Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 5 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL, OJ your freezing host having just flown back from Tenerife

Tonight we welcome the Belfast Giants to the BBT in the first encounter between the Devils & Giants since Mac Faulkner's season was ended by Gregory Stewart

Score predictions as usual to

Warmup starts

Awaiting team news

Danette Macrae calls it 4-3 to the Devils in O/T

Peter C says Giants will win 3-1

Hazel calls it 5-4 Devils in O/T

Zamboni on ice

Three legs of this weekend quadruple in the bag - Wales win in Italty, City win 2-1 at Wolves and the Swans win 4-0 at Wembley

Come on U Devils

Mac Faulkner being interiewed by Poper at BBT

Faulkner confirms that he is back next season

Thats uplifted the spirits of the Red Army

Correction Swabsea win 5-0 with a goal in added time

First team to score 5 goals in a League Cup Final

Intro music at BBT

Giants take to the ice

Followed by your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Michael Hicks is the referee

Chris Hart & Chris Jones ice for Devils

Minute silence for a young (25) Devils fan who died recently

Anthem time

Ready to rock & roll

About 15 Giants fans in BBT

Devils start with Piggott, Quiney & Davies

LLoyd, Gardide & Keefe for Giants

Puck is dropped

Giants icing @ 0:30



Birbraer from Richardson & Blight @ 0:49

Clarke misses clear Giants chance



Now told it was BATCH who scored, assists Adams & Davies @ 1:45

JohnWildthing still thinks Gimblett score - who cares

Gametime 4:30

Big hit by Quiney on Keefe

Puck out of plasy @ 4:52

Devils penalty @ 5:25 - Adams - hooking


Giants penalty @ 5:28

Rycroft - tripping

Macrae shoots high

Marsh goes close

Zemlak glove save @ 6:25

Davies floors Matheson

Then Davies goes close

Devils vback to full strength (FS)

As are Giants

Giants Goal

@ 8:16

Lloyd, assists Garside & Langlais

Zemlak save

Giants have woken up, until they scored it was all Devils

Zemlak covers @ 9:17

Another Zemlak save @ 9:53

From Piggott that last save was

Gimblett goes close @ 10:30

Giants have started their normal sly off the puck antics

Giants penalty @ 13:29 - Saurette - tripping

Lets have a ppg U DEVILS

Nice set ups by Devils in Giants end but nothing to show for it

Giants return to FS

Giants icing @ 15:37

Devils icing @ 16:08

Final minute of 1st period

Its a very tight close game with chances for both teams

Giants offside @ 19:23

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Giants 1

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Giants 7

Ice ready awaiting teams

Teams return to the ice

Off we go for 2nd period

Big save Whitley

After 2 big chances to score Giants go offside @ 23:12

Very quiet from BBT at the moment, maybe they are feeling the cold as much as I do.

Quite a shock to arrive back from Tenerife into a mini ice age

Devils penalty - Batch - x-checking @ 25:19


Giants hit pipes

Puck out of play @ 26:43

Devils return to FS

Lucky DEvils PP is good as Giants pp looks very dangerous

Its all Giants at the moment

Davies shot deflected out of play @ 27:54

Devils icing @ 28:20

Gametime 30:00

Gimblett shoots wide

Whitley save @ 31:10

Giants penalty

Saurette - slashing @ 31:28

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Giants goal

Giants SHG scored by Langlais


Whitley rebound buried by Langlais

Zemlac save @ 32:55

Devils have 30 secs of pp left

Giants back to FS

Matheson hurt

Blood on ice as Matheson goes to dressing room

Devils penalty @ 33:43 - Birbraer 2+2 - high sticks


Ice still being cleaned of blood

Giants PPG

Scored by SAndrock

@ 34:21

Assists Clarke & Peacock

Whitley save @ 35:11

Giants icing @ 35:37

Huge save by Zemlak @ 35:49

Devils return to FS

Zemlak save @ 36:35

Devils icing @ 37:10

Puck out of play @ 37:32

JohnWildthing laments - Devils score early goals then nothing all night

Lloyd misses Blight and boards himself, gets off the ice gingerly

Devils penalty @ 38:56 - K Smith - hooking


Final minute

Peacock takes puck to the leg, limps off

Macrae shoots wide just before buzzer

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Giants 3

Teams back on the ice

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 8 Giants 11 making it 18-18 aftert 2 periods

3rd period starts

Birbraer goes close @ 40:30

Giants 2 on 1 denied & cleared

K Smith returns

Whitley save

Giants controlling game

Batch hurt

Whitley save @ 45:05

Giants penalty

@ 45:15

In fact 45:43 - Saurette - slashing

Devils penalty @ 46:38 - Birbraer - interference

Giants goal

Clarke the scorer @ 47:13

Assists for Langlais & Keefe on Giants 4th goal

Giants back to FS

Giants on pp for 53 secs

Puck out of play

Devils back to FS



Assists for Gimblett & Adams on Macrae goal scored @ 48:55

Gametime 50:02

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Piggott floors Sandrock, Keefe tries to get Piggott to go, Piggsy laughs at him

Zemlak save @ 52:27

M Smith floors Lloyd

Giants icing @ 53:43


Giants Goal @ 54:21

Langlais, assist Shields

Adams goes close

Gametime 56:15

Blight goes close

Final 2 minutes

Last minute

DEvils time out

Whitley pulled

Macrae shot saved

14 secs left as Zemlack covers

Final Score DEVILS 3 Giants 5




Big thanks to our texters at BBT - Rachael, Sharlene, Ger-Devils and JohnWildthing

Join me on Friday evening as the Devils play the first of their back to back games against the Giants in Belfast,

Good Night All - NOS DA PAWB