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Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

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Teams out for the warm up

Devils without Faulkner and Hill. C Jones and S Osman step up from NIHL 1 and C Buglass steps up from the U18's

Steelers seem to be at full strength

4minutes left of warm up. Predictions to

NO St Valentines Day Massacre here - Devils to win 4-3 :-) Gareth from Pershore

Warm up over

Dean Smith is the ref tonight.

Officials on the ice followed by the Steelers

Devils have signed a Peterborough Phantoms player on a 2 way. Will confirm the name later in the game.

There maybe an import being announced tomorrow

Devils on the ice

Hoping that the Devils can stick in there and register a win against all the odds. OJ

Devils being introduced

Anthem time

Spearsy goes for a Steelers win 2-1

Game underway

Batch floors Michel and Frank floors Batch


Gimblett v Sarich. I call it Gimblett win

Steelers pen Sarich 5mins fighting and Devils pen Gimblett 5mins fighting @ 0:32



Quiney from davies @ 1:19

Macrae breaks and pace to Batch but denied and puck cleared

Blight goes coast to coast by save by Decaro @ 2:52

Puck out of play @ 3:39

Batch floors Stephenson

Marsh shot from wide angle, rebound avail but wide @ 4:20

Whitley covers @ 5:05

Big save Whitley @ 5:08

Whitley save @ 6:00

Gimblett and Sarich back from the penalty box

As gimblett went back to the bench- Frank x-checked him

Steelers pen 2mins Frank Elbows @ 6:15

Davies floors Sarich

Nice play by the Devils but bad bounce denies Davies the shot

30second pp left

Macrae shoots wide

Steelers FS

Dead puck @ 9:10

Devils pen Davies 2mins hooking @ 9:19

Lovely play by Marcae and he megs Stphenson and Piggott couldn't. Bury it

Steelers pen 2mins goertzen hooking @ 9:46

Fata having words with Blight

Devils fs

Steelers fs

C jones shot almost deflected goal bound by Batch. Gametime @ 12:40

Devils offside @ 12:43

Puck out of play @ 13:57

Limpwright and Blight having words

Steelers pen Limpwright roughing 2mins @ 14:22

Marsh shoots wide

Penalty shot Devils

Davies was slashed as he was about to shoot


44 seconds left of the pp

Blight close to boarding Frank- no call

Steelers fs

Devils pen 2mins M Smith Hooking @ 16:53

Good save whitley @ 18:01

Tait has a chance but floored by Adams @ 18:40

Devils fs

Puck out of play @ 18:55

Whitley save @ 19:07

Whitley covers after marsh pass is deflected across the crease @ 19:23

End 1st Cardiff Devils 1-0 Sheffield Steelers

Late prediction from Danette Macrae - On the way home from work! 4-2 Devils!!

Teams back for the 2nd

2nd underway but I have to move my ca - trffic warden booking

Steelers goal

Back in the rink. Goal was by Limpwright.

Legue shoots wide

Devils icing @ 23:40

Whitley covers @ 24:37

Some impressive steelers forecheck but leads to nothing @ 25:30

Steelers pen 2mins too many men @ 25:37

Champagne sits then pen

Steelers have a 2 on 1 chance but denied


Batch and Thomas

All from an interference on Batch. Say a Thomas win

Steelers pen 2mins x-check + 2mins roughing Thomas and Devils pen 2mins x-check + 2mins roughing Batch @ 26:27

Steelers pen 2mins fata interference and Devils pen Blight 2mins unsportman like diving @ 27:19

Steelers back to 5

Birbraer goes close

Steelers goal

Poor line change from the Devils

Blight and fata are back from the box

Ferguson From hewitt @ 29:36

Devils icing @ 30:47

Steelers high sticks @ 30:51

Batch goes close and decaro save @ 31:50

Puck out of play @ 32:30

Good to see Jones given plenty of ice time. Same for Quiney

Puck out of play @ 32:30

Lots of steelers pressure but Devils clear and Birbraer shot deflected wide

Gametime 34:55

Steelers icing @ 35:42

Quiney floors Stepehnson

Limpwright all alone on our blue line has all the time in the world. Denied by whitley @ 36:33

Marsh deflected shot goes wide @ 37:05

Whitley save @ 37:27

Batch breakaway shoots wide

Steelers have about 5 chances to put a rebound away but cleared

Gametime 39:00

End 2nd Cardiff Devils 1-2 sheffield Steelers

SOG for the 1st. On steelers :7 Devils :9

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway

Puck out of play @ 40:32

Decaro save @ 41:08

Steelers icing @ 41:17

Decaro save @ 41:32

Frnak having words with Quiney

Huge save Decaro @ 41:47

Richardson shot from the blueline denied and cleared. Gametime 42:35

Nice work from Birbraer, Blight and Piggott and Blights shot deflected out of play @ 43:24

Steelers timeout

Puck out of play @ 43:41

Steelers icing @ 44:36

M Smith slap shot deflected and trickles past decaro's post

Steelers offside @ 45:02

Goertzen takes ben out without the puck. Pp coming up

Steelers pen Goertzen 2mins interference @ 45:24

Poor pp so far. 30seconds left

Steelers fs

Whitley save @ 47:52

Devils icing @ 48:02

Puck out of play @ 48:24

Devils offside @ 48:41

Puck out of play @ 49:03

Gametime 50:50

Puck out of play @51:03

Macrae shoots wide

Decaro covers @ 51:43

Steelers icing @ 51:54

Marsh shot deflected and Decaro gets back to his crease to stop the goal bound chance

M Smith shoots wide

Altercation at the benches @ 52:44

Devils icing @ 52:55

No call on Steelers. Faulkner and Francis going crazy on the bench

Two big hits from Gimblett on michel

Birbraer x-check, no call

Officials signal for icing but no call

Whitley save @ 55:33

Faulkner still kicking off on the bench about the no call

Batch in front denied @ 56:18

Gametime 57:00

Gametime 58:00

Gametime 59:00

Whitley pulled

Devils so close

Gametime 59:30

Steelerspen Stephenson 2mins @ 59:36

Slashing the call

Steelers dump the puck

Steelers pen 2mins Frank x-check @ 59:53

Limpwright been called now not Frank

Puck out of play @ 59:58

SOG 2nd period Devils net : 8 Steelers net :6

End of the game Cardiff Devils 1-2 Sheffield Steelers

3rd star: Simon Ferguson

Finnerty moaning at the officials on the bench

2nd star : Quiney

1st star : Macrae

No stats for SOG in the 3rd. Join me this Saturday for coverage of Hull Stingrays v Cardiff Devils.

Thanks for tuning in. Ger-Devils signing out