Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 4 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL, OJ your host this evening when the Panthers come to Cardiff Bay

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Looks as if I missed a cracking game at Sheffield last night due to grandson babysitting duties.

Big thank you to Ger-Devils for stepping in for me.

I have some bad news (some will say good news) I will host MNL for the three home games this week then I am back in Tenerife for the rest of February as it is CARNIVAL TIME.

Sun, tapas, wine and Dorada beer what else can a man crave for.

Ger-Devils will be your host in my absence I am informed.

Warmup underway

Dean Smith is our referee tonight

Warmup done

anette & Kevin Macrae call it a close game with the Devils sneeking a 3-2 victory

Missing D Danette

Very quiet on the predictions tonight, hopefully our regulars have made the trip to the BBT

MNL viewing figures are up on last season and we regularly have more viewers than there are at the game

Jim H a new viewer to MNL predicts a game that results in penalties and the Devils being victorius

The Batch family in a very wet and cold Essex call it 3-2 Devils after a feisty encounter

Nice big crowd assembling at BBT

Lights are dimmed at BBT

Teams take to the ice

Intros done, Anthem time

Puck dropped and we start

Queues outside but game starts

Devils icing

Gametime 0:52

Devils 2nd line Davies Birbraer & Piggott

Blight, Faulkner & Batch were the starting line

Devils icing @ 1:57

Fans still walking in

Whitley save

Its end to end with another Devils icing @ $:36

All loose pucks grabbed by Panthers claws

Kwall covers @ 5:14

Big save Whitley

Panthers offside @ 5:48

Chances for both teams

Macrae goes close

Gametime 8:05

Panthers are turned over, Blight shoots wide

Whitley saves from Myers @10:14

Handbags - Hill & Myers

After Myers ran Whitley Hill jumps in - no call

Kwall covers @ 10:59 after Devils pressure

2 saves by Kwall

Panthers seem to be targetting Batch - well hes big enough to look after himself

Glove save Whitley @ 12:34

Devils shot deflected out of play ' 12:51

Kwall covers @ 13:09

Gametime 15:10

JohnWildthing says its a good game

Kwall saves from Richardson @ 15:57

Nice play by Blight & Faulkner

Whitley save @ 16:54

Gimblett shoots wide

Panthers icing @ 18:06

Fi nal minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Panthers 14

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

False start

Game stopped as ice is too wet

They lined up for face off and changed their mind

Hail storm in Whitchurch with thunder & lightening

Finally we start 2nd period

Panthers icing @ 21:19

Hail stones the size of marbles

Road is covered in them

Devils icing @ 22:10

Devils penalty coming

Piggott - interference @ 22:54


Panthers goal a ppg

23:01 scored by Graham assists Werner & Benedict

Marsh hit on Ling

Devis breakaway denied

Its like the end of the world out there, severe thunder & lightening

If its blowing the same gale in Cardiff Bay I hope the BBT is well anchored

Huge save Kwall from Birbraer

And another save by Kwall

Kwall save @ 29:45

26:45 not 29:45

We need somebody or something to spark the Devils into action

I hope I don't loose power as I have lost 2 UPS due to thunder & lightening in the past

Panthers getting away with loads off the puck

Devils icing @ 28:19

Hailstorm battering the BBT as well

Ling hits pipes @ 28:39

Panthers penalty @ 29:06 Myers

Interference was call

Nothing to write home about on Devils PP

Panters back to full strength (FS)

Panthers penalty @ 31:08 - Galivan - slashing

Kwall as usual standing on his head against Devils

Massive save after massive save

Panthers back to FS

Panthers iscing @ 35:26

KWall save ' 34:49

Save from Davies that was

One of my texters is having difficulty in reading the clock

Devils go close

Gametime 36:01

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - NOW

Kwall glove save @ 36:27

Whitley save @ 37:06

Two Panthers thrown out of face off no violation penalty called

Panthers penalty @ 37:58 - Werner - delay of game

Devils hit pipes

Final minute

Devils go close

devils hit pipes again

Went thru 5 hole hit pipes and out - Kwall lucky

Panthers offside @ 39:45

end of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Panthers 1

Teams are back

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 13 Panthers 5 making it 22-19 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Crowd 1,764

Panthers goal - Gallivan

@ 42:18

Assista Myers & Wilson

Devils penalty @ 43:53 Gimblett - boarding

Puck out of play @ 44:34


Panthers PP better than Devils

Galivan runs Whitley

Kwall saves from Birbraer @ 45:51

Devils return to FS

Kwall saves from Macrae @46:17

Some handbags after Kwall save

Panthers penalty @ 48:04 - Kwall - tripping

Levers sits penalty

Panthers return to FS

Macrae denied

Kwall save @ 50:49


Faulkner the scorer

Assists Birbraer & Blight

Time of goal 51:41

Devils offside @ 52:29

Kwall glove save @ 52:49

Come on U DEVILS you can do it


Benedict dirty hit on Birbraer

Gametime 53:20

Birbraer goes off injured

Blood on ice

Panthers penalty @ 53:20 - Beckett 5+Game - check to head

I think its 5+10


Macrae assists Hill & Gimblett @ 53:46 PPG

Beckett was actually give 5 + MATCH

Gametime 56:33

Kwall save

1:40 of pp left

Devils time out

Off we go again

Devils Penalty coming

Gimblett - netminder interference @ 57:20

Panthers will have 1 minute of pp

Time out Panthers @ 58:05

Panthers PP will be at 58:20

Here we go again

Panthers on pp

Gametime 58:50

Panthers goal

@ 59:02

Ling, assists Myers & Weaver

Devils penalty @ 59:26 - Marsh - boarding

Devils do not deserve to lose this game

Panthers GOAL - ENG

@ 59:57

Final score DEVILS 2 Panthers 4

Lach0wicz scored ENG for Panthers


Thanks to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils

Join me on MNL next Thursday when the Coventry Blaze visit the BBT

2nd Star - MARK SMITH


Devils players of the month for December 3rd BEN DAVIES 2nd MAC FAULKNER 1st CHRIS BLIGHT

Good Night - NOS DA