitley - reports of equipment problems


Lots of Devils fans in fancy dress

Unconfirmed report the Whitley had problem with skates

Lets hope the network doesn't play up tonoght, as signal is very weak in Coventry SkyDome

Panic over Whitley appears

Domish & Egener already putting pressure on linos

Slight delay for some reason

Birbraer, Macrae & Blight start for Devils

Away we go

Blaze offside @0:10

Macrae goes close @ 0:40

Blaze offside @ 1:36

Whitley save @ 2:02

Blight shot deflected wide @ 2:52

Whitley save @ 3:00

Devils icing @ 3:18

Hirsch save @ 4:04

From M Smith that was, he danced round Olsen

Whitley save @ 4:42

Devils have 14 skaters, 7 imports, 7 Brits

Hirscj glove save from Birbraer @ 5:34

Adams hits pipes

Hirsch glove save @ 7:20

Backhanded shot from Macrae drew that save

Blaze penalty - Campbell - x-check @7:29


Macrae shoots high @ 7:56

Blaze hit pipes on a breakaway @ 8:11

B Leeb that was

Piggott goes offside @ 8:30


Scored by Marsh @ 9:00

PPG with assists for K Smith & Macrae

I am now told it was Blight who got assist not Kenton Smith

Blaze go close @ 9:49

Whitley glove save @ 10:08

Devils penalty @ 10:31 - K Smith - hooking


Blaze ppg

@ 11:08

Henrich asists B Leeb & Schutte

Devils penalty @ 13:19 - Richardson - hooking


One minute killed

Blaze PPG

@ 14:21 - Henrich again

Correction - scored by Cameron assist Henrich

Blight goes close

Blaze penalty - Olsen - elbows @ 16:25

Now changed to x-checking

Davies is down hurt

Blaze penalty @ 16:46 - Domish

Davies goes to bench

Domish call was high sticks

Gametime 17:26

1 more minute of 5 on 3

No shots so far by Devils

Hirsch save @ 18:00

Richardson it was that finally shot

Hirsch save from Blight @ 18:16

Olsen returns

Still Devils pp

Blaze back to full strength (FS)

Blaze breakaway - Whitley covers

Gametime 18:55

Final minute of 1st period

Devils managed 2 shots on that 5 on 3

Adams shot deflected

End of 1st period Blaze 2 DEVILS 1

No SoG for 1st period yet

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Jones shot saved @ 21:24

Whitley covers @ 21:42

Whitley blocks Cowley shot @ 22:03

Blaze penalty - Henrich @ 22:09

Slashing the call

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Blaze breakaway on pk, thwarted by Whitley

Another Blaze breakaway, Domish shoots high thankfully

Hirsch save from M Smith

Blaze return to FS

Devils PP was shocking says Gerald

More shocking than usual he adds

Blaze goal @ 25:01

Guthrie the scorer

Assists Schutte & Henrich

Its end to end at the moment

Gametime 27:04

Cameron shot deflected wide @ 28:11

Hirsc h blocks Birbraer shot

Puck out of play @ 30:38

Devils penalty - Whitley - delay of game @ 30:38

Chris Jones sits penalty

Macrae breakaway denied

Then Birbraer breakaway comes to nothing

Marsh clears Devils zone

Devils back to FS

Very good PK, shame about the PP

Harding credited with most hits so far

Blaze icing @ 34:00

Devils have upped their game as Blaze sit back on their lead

Hirsch scrambles to save from Piggott

3 superb saves from Whitley

Darnell having words with Blaze bench @ 36:53


Adams @ 38:34 assists Richardson & Davies


Birbraer assists Blight & Macrae

Devils 3rd goal timed @ 38:55

Hirsch covers

End of 2nd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 3

SoG for 1st period Blaze 13 DEVILS 11

100+ Devils fans in Coventry making a lot of noise, Blaze fand quieter than usual - I wonder why

Come on U DEVILS this game is there for the taking

Officials are back

Another 20 minutes like the last few minutes of the 2nd period - please U DEVILS

Wales win, I pick up 16/1 for the draw in Ireland

Both teams back on the ice

Off we go

There was no value in the betting for wins today

Max shoots wide

Wales were 4/5

Birbraer offside @ 40:52

Davies offside @ 41:19

England 50/1 on to beat Italy tomorrow

Marsh shoots wide @ 42:38

@ 43:23 Henrich shot hits ceiling

WHITLEY save @ 43:33

Blight misses open net

Hirsch save from Adams @ 45:43

Devils offside @ 47:39

Blaze have gone into goon mode, cheap shot after cheap shot

Blight offside @ 48:48

Darnell ignores a clear punch to Blight's head

Olsen it was

Hirsch covers @ 50:20

That Olsen hit to the head confirms my view that we should have citing officers at games

Missing Game Misconduct penalties shouldn't hasppen

One of these days somebody is going to be badly hurt eg that Swiss player boarded head first

He's paralysed

There are enough cometyent people to act as Citing Officers. Travelling costs is the only drawback I can think of.

Blaze icing @ 53:14

Local people could be citing officers as we have local refs

Olsen 2 handed stick swipe at Macrae luckily missed

Narrow miss by Davies @ 54:44

Trip by Marsh on Henrich not called by Darnell

Maybe hes losdt his pea

Hirsch save @ 56:13

adams flattens Egener

Glove save Hirsch @ 56:40

Gametime 57:02

Blaze goal @ 57:18

Olsen scores

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Henrich scored assists Olsen & Cowley

Final 2 minutes

Final minute


@ 59:16

Whitley pulled

Game restarts

Blaze miss 3 EN chances

Game restarts

Blaze time out @ 59:42

Off we go

Final score Blaze 4 DEVILS 3

Macrae went close in final second of game

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 7 DEVILS 15 making it 20-26 after 2 periods


Our thanks go to texters Rachael & Gerald who did a brilliant job as usual

Join me tomorrow night when the Sheffield Steelers come to Cardiff Bay.

What a valiant effort by the Devils in Coventry


Thats all from me, join us at MNL on Sunday ev ening from around 5pm