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Hull Stingrays 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join me from 5:45 for build up and coverage of the Devils road trip to Hull. Game predictions to

Our texters for tonight are at the rink and Hull are out for warm up

Kirsty Farmer calls it : Going to be a devils win 5-3 come on devils :D #redarmy all the way

Devils are now out for warm up

Warm up over. 4 Devils fans spotted so far

Any more game predictions? Mail to

Up to 6 Devils fans

Lianne and ceri in cardiff :) go for a 3-1 Devils win

Hello to the Batch Family : Golf Done, chinese ordered from takeaway and MNL ready :) 3-2 to Cardiff Kev Sue Batch

Will predict yet another close game between the two sides and go for a 4-3 Devils win in OT. Claire

The Macrae's are watching MNL again. Win for Devils today - 5-3 Danette and Kevin

Chris Jones wears #16 tonight

It seems the people who do the programmes for Hull forgot to update our roster. Still showing Osaer and Bissonnette

Devils on the ice

Followed by the Stingrays. I have 3 texters for the game tonight. Devils fans Peter and Rachael, Stingrays fan Keith. Thanks again to these fans helping us out to bring fans at home the coverage

Osman is icing for the Devils tonight. No shirt number as of yet- Will confirm shortly

Anthem done just awaiting the puck to be dropped

Devils have 15skaters. Stingrays missing Silverthorn- Banned and Tanaka- Injured for the rest of the season

Game underway

Devils start with Piggott Davies and Quiney

Davies shot deflected and saved @ 0:36

Blight Harding and Birbraer next line

Bowns save @ 1:04 from Birbraer

Next line is Batch Macrae Gimblett

Maxi's shot was a quick breakaway after some Hull pressure

Wood shot saved after good play from Tendler @ 1:48

Hull playing their D men Hand and Smith up top as a checking line against our top line

Hull chance cleared before the tip in

Tendler almost breaks clear but save by Whitley

Gametime 4:47 Wilson is the ref

Very open game with little stoppage.

C Jones out on the ice. No Osman yet

Kenton's shot blocked and scramble in the Stingrays net but cleared

Gametime 7:07

Hand bags with Adams and Rodin @ 8:14

Sorry it was Adams and Dulle. Both in the box for 2mins. @ 8:12

It wasn't Steven Osman afterall- was Hulls Osman announced- Info earlier was from the rink.

Whitley save @ 8:54

Both teams back to full strength

Huge save by Bowns

Gametime 11:40

Davies pushed into the net- no calls @ 12:40 Game starting to get chippy

Gametime 13:39 Jones has been impressive so far

Stingrays pen Hand Tripping 2mins @ 15:23

Bowns covers @ 15:34

Another save from Bowns and more handbags

Devils crashing the net but the whistle blown despite the puck not held

Devils creating the better quality chances but still end to end

Now pens coming for Dulle and Macrae

Also a fight apparently

Hull pen Dulle2 mins roughing and Devils pen Macrae 2mins roughing @ 16:04

Devils player down hurt- more news as I get it

Birbraer hurt- Will try and get an update from the kit man at the period break

Birbraer is ok thankfully

Gametime 16:37

Max was hit with a big check from Ondrej that's what brought the scrum- fair check texters saying

Hull killing original pen well but Tendler shoots high

Stingrays back to 4

Both teams full strength

Shot from Davies deflected out @ 18:12 Max heads to the dressing room

Max is now back out there and taking a shot.



Gimblett with a tip in from a Marsh and Macrae @ 18:30

Hull reply straight away

Osman from Dulle @ 19:13

End of the 1st Stingrays 1- 1 Devils

Devils are dominating the game but can't bury the chances. Typical game in hull, chirpy and entertaining. Hope the updates are ok for everyone so far?

NIHL2 Update- Swindon 1- 4 Devils end of the 2nd. Goals from Downward, Brown, Latchford and Buglass

SOG 1st period : 9 on Cardiff 16 on Hull

Teams are back for the 2nd period

2nd period underway

Huge hit from Marsh on Osman

Macrae shot saved by Bowns @ 21:47

Squires with a weak shot covered by Whitley @ 21:59

Big save from Bowns from close range

Adams shot saved @ 23:00

Devils creating the better chances

Birbraer flattens a stingrays player clean hit. Few fans looking for a call

Marsh floors two rays on a shift.

Seems to be a network issue as nothing for a few minutes and now a few texts received. Just sorting through them

Devils icing @ 27:03

Tendler close for Hull on a 3 on 2 break but shoots wide.

Marty Davies close on a backhand effort- Hull picked their game up

Free flowing game and Jones name is being said quite a bit tonight. Some impressed fans from both teams

Wilson missing calls- both teams frustrated with the no calls

Devils icing @ 29:08 Keith the Stingrays fan impressed with Batch- Seems to get better everytime he seems him ice

Gametime 30:00 still end to end

Adams shot saved @ 30:40

Devils net off it's moorings @ 31:31

Tendler had a big chance to put Hull infront before the net was off

Devils icing @ 31:50

Pressure piled on by Hull

Whitley save from the point then chance shortly after Wood chance on a 2 on 1 but saved

Whitley save on a Tendler shot which was redirected by Marty Davies

Gametime 33:56

Kenton goes coast to coast but shoots wide

Games not as chirpy as the first period

Devils chance deflected out of play

Gametime 36:00 Face off in Devils zone

Whitley has been big for the Devils this period. Almost 5 minutes without a stoppage

Ondrej slapshot saved by Whitley @ 36:04

Update on Max- Was a cheap shot to the head, split lip, still dazed and trying to shake it off

Stingrays breakaway denied @ 36:26

Devils pen Davies 2mins slashing @ 36:26

PK so far so good

1 minute of pk left

Whitley save

Devils full strength

Hull have two chances to score but denied

Gametime 39:00

End of the 2nd, will update you on the scores around the league

Devils pen 2 mins- Too many men @ 39:25

End of the 2nd Stingrays 1- 1 Devils. PK of 1:25 to start the 3rd for the Devils

Scores around the league : Edinburgh Capitals 6-2 Dundee Stars in the 3rd : Nottingham Panthers 3-0 Braehead Clan End 1st : Sheffield 2-0Fife Flyers end 1st : Belfast Giants 3-1 Coventry Blaze - Olson had a fight and took his helmet off

Review of the 2nd period- Devils better first half but Stingrays finished the strongest. Next goal will win the game

NIHL2 Devils win 4-3 in Swindon

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway Devils on a pk for 1:25

Devils go close on the short handed chance

Devils full strength

Hull mixing their lines up

Hull offside @ 42:48

Quiet start to the 3rd. Face off in Hull zone

Bowns save @ 43:54

Tendler with a chance to break but pass too far in front of him

Bowns save @ 44:36

Rays net off : 45:10 Gimblett and Ondrej having words

Quiney shot deflected

Devils icing @ 46:45

Piggott with some great fore checking.

Devils camped in Hull zone

Ben Davies shot deflected @ 48:00

Devils go close twice

Huge scramble in front of Bowns, Quiney Marsh and Batch go close : 50:00

Macrae goes close. Bowns Save

Gametime 50:00

Bowns save from Adams @ 50:14

Stingrays pen 2mins Rodin Elbows @ 51:12

Bowns with a save on the line as Devils thought they'd scored. 1:34 left on the PP

Devils now take a penalty

Devils pen 2mins Gimblett tripping @ 51:41

Devils hit both posts and out. No idea how it didn't go in- Keith(Stingrays)

Stingrays back to 5

Devils fans say it was a goal and ref made the wrong call.

Whitley save

Gametime 53:30

Devils Full strength

Routine save by Bowns.

Two more big saves from Bowns and Hull fail to clear the zone. Gametime 54:15

Devils pen 2mins Gimblett Elbows@ 54:46

Game is getting chirpy again

Adams wants to have words with Dulle but stopped by linesman

Stingrays go close

Stingrays pen 2mins Dulle boarding @ 55:23

Dulle hits Davies from behind - Davies is ok and skated away

Bowns save

4 on 4 Devils will has a 30 second pp

Devils fs

Bowns save from Batch @ 55:56

Hull Fs

Devils pen 2mins Gimblett slashing @ 57:32

Devils time out

Back underway

Stingrays PP Goal

Dulle from Rodin and Cloutier @ 57:37 PPG

Gametime 58:00

Gametime 59:00

Face off in the Hull zone @ 59:02

Gimblett having words with Cloutier. Stingrays timeout

Whitley waiting for the nod to leave the net

Whitley pulled

Tendler misses empty net

Fight. Blight and Lovedahl

Blight with a great scrap @ 59:41

Hull fan saying Lovedahl win, Devils saying Blight- wait for the highlights I think

Hand has been sent out now

Stingrays pen Lovedahl 5mins fighting and Devils pen Blight 5mins fighting @ 59:41

Bowns with 3 saves in the row and the buzzer goes

Marsh isn't happy, fans not happy. Should have won the game with that Blight goal not called. Bad penalties from Gimblett cost us the win- These are words of fans at the game

Devils MOM Whitley

Just waiting on Stingrays MOM

Would like to say a big thank you to Rachael and Peter-Devils fans and Keith(Stingrays) our resident texter in Hull for the updates tonight. Safe journey back to the travelling fans

SOG 2nd period on Devils 14 on Stingrays 9

SOG 3rd period on Devils 5 on Stingrays 12

Stingrays MOM Bowns

Devils with the better chances but denied by an impressive Bowns. Very good game by all accounts

A big thank you to those who've tuned in tonight for coverage of the game. Join me live from the rink tomorrow night for updates of the Devils home game v Dundee Stars. Ger-Devils signing out