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Nottingham Panthers 4 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome, Croeso i MNL - for coverage of the Devils game against the Panthers in the Lace City

OJ here in the MNL box in a wet and windy Cardiff

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off please

Trying to liase with my texters so that we can bring you MNL usual comprehensive coverage of the game.

***Hoping to bring you updates from the BBT as the NIHL Devils take on the Milton Keynes Thunder

I believe that Sean Scarborough will play in the #16 sweater

Allen W calls it 5-4 to the Devils

It will be 6-4 according to Kirsty, Lloyd, Jack & Curtis

They saved on the postage and sent me a joint prediction

Will get you team news when I have it

Got to finish a job I am doing for a client in Australia before I get totally lost in this game

Pat in Bridgend calls it 3-2 Devils

Ruth is more confident and goes for a 4-2 Devils win

JohnWildthing is in the NIC, Rachael is still in the pub

Scarborugh wears #16

Max Birbraer on ice for warmup

Paul Ragan is a bit more realistic maybe and predicts that the Devils will secure a point in a 4-3 O/T loss

John T calls it 3-3 after O/T but would go further

Jimmy S predicts a 4-3 Devils win after O/T

Whether that is after penalties I can't tell you

We moan about the rain, wellmy client in Aus was telling me some of their near neighbours had a narrow escape with thebush fires. They are OK as the ave plenty of water on their doorstep (the sea)

Jimmy S has confirmed that his 4-3 preduction was for a win in O/T

Harry C says 3-2 Devils in regulation - he wants his supper

Jon Wishart (Blaze fan) wishes us well

Harry C also forsses a punch up at the final buzzer

Viv at home says 5-3 Devils, but sons Scott & Ross & nephew Ben have gone to the game with RED ARMY TRAVEL

I wouldn't let me dog go on that bus

Warmup long done

Zamboni chasing its tail at the moment

ice ready no sign of teams

Danette Macrae calls it 5-3 Devils

Hazel goes for a 4-3 Devils win after penalties

That will be something rare

Texters have completed their finger warming exercises

Devils take to the ice

As I mentined earlier MNL will bring you updates from the BBT where the NIHL DEVILS are playing the Milton Keynes Thunder


Mike Hicks is the man in charge

Here we go

*** NIHL DEVILS 0 MK Thunder 1

Howard, Katie and baby Jack hoping for a 4-3 Devils win

Devils start with Gimblett, Macrae & Hill

Follwed by Faulkner, Blight & Birbraer

Handbags @ 1:52

Davies, Scarborough & Batch on 3rd line

The usual end to end start

Richardson takes puck to the face mask @ 2:10 and leaves ice

Panthers goal

Ling the scorer @ 2:41

Pathers all over Devils

Gametime 3:30

Assist Weaver on Panthers opener

Richardson back

***NIHL DEVILS equalise through Armour after Quiney shot rebound now 1-1

Blatant hook on Blight breakaway - No Call

Osaer covers

Another save by Osaer, who has been kept very busy

Gametime 6:43

Having some network problems

Face off in Panthers zone @ 7:30

Devils taking a mauling from the Panthers

Panthers penalty @ 9:09 - Norton - x-checking

Panthers return to full strength (FS)

Gametime 11:29

A decent pp effort by Devils but sadly no goal

***NIHL DEVILS 2 MK Thunder 1 - Sedlak with NIHL Devils 2nd goal

A high hit on Scarbough by Lepine goes un-punished by ref

Gamtime 15:02

Devils are playing well and deserve to tie up this game before the interval

Copme on U DEVILS give us a goal

Devils go close @ 17:30

Devils offside @ 18:43

Final minute

Panthers icing @ 19:25

Blight goes close for the elusive Devils operner

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 0

A fast flowing eneventful period that saw a single goal and a single penalty

SoG will be interesting

Will bring them to you as soon as I have them

** Latest score from the BBT NIHL DEVILS 2 MK Thunder 1

Still no news on SoG

Ice is ready

SoG Panthers 16 DEVILS 7

Game restarts

Panthers goal 20 :41

Scored by Ling

Assists Benedict & Graham

Wakey Wakey Devils


Devils are being outhustled, beaten all over the rink in this period to date

Finally Devils break out of zone only for Kwall to save @ 23:49

Come on RED ARMY get the boys going

*** NIHL DEVILS 3 MK Thunder 1 - Alan Armour with his 2nd goal

Around a 100 Devils fans at NIC, not as many as normal

*** NIHL DEVILS 4 MK Thunder 1 - Powell adds 4th

Panthers offside @ 26:07

It looks as if Hicks didn't get a new whistle for Xmas and he has lost the pea in this one. Thank you Santa for missing him out

Come on U DEVILSgive us a goal - NOW - PLEASE

WE have to get back into this game

Don't know why that score flipped

Osaer blocks Lepine shot

FIGHT - Lepine v Marsh

Marsh win @ 29:41

Lepine hit on Scarborough , Marsh steps in

Devils penalty - Marsh 5+2+10

Lepine 5 minute major

Panthers offside @ 30:19


Good pk by Devils

Francis shot goes high & out of play

Devils return to FS

Just before the fight Davies gor hit by the puck (leg) and went to dressing room

But Davies is back

Gametime 32:13

*** NIHL DEVILS 5 MK Thunder 1 - Powell gets his 2nd

Good Osaer save @ 33:00

Breakaway Gimblett @ 33:38

Kwall saves from Adams

Gametime 35:03

Save Osaer - blueline shot

Panthers icing @ 35:53

Fights galore at Belfast as Blaze lead 3-0

Devils penalty - Birbraer @ 36:27

Boarding the call

1 minute killed

Good save Osaer

Another big shot blocked by Osaer

Panthers PPG @ 37:47 - LING (hat trick)


Maybe not a fight

Final minute of 2nd period


M Smith the scorer

@ 39:47

Assist Birbraer

End of 2nd period Panthers 3 DEVILS 1

Great play by Birbraer behind net, feeds M Smith - you know the rest

Additional assist for Faulkner on Devils goal

In the Belast fights - Cameron destroys Phillips, Jurynec v Keefe a draw

This game is there to be won U DEVILS

Look at the fans who predicted that the Panthers would score 3 goals and lose

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 13 DEVILS 12 making it 29-19 after 2 periods

*** Parsons makes it NIHL DEVILS 6 MK Thunder 1

Teams are back for 3rd period

Off we go

Panthers goal


Lepine v ??

SAve Osaer

Ling got Panthers 4th goal

Marsh hasn't appeared since fight

Kwall coughs up puck but chance put wide

Gametime 45:42

*** NIHL DEVILS 7 MK Thunder 1 - Osman scores 7th goal

Kwall save @ 46:54

Marsh was in sin bin when my texters thought he had gone AWOL

Gimblett & Lepine having words

Kwall saves from Blight

Gametime 47:46

Richardson wrist shot saved by Kwall

Birbraer looks rusty

Best Devils players Davies & Blight by a wide margin

Gametime 50:04

Great save Kwall from Batch

Now Osaer saves from Myers

Panthers offside

NIHL DEVILS 8 MK Thunder 1

*** Final score NIHL DEVILS 8 MK Thunder 1

Kwall havinh another great game against Devils as he always does

Glove save Kwall @ 52:10

Kwall covers @ 52:58

*** Thanks to Ger-Devils our texted at the BBT tonight for keeping us up to date on the NIHL DEVILS

Osaer save from Francis as Panthers have a 2 on 1 chance

Panthers seem to be c ontent with the scoreline

Gametime 56:02

Panthers coasting

Panthers offside @ 56:54

Final 2 minutes of game

Panthers penalty @ 58:19 - Ling - tripping

Final minute

EAsy PK for Panthers

Devils penalty @ 59:15 - Blight

Tripping the call

Final score Panthers 4 DEVILS 1

Cookies Naughty Boy doesn't think the Panthers broke into a sweat

It was that easy for them


Panthers MoM - DAVID LING

Our thanks to texters Rachel, JohnWildthing and especially Cookies Naughty Boy who came to our rescue

Thats all from me, tomorrow night MNL will bring you coverage of the Devils v Flyers game at the BBT