Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Edinburgh Capitals

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm as MNL brings you coverage of the Capitals visit to the BBT

Score predictions to before the 7pm face off please

Texters all organised, with some at the BBT already

Ruth calls it 4-3 Devils in O/T

Gareth in snowy Pershore goals for a 3-0 Devils win with a blinder from Joe Myers

Warmup underway at BBT

Nathan Crisp is the backup netminder

Its Michael Crisp not Nathen - apologies

WArmup completed

Sean Scarborough not icing for Devils

Dean & Pauls prediction 4-3 Devils

Our MNL sources tell us that a shortlist of three has been drawn up for the replacement netminder

A new forward is in the pipeline as well

Very small crowd at BBT

Hazel has Devils winning 3-2

Danette & Kevin Macrae call it 4-2 Devils

Officials take to the ice

Yes Danette it is a snowy Cardiff but not very cold compared to Ottawa where my brother in law tells me it was -24C two nights ago

Capitals take to the ice

Dean Smith is the man in charge this evening

Away team Anthem tonight - bagpipes and all

Intro time

About 10 brave Capitals fans have made the trip to Cardiff Bay

Or maybe there are left overs from the last Capitals game

Very quiet on the predictions front

Anthem time

Michael Crisp is wearing #39

Bagpipes was impressive

We are ready to start

Puck dropped

Crrection Delay to face off

They went to drop puck then they stopped - reason unknown

Padding has come away from plexiglass

Gaffer tape to the rescue

Birbraer, Hill & Macrae start for Devils

Now we start

Nice check by Hill


Faulkner scores @ 1:03


K Smith & Cingel

Wrestle rather than a fight

Assists for Blight & Batch on Devils goal

Penalties to K Smith & Cingel @ 1:21 for slashing & roughing

Macrae kicks puck into net - Goal disallowed

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves we shall call him Tomas from now on

To save any confusion K Smith & Cingel got 2+2 each

It is colder in the BBT than at the fridge called Murrayfield Ice Rink

Its cold in the MNL box I can tell ypu

Devils penalty @ 4:52 - Davies

Hooking the call


Capitals penalty ' 5:18 - Patry - holding stick

K Smith & Cingel return

Tomas save

Marsh slapshot goes high

Puck out of play @ 5:48

Puck out of play @ 6:32

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Capitals back to FS


Devils 2nd goal scored @ 7:17 by M Smith assist Birbraer

Capitals Goal

DEvils 2nd goal was a PPG (1 sec left in penalty)

Caps goal ' 8:05 scored by Jarolin assists Hatmann & Leinweber

capitals penalty @ 9:02 - Benadik - interference

Lets have another PPG u DEVILS

Tomas save @ 10:08

Good defending by Richardson as Capitals breakaway

Tomas save

From Macrae that was

Excellent block by Mark Smith who else

Devils penalty ' 11:48 - Blight - slashing

Capitals penalty @ 13:35 _ Dobron - tripping

Devils on pp

Tomas save

Hill shot saved @ 14:51

Capitals return to FS

Puck out of play @ 15:44

Devils icing @ 16:29

Tomas covers Birbraer shot @ 16:47

Devils icing @ 17:53

Final minute

Block save by Myers

Capitals offside @ 19:28

End olf 1st period DEVILS 2 Capitals 1

Teams return to the ice

2nd period underway

Capitals goal

Hartmann from Leinweber 7 Jarolin @ 20:45

Macrae breakaway denied by Tomas

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 16 Capitals 5

If you want a hockey fix tomorrow night then go to the BBT as the NIHL devils play Chelmsford FO 7pm

Some doubt about Chelmsford being able to travel as snoe in SE England - the Foru m will update you

Tomas glove save @ 24:10

Capitals Goal

Zemberge the scorer, assit Steel @ 24:51

Devils offside @ 25:26

Myers save @ 26:51

Puck out of play in capitals zone @ 27:06

Sramble in front then Tomas covers puck

Devils penalty @ 27:51 - Batch - slashing


Myers blocks shot & Devils clear zone

Devils back to FS

Capitals penalty @ 29:55 - Dobron - hooking

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Birbraer shot deflected out of play @ 30:29

Tomas save

Gimblett misses open net from 2 feet

That is JohnWildthings 2 feet

Capitals penalty @ 31:40 - Portwood - delay of game

Faulkner goes close

Capitals Goal

Capitals 4th goal is a SHG

Unassisted by Bobron @ 32:22


Caps 4th goal by Dobron was unassisted

Devils 3rd goal @ 34:04 scored by Batch assits Blight & Adams


GOAL even

Devils 4th goal scored by Macrae

Assist Birbraer @ 34:54

Batch goes close again

Myers save ' 37:20

Batch is on fire as he goes close again

Blight shoots wide

Gametime 38:30

Final minute

Myers save @ 39:10

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Capitals 4

Teams back on the ice

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 17 Capitals 11 making it 33-16 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Batch is certainly looking for a 2nd goal

Tomas saves @ 41:18

Devils pressure at start of period

Gimblett hits side netting

Devils penalty @ 42:01 - Gimblett

Holding the stick is the call


Devils return to FS

Capitas offside @ 44:52

To mas saves from Piggott then covers

Lots of Devils pressure t the moment - but nothing to show for it

Gametime 47:30

Gimblett hits cross bar

Lots of Devils pressure t the moment - but nothing to show for it

Adams denied

Devils penalty @ 48:46 - Batch


No info yet

Gone very quiet

Batch assessed 2+2+10 fot attempted spearing


Capitals penalty @ 48:06 - Holecko - slashing

Capitals penalty ' 49:45 - Patry - roughing

Piggott sat Batch minors

Holecko returns

Apologies for penalties out of order but network playing up

Holecko penalty was at the same time as Batch

Gametime 53:40

Its all DEvils but no goals

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - now

Macrae goes close @ 55:00

Myers save @ 55:21

Gametime 56:02

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

End of regulation DEVILS 4 Capitals 4

O/T here we come

Faulkner shot wide with 2 secs left

O/T starts

Myers save @ 61:11

Come on U DEVILS bag the extra point

Birbraer goes close

Devils doing most of the attacking

Penalty shot for Capitals



Final score DEVILS 4 Capitals 5

Jarolin pulled down when on a clear breakaway led to penalty shot

Time ot penalty shot 62:14


2nd Star - MARK SMITH


Final SoG DEVILS 50 Capitals 23

Our thanks to texters Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils - well done

Thats all from me (OJ) next MNL will bne next Saturday when the Devils travel to Sheffield to take on the Steelers

Good Night - NOS DA