Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Join me(Ger-Devils) from around 6:30pm for build up to the Fife Flyers v Cardiff Devils. Game predictions can be sent to

Kirsty Farmer goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Email through from Stuuuuuuu's parents- Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is pretty much shut down with the monster blizzard! Hopefully we will be able to follow the devil's 4-2 win if we don't lose our power!!!! Danette and Kevin Stay safe and hopefully you can follow the game and we pick up the win!

Natalie at Pentyrch RFC says its 5-2 Devils

Angela Louros calls it Devils 4-3 win

Both teams are on the ice for warmup. Team news when we get it.

Hazel Martinalli-I reckon the Devils will win tonight 3-2. Hope it doesn't go to penalties, I don't think my nerves could stand it!

Missing players for the Devils : Richardson and Hill-GB : Faulkner- Knee injury. Scarbrough is with the NIHL Devils and waiting for news if any brits have stepped up for tonight's game. Haines is back for the Flyers who are more or less icing a full import quota.

Barton Family agree unanimously Devils will lose tonight! Fife to win 5-2!

Flyers missing #4 Chris wands and #19 mcalpine

Debbie Farrell goes for a Devils 3-1 win

Wilson is ref tonight

Both teams are on the ice

4-2 devils win. From Katie Howard & Jack #Fingerscrossed

Game underway

Fife goal

Pitton from Chaumont and Haines @ 0:31

Very fast end to end game.

Fife penalty .. Horne 2 mins delay of game @ 4:36

Very fast end to end game.

Devils goal Batch @ 5:03 .. Flyers penalty caister 2 mins hookin @ 5:05

Assists from M Smith + Gimblett

Flyers full strength

Devils pen Harding 2mins tripping @ 7:34

Devils penalty Adams 2 mins slashing @ 8:01

Late prediction - Wayne, Tried sending ages ago! Can't see devils achieving anything up there tonight, 5-1 loss hope im wrong

Haines @ 9:17 .. Assists chaumont + Hogg

Devils full strength

Sorry for lack of updates- network issues in fife- very fast game.

Flyers goal disallowed. Gametime 15:00

End 1st NIHL 1 Devils 0-0 Romford Raiders

Handbags with macrae and Stewart .. No penalties given

Looks like blight is up for a fight with anyone

Gametime 17:00

Gametime 17:45. Game getting edgy

Pitton chance goes wide

Devils with high sticks but no call from Wilson

End 1st 2-1 Fife

Davies stand out for the Devils

Teams back for the 2nd

Change of netminder for flyers- Daly in for Pittong

2nd underway

Flyers penalty chaumont 2 mins delay of game @ 20:06

Devils offside @ 21:53

NIHL 1 Devils 1-1 @ 34:21 C Jones

Flyers full strength

Pittong in net for Fife was injured

Devils pen Blight hooking2mins @ 24:16

Chaumont. Denied

Bigsave from Whitley to deny Haines

Fife goal

Chaumont from Hogg and Keller @ 26:04 ppg

Devils offside @ 27:18

End 2nd NIHL 1 Devils 1-1 Romford Raiders

Flyers penalty #72 2 mins holding @ 28:34

Devils scramble in the net but no goal!! @ 29:27

Flyers full strength

Devils penalty blight 2 mins tripping @ 30:52


Birbraer from Marsh SHG @ 32:10

Devils Full Strength

Dolan shoots wide

Game time 39:00

End 2nd 3-2 Flyers

NIHL 1 Devils 1-2 Romford Raiders @ 43:54

SOG 1st period on Flyers 16 : Devils 6

Sorry the shots for the 1st was the other way round. Waiting for the 2nd- Elite website hasn't updated

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway

Macrae hits the post


Marsh unassisted @ 41:40

Haines hobbles to the Flyers bench

NIHL 1-3 Romford Raiders @ 57:01

Devils have come out flying in this period. Let's hope we continue this way

NIHL Devils 1-4 Romford Raiders @ 58:12

Our 3rd goal has an assist for Blight

End to end hockey at the moment

M Smith takes a hit from Gunn. Whistle goes but he's ok

NIHL 1 2-4 Romford Raiders . Deacon and end 3rd

Haines gone to the Flyers dressing room

Devils penalty gimblett 2 mins hooking @ 48:12

Whitley save from Keller

Wasted chances for Flyers- Devils FS

Haines now back on the bench

One of the Smith's shoots wide- no name given. Flyers go the other end and Chaumont shot saved

Game time 52:11

Devils pen 2mins Adams holding @ 53:14

Flyers set up and carriveau gets 3 rebounds but no goal! Game time 54:40

Davies breakaway is denied

Devils FS

Fife goal

Carriveau @ 56:08 assists Stewart + Dolan

Hogg shot saved and Devils look dangerous on the break but nothing to show yet


Adams from K Smith and Birbraer @ 57:43

Devils denied their 5th. Gametime 59:00

Gametime 59:50

Overtime coming up

Devils speed is causing issues for fife. Maybe the other point for the Devils in OT with this news?

OT underway

Flyers chance but wide

Flyers high sticks @ 61:32

No pen called

Caister shot denied and takes his frustration out on the boards

Keller denied @ 61:55

Gametime 62:11

End to end but still no goal

Gametime 63:20

Carriveau takes shot but denied @ 3:31

Puck out of play @3:46

Marsh shot deflected into the roof

Gametime 64:30

Overtime finished. Penalty shots coming up

SOG on Devils 33 for 3 periods on Flyers Pitton : 15 Daly : 22

Blight missed

Pitton missed

Birbraer scores

Chaumont scores

Macrae misses

Hogg misses

Blight misses

Pitton scores

Waiting on mom but a big thank you to our Fife texters Gillian and laura.

Devils mom marsh

Flyers MOM Daly

Thank you for tuning in tonight. Join us Thursday for the game v Sheffield Steelers Ger-Devils signing out