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Belfast Giants 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL, join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we bring you coverage of the first leg of the Devils back to back games against the Giants in Belfast.

Score predictions welcome as usual to matchnightlive before face off please

Texters making their way to the O

Impressive turn out by the RED ARMY - estimated as close on 150 fans

Kirsty F is very confident and predicts a 5-3 win for the Devils

Warmup underway

Tonight we have Rachael, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devilsd on MNL duty along with David Mercer who as usual will give a Giants slant of affairs

Carl goes for a gritty 4-3 win for the Red Army

Gareth J whilst praying for a Devils victory thinks Devils will lose 2-4

Scratches for Giants are Fournier, Stewart & Colbert

RED ARMY balloon fight underway

Children will be children - how are they allowed into bars at their age?

WArmup finished

Gareth G says 5-2 Giants

Josh Batch a scratch for Devils

Called up Jones, Osman & Buglass

Danette you are a believer - Devils to win 5-3

I am still finding it cold, I need to return to the sun

Confined to Cardiff for the next month then hopefully I can escape

Texters are now in the O ready & able

I think I am ready for the game, its been a mad rush after being in Court all day

RED ARMY in good voice after their warmup session

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Giants finally appear

Unclear who the referee is

inute silence for a Giants fan who died recently

Ref is #10 who ever he is

Zemlack in net, Murphy on bench

Off we go

Macrae shoots wide

Referee is Neal Wilson

Puck out of play @ 0:42

Luke Ferrara making his debut for Devils waers #90

Scramble near Devils net finally cleared

Birbraer shoots wide

Ferrara feeds Gimblett @ 3:50 - wide

Devils have more skaters than Giants 18 to their 17

Whitley save @ 4:07

Ferrera already impressing Ger-Devils

Zemlak save from Jones @ 5:00

M Smith hits bar

Giants icing @ 5:14



Awaiting details

Time of Goal 5:22

assists Macrae & Richardson

Gametime 7:20

Devils icing 10 Brits tonight + Myers

Devils penalty @ 7:37 - Piggott - slashing


Giants pressure

Huge save Whitley @ 8:18

Whitley denies Giants again

40 sec of pk left for Devils

Giants goal

@ 9:34 a ppg

Mason, assists Shilds & Langlais

Davies goes close

Davies shoots Ferrera tips wide

Piggott breakaway, he hits post

@ 10:57

Zemlak save from M Smith @ 11:00

Giants offside @ 11:32

Devils dressing so many Brits must be for the first time since the "Back seat possee" of the mid 1990s featuring Franny et al


Devils goal washed out

No explanation yet

Whitley save : 12:27

Unsure why Devils goal not given

Giants offside @ 13:10

The back seat Posse where the young Devils who combined for that memorable goal at Wembley

Giants penalty @ 14:32 Langlais - holding the stick

Lets have a powerplay goal U DEVILS

Birbraer fires wide @ 16:00

Giants back to full strength (FS)


Lets hope this one stands

FERRERA scores

On his Devils debut

Gametime 18:02

Gimblett credited with assist on Ferrera's goal

Scored @ 16:57

Final minute

Ref Wilson seems to be bleeding

Bleeding blood not useless

Gametime 19:35

Wilson got high sticked, game continues with 2 linos

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 2

Birbraer went close just before the buzzer

Despite Panthers out shooting them 19-8 it is 0-0 after 1 period at Dundee

SoG in ist period DEVILS 13 Giants 8

Both teams back on the ice

Still no referee

Murphy in net for Giants

Restart delayed as we wait for referee Wilson

We are back to a full compliment of officials and puck is dropped for 2nd period

Whitley saves from Clarke @ 20:28

Those of you following us on MNL and watching the webcast email us with your comments

Giants Goal @ 20:54

Fournier the scorer - I was told he was not icing

Marsh thrown out for abuse of official

No assists on Giants 2nd goal



Assist Richardson @ 22:51

Marsh was given a Game Misconduct for Abuse of Official @ 20:54

Now there were 7 import skaters

Devils icing

The general concensus is that Wilson will even it up and eject a Giant next

Good save Whitley @ 24:35

Murphy save from Richardson @ 26:24

Gimblett shoots wide

Giants Goal

Lloyd, assist Langlais @ 27:23

Rachel said officials missed a blatant "Too many men"

Quiney shot saved @ 27:59

Zemlak seems to have disappeared from Giants bench

Blight denied @ 28:35

Its all Devils despite being 3 imports and 2 regular Brits down

I am getting confused as I am now told that there are only 2 linos running the game

Richardson goes close

Wilson not on ice says Ger-Devils

Murphy covers @ 32:25

Gimblett on D to cover for Marsh

Confirmatioin that ref Wilson has left the ice again

Kevan Batch has finally made it home from the M25 carpark

The 2 linos running the game haven't a clue says JohnWildthing

Whitley save @ 33:38

Devils offside @ 34:18

Devils offside @ 34:49

Puck out of play @ 35:06

Giants penalty @ 35:16 - Sandrock

One minute of Devils pp gone

Gametime 37:02

Giants back to FS

Whitley covers @ 37:41

Final 2 minutes of 2nd period

Final minute

Giants penalty @ 39:30 - Peacock

X-Checking the call

Giants offside @ 39:49

End of 2nd period Giants 3 DEVILS 3

SoG for 2nd period Giants 12 DEVILS 10 making it 20-23 after 2 periods

Stars 0 Panthers 3 after 2 periods

Teams are back on ice

3rd period starts

Giants penalty @ 41:00

Sandrock - boarding



PPG scored by Gimblett assists Macrae & Blight @ 41:54

Lets keep this lead this time U DEVILS

Devils offside @ 43:07

I wonder who watches the front door of the hotel thesedays

I would sit in the foyer for ages only for some of the players to leave the hotel via the kitchen

Murphy save @ 44:33

Devils icing @ 44:58

Devils putting in a superb effort says Jon

RED ARMY chant "We want Pizza"

Giants goal

I don't believe it

Giants equalise @ 47:09

Four times Devils have led and then get pegged back

Saurette the scorer assist Lloyd

Devils D are getting tired

Nonetheless Devils arefighting for every puck

Linos are awful says Ger-Devils

Ref Wilson disappeared for good

Devils penalty @ 49:15 - M Smith - hooking

Giants goal

@ 51:19

Sandrock, assists Saurette & Clarke

It would appear that Giants scored a ppg @ 49:34

Ih-update gives it as 6-4

Gametime 54:03

There wasn't a PPG , MNL has correct score

Devils penalty @ 53:51 - Blight - hooking

That would teach me to listen to others, just believe what my texters tell me

Devils return to FS

Come on U DEVILKS you deserve to get something out of this game

Gametime 56:45

Murphy save @ 56:56

M Smith goes close @ 56:56

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Whitley looking to go

Time out Devils with 8 secs left

Game restarts

Final score Giants 5 DEVILS 4

Heartbreaking after a momumental effort

Murphy saved a wicked Kenton Smith slapshot in final second

Our thanks to texters Rachael, JohnWildthing and Ger_Devils and of course David Mercer


Join me on MNL tomorrow night from around 6pm (face off 7pm) as these two teams go head to head once again


Thats all from me GOOD NIGHT - NOS DA