Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Dundee Stars

Join me live from the rink about 5:30pm for build up and ahead of the 6pm Face off. Score predictions to

1st prediction in from Canada : Think the devils will ease a win over dundee tonight, 4-1. Best of luck to Callum Buglass in only his second appearance for the Devils. Hope you get some ice time tonight Callum!!   Andrew, North Bay, Ontario.

Devils to get some GOOD luck infront of goal for once and win 4-1 Gareth

From the Macrae's in Nova Scotia- Another stormy Sunday! Snow and freezing rain......good day for a blazing fireplace and MNL!  Devils 3-1 today!   Danette and Kevin   

Just arrived at the rink.

2minutes of warm up left

Warm up over

Lack of game predicitions at the moment. Send to

Officals on the ice

Dean Smith tonight's ref

Hazel Martinalli- Devils to win 5 - 3 tonight, please please please no penalties!!!   Come on Devils!

Stars on the ice

Brandon kell goes 3-2 Stars

Mark goes 4-2 Devils

Devils icing #8 Hart #12 Buglass #16 Jones


Peter Clough goes 3-1 Stars

Hi Chaps Great day here in Essex but now bloody freeeeezing We think after a narrow loss last night Massive comeback tonight 5-2 :) Kev Sue Batch

5 Stars fans in the rink

Waiting on linesman

Game now underway

Game underway Blight Stu and Birbraer to start v hutchins wirll and ryhanen

Scramble in devils crease but cleared. Gametime 1:10

Very end to end but no clear shots for either team

Puck into Devils bench @ 1:56

Puck out of play @ 2:12

Blight shot not held by Riopel and macrae takes behind the net but pass in the slot cleared by Stars. Stars go the other end and Whitley saves @ 2:42

Devils offside @ 2:58

Quiney with jones and piggott

Batch davies and gimblett

Gametime 4:00

Riopel covers.

Blight offside but not called

Adams shot pushed away and puck out of play. Pp for devils

Stars pen 2mins Delay of game Harper @ 4:31

Devils offside @ 5:06

Devils can't set up and stars clear. 30seconds of pp left

Stars pk very good

Stars fs

3 on 2 break Dundee turned over and Devils break

Gimblett goes close.

Stars pen 2mins hooking Mclean @ 7:44

Batch with a big check on Baxter as he clears the puck

Richardson goes close

Devils still unable to setup

1minute of pp left

Stars clear. 30second pp left


Birbraer pipe and in

Birbraer from whitley @ 9:15 ppg

Piggott leading the forecheck


Batch and forsyth

Batch win

It came from a goal tender interference by Batch on Riopel. Forsyth took offence to it

Forsyth in the changing room- blood

Stars pen Forsyth 2mins slashing + 5mins fighting devils pen Batch 2 mins interference + 5fighting @ 10:20

Still clearing blood

Game restarted

Late predictions. Oj goes Devils 3-2

Macrae on a drop pass to blight saved by riopel @ 11:14

Harding goes close

Gimblett tries to shoot by baxter gets his stick to the puck first

Stars not generating much offence and devils are picking the pieces

As I say that- stars goal

Ozolins with the breakaway and maclean scores

Maclean from ozolins and Ryhanen12:24

Riopel save

Macrae goes close

Buglass out for first pro shift

Riopel save @ 14:21

Wirll gets checked twice by gimblett on the boards

Davies with a nice setup for Jones by stars stick clears the puck

Stars offside but no call, whitley pushes the puck away from net

Blight shot from the blue line is just about kept out by Riopel. Dropped and manages to cover @ 16:48

Birbraer gives the puck to Dundee but missed chance. Devils go other end and pad save riopel



Dundee can't clear and birbraer by the blueline hits top shelf. 2nd of the game

Birbraer from macrae and Blight @ 18:54

Whitley save @ 19:06

Whitley save @ 19:35

Stars slash whitley, gimblett and davies take offence

Huge save Whitley @ 19:53

End 1st Cardiff Devils 2-1 Dundee Stars

Forsyth hasn't returned since the fight. Will update when we see him

SOG for the 1st : on riopel 14 on whitley 9

5minutes until 2nd period

Officials back

Teams back

2nd underway

Riopel save @ 20:35

Gimblett shoots high

Lots of Devils pressure but davies can't get the shot away back door. Gametime 21:15

Devils offside @ 21:24

Riopel gets part of his glove to macrae's shot and deflected it wide

Devils go close through Blight and stars go the other end but whitley blocker into the corner

Devils offside @ 23:03

Devils try to clear but a shot from the point goes wide from hutchins

Devils pen 2mins quiney slashing @ 24:29

Big save whitley but dropped and still stars pressure with another shot and Devils clear

Devils short handed shoot wide

Devils fs. Was lots of dundee pressure but whitley stood up to the challenge

Gimblett holds off baxter and riopel clears after the shot. Devils had two more chances but clered

Birbraer goes close. Gametime 28:30

Stars hit pipes

Stars breakaway- hutchins but pad save whitley and cleared

Piggott shoots wide

Piggott floors bowen

Scramble in stars net. Riopel is flat on the ice

Puck comes out again but batch shoots high

Riopel save from marsh coast to coast @ 30:36

Birbraer shot deflected and macrae can't get the tip in

Riopel has made some great saves so far

Adams clatters ozolins with a huge hit but he's fine. Riopel save @ 31:30

Batch redirects the point shot but wide.

Stars pen 2mins tripping hutchins @ 31:45

Devils have two chances with davies and marsh but high and wide

M smith goes close

Puck out of play @ 32:37 1:08 left on pp

Devils setup but back to their zone. 10seconds left of pp

Stars fs

Puck out of play from a Hutchins shot @ 34:02

Devils pen batch 2mins delay of game @ 34:09

Stars with a few chances before baxter shot deflected out of play @ 34:48

Still baffled why Hull gassed Ozolins

Stars hit the pipes again

50second left on stars pp

Devils clear and birbraer goes close

20seconds of pp left

Stars goal

Wirll with. Very nice goal. Back hand past whitley

Wirll from ryhanen and Mccluskey @ 36:07 ppg

Gametime 37:00

Whitley save @ 37:29

Gametime 38:50

Gametime 39:10

Gametime 39:50

End 2nd Cardiff Devils 2-2 Dundee Stars

Shots on riopel 14 on whitley 9

Teams and officials back for the 3rd

3rd underway

Devils offside @ 40:41

Handpass by Stars.

Macrae shoots wide from the slot

Gametime 42:40

Piggott tries to go alone but puck cleared

Big save riopel from richardson shot @ 43:09

Marsh shot rebounded and davies shoots wide

Stars 2 on 1 wirll goes wide

Puck out of play @ 44:31

Pp for devils coming up

Stars pen hooking Harper 2mins @ 44:47

Blight shot straight at baxter who felt that one. Stars clear

Blight shot not held by Riopel and a scramble before riopel covers

Devils can't setup in stars zone and they clear. 30seconds pp left

M smith shoots wide

Stars fs

Before stars fs- marsh shot rebounds off back boards and chance infront but stars clear

Baxter hurt-wrist

Baxter still icing but looks in pain

Nice pass by Bowen to rhyhanen to break but couldn't reach

Nice hip check from kenton Smith

Kenton smith stops the stars chip pass and break

Riopel save from Blight @ 49:44

Macrae shoots wide

Birbraer chip shot from the red line goes wide. Macrae sets him up again but Max can't get to it

Riopel save @ 51:03

Krantz and gimblett hving words

Marsh shot pushed away by riopel

Devils pp coming up.

Stars pen Bowen check from behind 2+10 @ 51:45

Birbraer back hand chance denied

K smith shot deflected

Ryhanen caught with a stick so stoppage in play.

Batch shoots wide. 10second pp left

Stars back to 5

Stars pen 2mins hutchins hooking @ 54:02

Riopel save @ 54:39

Devils have 1minute pp left

Ryhanen breakaway- wide

Marsh shot tipped then cleared

Gametime 55:45

Stars pk been impressive

Stars back to 5

Birbraer should have scored. Stars go the other end but wide

Gametime 57:00

Ripel big save from marsh after macrae with the takeaway in stars zone. Final 2minutes of the game

Devils offside @ 58:09

Puck out of play @ 58:28


Maclean goes close

Gametime 59:40

End 3rd Cardiff Devils 2-2 Dundee Stars

Ot underway

Wirll and ryhanen try to setup but denied

Macrae shoots wide @ 60:40

Gametime 61:30

Richardson hits the pipes

Gametime 62:00

Macrae with too much time shoots wide

Birbraer turns the puck over and stars break but nothing from it. Hutchins ends up in the devils net @ 62:29

Devils turn the puck over behind the net and pass back to wirll but he shoots wide. Gametime 63:00

Gametime 64:00

Riopel denies marsh @ 64:22

Stars clear and setup in devils zone. Whitley save @ 64:32

Puck out of play @ 64:34

Stars setup

No chances though. End ot 2-2

Stars shooters ryhanen, wirll and hutchins

Devils shooters Birbraer, richardson and k smith

Ryhanen up first

Shoots wide









Devils win 3-2 in overtime.

3rd star : riopel

2nd star : batch

1st star : birbraer

Thanks again for tuning into mnl. Ger-devils signing out