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Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Fife Flyers

Welcome to MNL as the Fife Flyers visit the BBT

Welcome to MNL as the Fife Flyers visit the BBT

Score predictions to

Warmup underway

Andy in Llandough calls it 5-1 Devils

One thing I am certain of - Michael Hicks will not be the referee as he is in Sheffield for the Steelers v Clan game

15 skaters for Fife

Rupert Quiney icing for Devils

Will we see 4 line hockey tonight

Predictins slow coming in tonight

Warmup completed

Simon L goes for a 6-2 Devils win

Danette Macrae sees a Devils comeback tonight and a 6-3 win registered

All I hope is I don't have more disasters in the MNL booth like last night

I went to clean my specs and broke them, could I find my spare pair, no chance.

It took me 10 minutes to locate them, luckily there was not much happenning at Nottingham at the time

I suppose I was grateful that we had the minimum number of texters on duty

Back to a full team of (sober) texters tonight

We have Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing, Tony and Ger-Devils on duty at the BBT

Kevan & Sue Batch predict a tough game but with Devils winning 5-4

Lights are dimmed at BBT

Jed in Kingston, Jamaica (lucky sod) calls it 5-2 Devils

Officials on ice

Dean Smith is the referee

Both teams on ice

Ronnie S in the Kingdom of Fife predicts a 4-3 win for Flyers

Its not as cold as the weathermen said it would be - and no snow, Well none in Cardiff anyway

Is there snow where you are, no need for Danette or Jed to answer

FOUR hardy Flyers fans have made the trip - well done them

Anthem Time

We are ready to rock & roll

Off we go

Batch, Faulkner & Blight start

Puck off the ice @ 0:21

Birbraer, Macrae & Hill 2nd up

Flyers offside @ 0:30

Good pressure from Devils

Gimblett Scarborough & DAvies were 3rd line

Devils penalty @ 1:37 - Gimblett - hooking


Ger-Devils has identified Chaumont, Pitton & Caister as the Flyers to watch out for

One minute killed

Puck out of play @ 2:46

Great PK by Devils says Tony

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Flyers had just 14 secs in De vils zone during their pp

Puck out of play @ 4:06

Flyers still pinned in their zone

Hill throws 2 hits

Osaer covers @ 6:02

Marsh goes close

Faulkner double shifts with Piggott & Harding

Gametime 7:02

Faulkner shot rebounds but Adams shoots wide

Scarborough shot saved

Faulkner goes close

Devils penalty @ 8:54 - Faulkner - hooking


Flyers penalty @ 9:32

Dolan goes to sinbin for a hook

Osaer covers @ 10:31

Devils will have 38 secs of pp

Devils go on pp

Puck out of play @ 11:04

Flyers return to FS

Danette has little snow in Cape Breton with rain forecasted for Monday - well it is your turn

Gametime 13:30

JohnWildthing much impressed by the improvement in the Flyers this season

Flyers offsidfe at 15 minute mark

Gametime 16:07

Still end to end @ 16:50

Crowd around 1,400

Pitton covers puck



Puck went in off Pitton in Flyers net

Puck was going high, Pitton jumps hits puck which goes in over his shoulder

Assists Adams & Blight time of goal 18:03

Final minute

Pitton covers @ 19:16

Macrae hit on Caister @ 19:43

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Flyers 0

Cannot bring you SoG as no information announced

Ice is ready

Both teams return to the ice

SoG DEVILS 8 Flyers 3

2nd period starts

Osaer saves from Dutiaume @ 20:40

Pitton save @ 20:50

Flyers have upped their game this period

Pitton blocks Birbraer slapshot

Devils offside @ 22:38

Ger_Devils says game is getting edgy


Awaiting details

Scored by Batch assist Blight @ 22:50

Flyers penalty @ 23:08 - Keller - hooking

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Flyers return to FS

Flyers penalty @ 25:11 - Stewart - hooking

Devils goal washed out - it was kicked in

Puck out of plasy @ 26:49

Poor pp so far

Flyers return to FS

Devils are playing 4 lines

Flyers penalty ' 29:06 - Pitton - delay of game

Dolan sits penalty

Pitton covers @ 29:53 after sustained pressure from Devils

Richardson goes close

Flyers return to Fs

Save Pitton @ 31:17

2 massive saves by Osaer

Gametime 33:03

Adams shorts stright at Pitton

Is anyone have problems with MNL as Brenda says she can't get our normal good service.

Flyers penalty @ 35:10 - bench minor - too many men

Wilson sits it

MNL service looks OK at this end

Chris S are you watching? Is it OK

Pitton save @ 36:46

Flyers return to FS

J Pitton hits pipes

Bryan Pitton is in net brother Jason is an out skater

Nice save Osaer @ 38:56

Final minute of 2nd period

Cracking save by Osaer @ 39:56

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Flyers 0

Thanks to those who got in touch to say MNL working well

I had assumed that otherwise hundreds would have been shouting at me.

Teams are back

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 14 Flyers 8 making it 22-11 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Birbraer rocket goes mm wide

Devils penalyu - Gimblett hooking @ 41:59


Devils offside @ 42:17

Richardson shot blocked and puck goes out of play

Flyers offside @ 43:00

Flyers Goal @ 43:18 a PPG

Olan unassisted

Come on U DEVILS up a gear or another loss is coming your way

Osaer covers

Tony says we are not scoring enough goals at home

Put another way Devils are finding it hard to score against visitors who play a defensive game

Lots of Flyers pressure leading to a Devils icing @ 45:27

Fl=yers look re-energised

Time out Devils

@ 47:36

We restart

Why a time out?

Pitton covers @ 48:40

I agree with you Mark P, but we don't seem to be able to break down defensive strategies

Devils need to get phu=ysical, if you can't be boss in your own barn where can you.

Flyers offside @ 49:21

I know I will be flamed but isn't down to coaching

Plus a bit of heart

Osaer covers @ 50:24

Osaer catch @ 50:50

JohnWildthing can't wait for some atmospher at Devils games

Fluyers offside @ 51:13

When texters say "I hope we hang on for a win" that says it all

Flyers are the ones who look as if they will score

Hogg takes a puck to the knee, skates 0hobbles) off

Blight goes close

Gametime 53:20

osaer covers @ 54:18

Its end to end - this game could go either way

Ger-Devils confirms that the crowd is dead

Attendence listed as 1,297

Marsh goes close @ 55 minute mark

Time out Flyers

@ 55:45 I think


Osaer save @ 56:06


Fulkner after a brilliant rush by Blight

Faulkner from Blight & Batch @ 57:41

Time of that goal might be in correct

Final 2 minutes

Pitton pulled

Final minute

Devils 3rd goal was @ 56:22

30 sec left

Now told Flyers have a time out

JohnWildthing told me they had one earlier - too much Bow

Final score DEVILS 3 Flyers 1

Batch must be in the reckoning with 1+1

3rd Star - DERK KELLER


1st Star - JOSH BATCH

Our thanks to Sharlene, Rachael, Ger-Devils, Tony and JohnWildthing - great job guys

A win is a win I suppose

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next game here on MNL

PS Final SoG DEVILS 32 Flyers 19