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Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as the Devils try and seal a productive weekend and bank another 2 points.

Lets hope that there is enough gas left in the tank after last night since we are short benched again

Carl calls it 4-1 to the Devils with goals from Hill, Latulippe, Silverthorn and Prpich

See me your predictions to

Sorry that should have said

Carl prediction was 4-2 not 4-1, that the problem with watch three screens at the sametime. Promise I will concentrate as we approach game time.

At least we will not have Darnell in charge tonight, he's at Manchester

Not heard a peep out of my texters yet, I hope they have not decided to stay at home in the warmth

GAME DELAYED Belfast team's plane landed late

Don't know anymore details

Devils on ice so I presume Belfast have arrived

Giants take to the ice with 13 minutes of warm up left

It looks like a 6:15 start

Good Evening to Keith in "sunny" Aberystwyth

Devils missing Fulton, Campbell and Hartwick as expected

Not a very big crowd at the Tent tonight and no Giants fans it would appear, though they are probably keeping warm somewhere.

No referee so far, maybe we are going to have a ref-free game

Smith in Coventry, Coenen in Hull so we have Boniface or Hicks I presume

Warm up has finished

Apparently there was no sign of Stevie Lyle during warmup just Nathan Craze

Face Off now timetabled for 6:30

Welcome to Tom and Paul in NI

Still no clue to where Stevie Lyle is/was

Crowd of around 1,300

Lyle on team list, maybe he didn't want to warm up

Giants fans are asking what the link is the the BBC coverage if there is any tonight, e-mail me if you know

No Andrew Martin for the Giants

Would you be surprised if I tols you that our NI friends think the Giants are going to win?

Keith says it is in fact cold in Aberystwyth, don't worry Keith it will soon warm up with all the hot air coming across the Irish Sea from Belfast

Intro time and still no ref

Giants take to the ice yes Stevie Lyle is alive

Our referee finally makes an appearence and it is Mr Boniface

The link our friends inh NI was wanting is now on the Inferno Forum

Our DEVILS take to the ice

Why are we waiting, why are we waiting

Finally we are under way

Devils starting forward line Voth Latulippe Hill

Giants penalty @ 0:36 Awada hooking

Lets put that DEVILS pp into gear

PP is awful, we haven't touched the puck yet

Its our pp that needs a scan not players knees, elbows etc

Giants kill penalty and in fact had more chances than Devils who possibly had one SoG during pp

Devils penalty @ 3:17 Stone holding

Devils penalty @ 3:17 Stone holding

Lets see if the pk is better

Prpich & Teplitsky go close whilst shorthanded

Aubry save @ 4:26

Another Aubry save @ 4:40

Devils kill penalty

6 minutes gone, Devils getting into the game

Silverthorn has the best chance yet but deflected wide

Aubry save @ 7:30

Same old Devils problem chances created no clinical finishing

Giants ice puck : 8:28

Ben Davies forces good save out of Lyle @8:43

Giants penalty @ 9:01 Denniset - holding

Devils pp still awful

Hill shot from blue line high and wide @ 9:44

Latulippe not taking face-offs for some reason

So no "icing gameplan" tonight

Gianrs kill penalty with ease

Aubry save @ 11:38

Devils playing better when 5 on 5

Devils penalty @ 11:53 Voth - kneeing

Giants hit pipes @ 12:30

Devils pk better than pp

Aubry save @ 12:54

Devils penalty @ 13:49 Prpich - charging 6sec of 3 on 5

Fans not happy with that last penalty

Aubry saves @ 14:16

Devils penalty @ 14:32 Latulippe - slashing

3 on 5 for over a minute

Devils go close on a sh breakaway

Aubry saves @ 15:47 despite having no stick for almost a minute

Prpich penalty killed

Aubry save @ 15:52

Prpich breakaway @ 16:25, Lyle saves

Devils kill penalty now 5 on 5

Aubry save @ 16:37

Hill floors Robins midice

17 minutes gone Devils under pressure

Lyle save @ 17:49

Giants penalty @ 18:46 Denniset - hooking

Lyle save @ 19:11

Giants penalty @ 19:34 Thornton - interference

Devils 5 on 3

Lyle save @: 19:44 close on 15ft out of net

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 0

Devils will start 2nd period with 46 secs of 5 on 3

My texters are struggling to get to the Bar which apparently is very busy tonight

Teams back on ice

Giants kill one penalty


Devils Goal @ 20:52 scored by Prpich, assists Silverthorn, Teplitsky

Well pp worked that time didn't it

23 minutes gone, Devils playing better in this period

Devils penalty @ 24:04 Towe - slashing

Devils penalty @ 24:17 Voth hooking

Rubbish call by all accounts

Devils have a 5 on 3 to kill, best of luck

Close on 2 minutes of 3 on 5

Towe penalty killed

Devils kill all penalties largely due to Aubry

27 minutes gone, Aubry being kept busy making loads of saves

No DC's dad tonight

Lets be hearing from you out there in c space

No news is good news as they say

Devils penalty @ 28:50 Jarvis - delay of game

Thank goodness Giants pp is just as weak as Devils

Thank goodness Giants pp is just as weak as Devils

Aubry save @ 29:30

30 minutes come, Devils remain in control but can we have another goal please

Giants Goal @ 30:43

Awaiting details as there was a handbags fashion show after goal scored

Giants goasl scored Robins, assists Burgoyne, Cheverie

Devils penalty @ 30:43 Voth 2 roughing + 2 crosschecking; Giants penalty Awada - roughing

Giants goal was a ppg

32 minutes gone

Lyle saves @ 32:59

Devils penalty @ 33:07 Aubry - delay of game, Cowmeadow serves penalty

Lyle saves @ 34:09

Devils back to five skaters

Latulippe misses emty net @ 36:32

Giants penalty @ 37:26 Johnson 2+10 for checking from behind

Remember to refresh now and again as it seems that the automatic refresh is not functioning 100%

Remember to refresh now and again as it seems that the automatic refresh is not functioning 100%

Giants kill penalty, Devils did have chances

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Giants 1

Boniface calling some bizarre penalties and letting much go

Devils again showing that they lack sharpshooters in front of net

Giants goal came from a ruck in the Devils crease, puick slowly crossing the goal line as Aubry fails to get to it

Apologies for delay, server has gone really slow, 3rd period underway

Ben Davies playing well

Voth disappeared at one stage but now back on bench

Giants gone into defensive mode as if on penalty kill

46 minutes gone and it is still 1 - 1

Latulippe being handy with his stick when Boniface not looking

47 minutes gone

I have finally got the SoG, well I got them just before technical problems Devils 8+7; Giants 11+18

Voth takes his first shift of the period at 48mins and it is not a long one

50 minutes gone

Believe or not Voth on a breakaway and realises his stick is broken

Believe or not Voth on a breakaway and realises his stick is broken

DC's dad says 3-1 to the Devils

Latulippe shot deflected high @ 51:31

Johnson returns after hius 2+10

Devils ice puck @ 52:39

53 minutes gone, its end to end at the Tent

Giants goal @ 53:47 scored by Morrison, assists SAmple, Howells

55 minutes gone

DEvils penalty @ 54:59 Voth - slashing

Giants shot goes high @ 55:36

Aubry saves @ 56:28

If you can't score Devils you can't win

Devils kill Voth penalty

Devils offside @ 57:03

Lyle saves from Prpich @ 57:42

Final 2 minutes

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Devils ice puck @ 59:30

Aubry pulled @ 59:40

Devils ice puck again @ 59:57

Final score Devils 1 Giants 2

Giants MoM Phillips

Devils MoM Prpich a choice endorsed by my texter

Thats all from me OJ until the next MNL

Hey hey, Chris here with you tonight, and if anyones out there, don't forget to give us a shout on