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Sheffield Steelers 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

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Kirsty in with an early prediction. Devils to win 5-4

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Warm up under way. Steelers without Chris Frank after picking up a one game ban from the Dundee game midweek

Devils fans just starting to arrive at the arena. Waiting for some more updates from them. Warmup is almost over

Danette and Kevin Macrae call it 5-2 win for the Devils. Some harsh weather with them at the moment : -20 with a wind chill.

Laura Davies calls it 4-2 Devils

Angela Louros also gone for 4-2 Devils

Just waiting for an update on tonight's ref. Smith is in Nottingham but no idea on where the other officials are.

Hazel Martinalli has gone for Devils to win 5-4 in OT

Hannah Watkins gone for Devils to win 4-3 in OT

Clive Barton gone for a Devils 3-2 win in OT. Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu with the winner

Sue and Kevan Batch having a takeaway and keeping up to date with MNL for tonight's game and going for a 3-2 win

Danny Langhorn going for a Devils 4-2 win and a possible fight including Limpwright

Looks like Carson is tonight's ref

Devils fan count now stands at 16.

Devils are out on the ice

Steelers intro now playing

John from Behind the net goes for a Steelers win 2-1 in OT

Now up to 18 fans in the away block. Still waiting for the Steelers to come out onto the ice

Steelers finally out on the ice.

Minutes silence for ex Steeler Jeff Christian who's daughter died this week

Anthem time

Anthem now done and waiting for the puck to be dropped

Puck is finally dropped

First shot goes to Cardiff, Macrae into Decaro's chest

Steelers pen 2 minutes, too many men @ 3:07

Steelers were also offside the same time as the penalty was called

Steelers back to Full strength. Not the best PP

Decaro save from Adams

Seems like a very quiet at the moment. 6 minutes in and no shots for the Steelers

Whitley save @ 7:42

End to end game but scrappy

Gametime 8:20

Decaro glove save from Davies @ 8:36

Steelers goal

Legue from Champagne and Ferguson @ 11:00

From looking at Twitter- Steelers fans saying the Devils have a good case for man in the crease

Decaro save from Faulkner : 13:37

Devils have been on top since the goal conceded. Lots of chances on the odd man rush but not chances not being taken

Devils pen Piggott 2+10 for checking from behind @ 14:02

Seems Piggott has been trying to get the team going as he's been checking everything since his first shift

Steelers chance cleared off the line. 3 close range shots but cleared


Faulkner from Marsh and Adams @ 15:46 SHG

Faulkner shelves if from the boards, water bottle off the top of the net. Devils back to 5 skaters.

Devils pen Faulkner 2mins face off violation @ 17:19

Seems the linesman wouldn't drop the puck

Steelers goal

Fata from Tait and Goertzen @18:02 PPG

Gametime 19:00

End 1st 2-1 Steelers

Decent first period from both teams. Plenty of chances and a high tempo game. Whitley looks good so far.

Around the league, End of 1st in Belfast - Giants 3-0 Capitals : Nottingham - Panthers 0-0 Blaze and currently in the 2nd in Hull - Stingrays 3-1 Flyers

Email from OJ who normally runs MNL is hoping for a Devils wins to set up a good game v Panthers tomorrow.

So anyone with the rule book, can you tell us what a "face off violation" is? Email to

Shots on Goal : Decaro 11 Whitley 9

One email in regards the face off violation- Possibly to do with Faulkner telling the linesman to get a move on- possibly worse

Another explanation on "face off violation" If a center should move prematurely prior to the face-off, or if the Referee or Linesman shall have dropped the puck unfairly, the face-off shall be considered a face-off violation and it must be conducted again. When a least two face-off violations have been committed by the same team during the same face-off, this team shall be penalized with a bench minor penalty to the offending team. This penalty shall be announced as a “Bench Minor Penalty for Delay of Game – Face-off Violation.”

Teams back for the second period

2nd underway

Good save from Whitley from a 2 on 1 chance


Batch from Blight and Marsh @ 21:41

Good start in this period from the Devils.

Now it's the Steelers with pressure. Can't get out of our zone

Gametime 26:00

Steelers pen Limpwright 2mins holding @ 26:36

Blight puts a good chance wide

The scoreboard has frozen in the arena.

Steelers back to full strength.

Piggott served his penalty and now back

Fast flowing period so far in the 2nd and Devils with the better chances. Gametime 29:15

Kenton Smith and Tylor Michel collide and some handbags but nothing major

So it seems Kenton was getting a holding penalty and Michel jumped him. Few punches before both on the ice.

Devils pen K Smith 2mins roughing and 2 mins holding @ 30:16 Steelers pen Michel 2mins roughing @ 30:16

Devils back to 5 skaters and Steelers full strength

Steelers goal

Net was off it's moorings

Tait from Ferguson and Phillps @ 32:58

Going back to the Steelers first goal- even stewards at the game said they had a player in the crease

Steelers goal

Fata from Phillips and Limpwright @ 33:19 Shot was ripped from the Blue line. Bar and in

Devils hit pipes

Gametime 35:08

Decaro save : 35:26

Devils now applying the pressure

Big save from Whitley @ 37:03

Devils fans not happy with Carson. No change there

Good save from Decaro @ 38:56

End 2nd. Steelers 4-2.

We were the better team in the 2nd but Steelers make the most of it. Lost our tempo after the 3rd and 4th goal. Huge 3rd needed.

Devils will start on a penalty kill in the 3rd. M Smith 2mins holding @ 39:55

Around the league. Panthers now 3-2 up end of the second after being 2-0 down, Giants lead 4-0 v the Capitals and the Stingrays lead 4-2 v the Flyers

Just a reminder for fans going to Belfast- I will be collecting money for game tickets tomorrow and at next weeks home game.

Teams back for the 3rd

3rd underway. Devils on the PK for 1:55

Devils back to full strength

Slow start to the 3rd. Gametime 44:31

No updates from fans at the game.

Devils shoot wide

All Devils but can't find the back of the net. Gametime 49:25

Very few stoppages in play this period so apologises for the lack of updates

Whitley with a huge save

Was a breakaway chance with Whitley denied

Gametime 52:09 Dump and chase being applied by the Devils


Hill from Adams and Macrae

Lots of Devils pressure and a scrum in front of the Steelers net and eventually trickled over the line. @ 54:02

Steelers pen Fata 2 mins Slashing @ 54:17

Devils shoot wide and Steelers clear

Steelers back to full strength. Chances for the Devils but that bit of luck just isn't there to tie the game up

Gametime 56:24

Whitley with another big save. Gametime 57:20

Devils icing @ 57:25

Gametime 58:00 and Devils miss a good chance.

More Devils pressure with a save from Decaro

Steelers pen. Legue 2mins high sticks @ 58:24 Devils call a time out

Whitley pulled

Steelers score on the empty net

Tylor Michel with the ENG SHG @ 58:51

Goertzen now going to box 2mins for Hooking. Devils. 5 on 3 pp for last 34 seconds. Whitley leaves net again


Faulkner from Blight and Davies @ 59:46 PPG

Decaro save : 59:52

End of the game Steelers 5-4 Devils

Seems that last faceoff, a shot or two were blocked by Steelers D

Devils lost their stride after the 4th but picked it back up in the 3rd and Whitley had a huge game on his debut.

Don't forget the Devils are home tomorrow night v league leaders Nottingham Panthers. Faceoff 6pm. Book your tickets now 02920 382001

Devils MOM Mac Faulkner

Steelers MOM Fata but some are saying Decaro should have been

A big thank you again to our texters Matt, Maria and Liz for keeping us up to date. Safe journey home to the fans who travelled up and the team. Big game tomorrow against the Panthers. Thanks again for following MNL and we will be back tomorrow with coverage of the game. Ger-devils signing out