Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 5 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the second encounter of this weekend (and 3rd of the week) between the Devils and Giants

Score predictions as always welcomed -

I shall now attempt to raise my texters in Belfast. I dread to think what condition they are in.

Hazel on a visit to Cardiff predicts a 5-4 victory for the DEvils after penalties

Ruth says 4-3 Devils after penalties

I have woken my texters who are making their way to the O, sidestepping every pub I hope

You can but hope

Sam J goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Dean Smith has been sighted at the O - hopefully to ref

Warmup delayed 5 minutes

warmup underway

Andrew in North Bay, Ontario thinks Devils will win by the odd goal in 5

Ruth says hi to Andrew

Simon P says 5-3 Devils

Kirsty thinks the Red Army will win 5-4

Danette Macrae seens a comeback from the Devils and a 4-2 victory

Viv & Blaine predict a 4-3 win for the Devils, watching MNL in Cheltenham whilst sons Ross & scott are playing canoe polo

Kev & Sue Batch go for 4-2 win for the lads

David Mercer our Giants texter thinks that there are even more Devils fans in the O than last nights 150+

Those of you who can, make sure you go to the BBT on Sunday to shout for the team whose efforts this weekend have already shown us what they are made of.

Warmup finished

Dean Smith is the referee

Reminder!!!! FACE OFF on SUNDAY is 6:30

O staff have confiscated the RED ARMY BALLOONS

Kate thinks Devils will win 5-4 in O/T - send her good luck wishes to boyfriend Adam Harding

You will be glad to know RED ARMYS BALLOONS have been returned

I will do my nut if my texters batteries run out after they have sent me a running commentary on the blasted balloons

it looks as if the Balloons have been confisgated again

Mark goes for 4-4 in regulation and an O/T loss

John P thinks Devils will scrape it 5-4

A win is a win I don't care

The RED ARMY children have their balloons back

Red Army now estimated as 200+

Lights are dimmed

Devils take to the ice

GIants marathon intro still going

Finally the Giants appear

Birbraer, Blight & Macrae start

Off we go

Devils icing @ 0:25

Shields hurt after a shot

Giants offside @ 0:35

Giants goal

0:58 - Fournier the scorer

No announcement yet

They take their time at the O

Assists for Towe & Rycroft

Gimblett crashes the net and goes close

Quiney goes close

Gametime 3:30

Giants goal

@ 4:06 scored by Peacock

Assist Saurette

Come on U DEVILS

Gone quiet

Gimblett floors Langlais

Giants offside @ 9:02

Sam Roberts blocks a Piggott goal bound shot

Now Richardson blocks a shot up the other end

Quieter than Coventry in O

I suppose the RED ARMY are hung over

Puck out of play @ 9:51

Its arguable who is most tired the team or the fans

Whitley save @ 11:39

Ger-Devils says nothing to report - game must be dull

Devils penalty @ 15:23 - Adams - hooking


Murphy folis Birbraer breakaway @ 16:53

Whitley save

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Last minute

Phillips having words with Quiney

Birbraer goes close @ 19:20

End of 1st period Giants 2 DEVILS 0

***** after 1 period at BBT its NIHL Devils 6 Gosport Devils 1

****Sean Scarborough on the comeback trail terrorising Gosport at BBT

oG for 1st period Giants 7 DEVILS 10

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Whitley save @ 20:30

Osman has a shift for Devils

Giants goal

@ 23:29 scored by Sandrock

correction - Giants 3rd goal scored by Fournier, assists Rycroft & Langlais @ 23:29



Clear win for GIMBLETT

Both get 5 minutes

David Mercer says Gimblett didn't win, both threw punches and Phillips slid & fell

Well in my book that is a Gimblett win

Gimblett gets a new jersey

Bllod or ripped unclear

Giants penalty @ 27:03 - Garside - hooking

Time of fight was 25:56 - apologies for missing it out

gametime 31:00

That should have been 29:00


Devils penalty @ 30:10 - K Smith

Hooking the call


Devils return to FS

JohnWildthing thinks Devils are dead on their feet

Gametime 34:02

Whitley covers @ 34:20

Whitley saves from Phillips

Great save Whitley @ 36:25

**** NIHL Devils 9 Gosport Devils 1 after 2 periods

Giants penalty @ 37:17 - Sandrock - x-checking

Sandrock didn't like the big hit Gimblett put on him ans reacts

Whitley save @ 38:14

Final minute

Giants return to FS

End of 2nd period Giants 3 DEVILS 0

Team are back

SoG for 2nd period Giants 11 DEVILS 8 making it 18-18 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Giants goal

@ 22:45

Scored by Keefe assists Lloyd & Mason

Giants goal @ 44:16

Rycroft unassisted

Giants offside @ 45:17

Sandrock has gone to dressing room

Murphy save @ 47:34

Gametime 52:10

My texters are suffering poor network coverage at O

GGametime 54:23

Save Whitley @ 54:40

Both teams content on running down the clock - no intensity in game

**** Final score NIHL DEVILS 10 Gosport Devils 1

Thanks to Derek C for giving us updates from the BBT

Giants penalty @ 56:54 - Langlais - slashing

Murphy save @ 57:16

Macrae shot saved

Devils go close again

1 minute of pp left

Final 2 minutes

Giants back to FS

40 secs left, RED ARMY in full voice

Final score Giants 5 DEVILS 0


Thanks to David Mercer for giving us a Giants slant on the game


Thanks to our regular hard core texters - Rachael, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils who have yet again delivered

Thats all from me, join me for coverage of the Coventry Blaze visit to the BBT on Sunday night with a 6:30 face off not the usual 6pm

Good Evening All - NOS DA PAWB