Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Belfast Giants

Welcome, Croeso to MNL as the Giants visit Cardiff Bay

OJ here in the MNL box

Score predictions, before 6pm face off, to

Warmup underway

Texters allocated their dutes and now (mostly) at the BBT

Simon L says Devils weill win 5-4 after a penalty shootout

Warmup completed

One bit of good news we haven't got Hicks as referee, he is doing the Steelers v Panthers game

David in Belfast predicts a 4-1 win for the Giants

David, I am well other than a stomach bug which I need to get rid of quickly as I am off to the sun in Tenerife for February

Tom Darnell is the referee

Danette Macrae calls it 4-2 Devils, hoping that the blizzard they have at the moment doesn't cut the power

40cm of snow aleady

Its not snow storm at Sheffield arena but a GOAL storm 3 goals in 23 seconds currently Steelers winning 3-2 at 19 minute mark

Hazel thinks we will have a penalty storm at BBt but predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Chris Stone is another fan who thinks Devils will win 5-4 after penalties

No Nicola 40cm ie 16 inches

Both teams on the ice


GAme starts

Gimblett, Macrae & Hill start for Devils

Giants icing @ 0:24

Next line Batch, Blight & Faulkner

Devils penalty Batch - inteference

Giants penalty @ 0:56 Lloyd - elbows

Devils penalty was @ 0:27

Giants icing @ 1:27

Stewart targetting Birbraer

Richardson goes close

Zemlak covers @ 1:41

DEvils return to Full Strength (FS)

Giants back to FS

Puck out of play @ 2:56

Giants are hitting hard

Devils offside @ 3:18

Stewart and Adams given minors @ 3:18

Wresting would be a good call

Call was roughing

Currently 4 on 4

One minute of penalty gone

Zemlak blocks Faulkner shot

@ 5:08

Both teams back to FS

Devils offside @ 5:35

Hill goes close

Devils penalty @ 6:36 - K Smith - hooking


Two huge saves by Whitley


Stewart & Adams

Adams batteing him

Stewart taken down

Both get fighting majors @ 7:37

Whitley save @ 7:47

Giants pressyre, Hill clears

K Smith returns

Batch floors Shields

Faulkner clearly x-checked - NO CALL

Giants penalty @9:02 - Phillips

Roughing the call

Darnell losing control of game already

Macrae goes close on PP


Gimblett the scorer

PPG @ 946 - Gimblett assists Macrae & Hill

Piggott shoots wide

Then Piggott floors Shields

Great work by Gimblett in front of net

I know of you forum regular that will not like that comment

Zemlak saves from Davies ' 12:06


Richardson assists Batch & Faulkner @ 13:23

Gametime 15:10

Phillips attempts to check Faulkner and misses him completely

Batch hige hit on Towe

Giants penalty - delay of game - Towe @ 15:42

Lets have another ppg U DEVILS

Giants offside @ 16:07

Puck out of play @ 16:21

DEvils offside @ 16:49

Giants penalty @ 17:19 - Matheson - holding

Devils have 5 on 3 for 10 secs

Giants back to 4 skaters


Gimblett with his 2nd of the night

Gimblett from Macrae & Hill @ 18:02 a PPG

Final minute of 1st peiod

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Giants 0

With the excitement of Devils goals my texters tell me that we mustn't overlook the maaive saves by Whitley

Paul in Nottingham wants us to do them a favour and beat the Giants

Apologies for the K in Devils I will have to leave it as it is in case I mess up the blog

Tony wants me to caal the team Devikls every week if we win

Apologies to supporters of other teams - Devils play for themselves and no one else

If you want your team to win the league then let they go out and do it

Teans are back on ice

Celtic Druid suggests that if Devils win I chuck in another k for the next game

Off we go for 2nd period

Keefe putting himself about illegal;y, knee on Marsh - NO CALL

Larry the Lamb Lloyd very quiet tonight

Giants shot rebounds but Devils clear

Adams offers to go with a chirping Stewart who declines

Devils icing @ 22:10

Devils penalty @ 22:19 - Adams - roughing


Lots of Giants pressure

Giants Goal

@ 23:54 - Stewart

Correction goal credited to Peacock assits mason & Shields

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 14 Giants 11

Birbraer floors Sandrock

Zemlack covers @ 25:41

Lloyd slash on Davies - NO CALL

Devils penalty @ 26:53 - M Smith - holding


Whitley sve feom a Giants breakay @28:52

devils back to FS

Zemlack save @ 29:08

Giants penalty @ 29:16 - Matheson - holding

Zemlack save

Giants Goal

@ 30:31

Rycroft unassisted @ 30:31 - SHG

Wicked bounce off board stright to Rycroft

Giants return to FS

Devils penalty @ 31:14 - Birbraer - inteference

Devils return to FS

Giants icing @ 34:49


Well at least 1 Fight

Stewart & Keefe in sinbin @ 35:50

Reports of a hit to the head by Keefe

Batch checked to head by Stewart ans also bt Keefe, Smith brothers react

Keefe thrown out of game

All this @ 35:30

Still waiting on penalties

It looks as if K Smith has been ejected as well

The Devils Club must start citing if referees cannot control games

Citing officers exist in all othe sports

Stewart called for a minor

Stewart - boarding minor, Keefe 5 + GAME - Charging: K Smith 5+Game - slashing

Giants penalty @ 36:34 - Shields - High Sticks

Devils time out

Game restarts

Giants back to 4 skaters

Devils penalty @ 37:44 - Hill - hooking

Giants back to FS

Final minute

Devils back to FS

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 2

When I distanced myself from the Cardiff Devils over 10 years ago I offered my services to the league in a discplinary role I heard nothing

A collegue of mine is a Citing Officer for the Six Nations Championship

I wouldn't want to do it now, who wants to travel all over the Country to attend games. Viwing tapes is easy but citing officers should be there to see it all live

Interesting the Official gamesheet shows Keffe and Kenton Smith being given MATCH penalties not GAME

More reason to look at the video more closely and to see what really happenned especially Stewart's involvement

My texters confirm that penalties were announced as Game penalties

Both teams back on ice

Off we go

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS * Giants 9 making it 22-20 after e periods

Devils 8 Giants 9

Giants coach apologies for Keefe verbal abuse aimed at Devils fans

M Smith should have scored then

Big hit by Piggott on Lloyd

Giants icing @ 43:15

Huge save Zemlack from Faulkner

Gametime 44:12

Devils icing @ 44:36

JohnWildthing says its a great game

Whitley save followed by handbags

Faulkner injured and goes to dressing room

James thinks a bench clearence if likely

If there is one its down to Darnell says Rachae

Steelers win 5-2

Penalty shot - BEN DAVIES

@ 46:19

Davies shoots wide

Devils offside @ 46:47

Devils penalty ' 47:43 - Birbraer - hooking


Still no Faulkner

Fantastic save Whitley

Zemlack covers

Faulkner back on bench

Devils return to FS

Richardson hits post @ 50:22

Huge scramble in front of Giants net

Puck out of play @ 51:04

Big sve Whitley

Faulkner tested his ankle, short shift

Zemlack covers @ 52:49

**** Devils under 18s winnibg 8-0 and go top of A League

Penalty shot Giants - Shields @ 53:53

Save Whitley

A terrible call by Darnell according to Giants fans

Gametime 54:40

Harding goes close @ 56:10

Giants goal

Giants got w=away with too many men (Ger counted 7) and score

Giants 3rd goal @ 57:27 acored b y Shields assist Stewart

Giants time out

Game restarts

Final 2 minutes

End of regulation DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Into O/T we go

O/T starts

Zemlak covers @ 60:20

Darnell is A GIANT is the chant

Whitley bats away Stewart shot @ 61:54

Semlack saves from M Smith @ 62:11

Puck hits linesman in face

Game restarts with just 2 officials

Gove save Zemlack from Faulkner @ 62:41

Lino is back

Devils pressing hard for winner

Whitley denies a Clarke breakaway

Save Zemlack from Blight @ 63:59

Final minute

27 seconds left

11 secs left as Whitley covers

End of O/T now we have penalty shots

Sandrock for Giants












1-1 after 1st round













Final score DEVILS 3 Giants 4

Many than ks to our rgular texters at the BBT - Rachael, Sharlene, Ger-Devils and JohnWilding


2nd Star - MARK SMITH


Thats all from me for a few weeks as I am off to the sun in Tenerife and will follw MNL with Ger-Devils in the host chair

Good Night - NOS DA