Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 5:15 as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils game in Edinburgh

Score predictions as usual to before the 6pm face off please

I shall now attempt to locate our texters in the Scottish Capital

Texters at their posts

Tonight were are indebted to Fife Flyers fan - Gillian who is helping us out at MNL

Rachael our regular texter has made the long trip to Edinburgh

Warmup underway

Simon P thinks the Devils will recover from last nights debacle and win 4-2

Hazel also calls it a win for the Devils in O/T 4-3 she says

Barrie thinks Devils will win by 2 goals - finishing with an ENG

As Barrie has made the journey to Edinburgh I suggested that he gave the team their pre-game pep talk

We belive that the Capitals are missing a number of players including Holecko and Nicholson

Warm up finished

Patry not icinfg for Capitals

Crowd of 1,600 expected following Groupon promotion

Stephen B calls it 5-3 Devils

Gareth J just wants a win, he couldn't care less what the score is

Kevan & Sue Batch predict that the Devils will have a big comeback tonight after last night and wn 6-3

Andy Carson is the referee

Ice is ready

Ruth says Evis will wion 3-2 in O/T

FOUR DEvils fans sighted - I know who 2 are - Rachael & Barrie

Both teams take to the ice

Ruth actually said 3-2 after O/T

Lets hope I don't have to use the P word again tonight

Team intros

Lets hope I don't have to use the P word again tonight

Puck dropped and we are off

Macrae shot saved @ 0:27

Caps go close

Devils denied @ 18:22

Tomas Hiadlovsky in net for Capitals - I shall refer to him as Tomas



Richardson unassisted

Osaer save @4:51

DAnette Macrae back in Canada calls it 4-1 Devils

Devils icing @ 5:15

If anyone watching the webast and following MNL see any errors in my reporting email me at

Osaer glove save @ 6:42

Macrae denied by Tomas

Tomas covers puck @ 7:00


@ 7:34

Gimblett the scorer

Assists M Smith & Macrae

That goal was on a delayed penalty against Caps Zemberge for hooking

Caps icing @ 9:34

Osaer bats puck out of play @ 10:26

Macrae shot saved @ 12:21

Puck out of play @ 13:38

Devils penalty @ 14:43 - Faulkner

Kneeing the call


Gametime 15:15

One minute killed

Osaer denies Caps

Good save Osaer @ 15:49

Another Osaer save @ 16:14

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Osaer save @ 16:57

Tomas save @ 17:40


Faulkner the scorer

Assists Blight & Batch

Final minute

Devils penalty

K Smith - holdin g the stick @ 19:15

End of 1st period Capitals 0 DEVILS 3

I can tell you Rupert Quiney is not in Edinburgh as he is on NIHL duty at BBT

Devils third goal scored by Faulkner was at 18:18

SoG for 1st period Capitals 8 DEVILS 15

Paul Ragan is also at BBT

*** NIHL Devils playing WhitrLink Raiders

Ryan Hand slow off the mark tonight - his fight was at 17 secs

He got 5+2+10 - Chris Franks got 5

Maybe the WRU should emplyoy Hand to get people into their seats at the Millenium Stadium early

Just noticed that Max Birbraer is on the gamesheet

Stripeys back on ice

Teams are back on ice

Birbraer is in Edinburgh but just on the bench assisting Franny

2nd period starts

One minute of K Smith penalty killed


Macrae clears zone

Gametime 21:05

Devils back to FS

Chris S can we add all those at the BBT to tonights viewers total

I'm told the score on the screen at BBT says Devils winning 2-0 I can confirm it is 3-0.

Refresh and the score should correct itself

Osaer delects a Bernadick shot

Devils penalty @ 24:41 - Faulkner - hooking


Come on U DEVILS kill this penalty - better still lets have a SHG

One minute killed

Macrae breakaway denied

Devils back to FS


Blight @ 28:04

Now Capitals 0 DEVILS 4

Assists for Davies & Marsh

I heard the cheers at the BBT here in Whitchurch

Osaer covers @ 28:46

*** We have 4 officials on the ice at the BBT

Capitals goal @ 29:13

Scorer - Cingel asists Zembergs & Portwood

Capitals Goal @ 30:38

Scorer - Hartmann


@ 31:24

Faulkner assist Blight

Tomas covers @ 31:54

Score; Capitals 2 DEVILS 5

Good block by Osaer @ 32:53

Capitals goal

@ 34:24

Leinweber, assusts Hartmann & Jarolin

Capitals penalty @ 34:58

Goldie - slashing

Come on U DEVILS lets get these goals back

One minute of pp gone

Tomas save @ 36:11

Capitals return to FS

Tomas save @ 37:07

DEvils penalty @ 37:20 - Blight

Interference the call


Devils clear zone

Capitals exerting pressure

One minute killed

Devils clear puck into Caps bench

Final minute

Devils back to FS

End of 2nd period Capitals 3 DEVILS 5

SoG for 2nd period Capitals 12 DEVILS 9 making it 20-24 after 2 periods

We have found out who the other two Devils fans at Muurayfield Ice Rink are - they are Emily and Sam

****NIHL DEVILS 0 Whitelink 1 after 11:23

Teams back

Off we go for 3rd period

**** NIHL DEVILS 0 Whitelink 1 after 1 period

** Lots of penalties at the BBT

Blight take a puck on his leg after Caps slapshot

Nice bruise on its way

Macrae shot at 43:36 deflected

Gimblett has shot saved @ 44:01


@ 44:43 - Faulkner

Assist Harding

Osaer glove save @ 45:27

"nd assist on Devils 6th goal goes to Batch

Darnell whistles down play at Coventry as Nottingham inter pasas in their zone and don't break out what the Blaze were doinfg I don't now

Devils offside @ 47:03

I know that the ref will whistle down play if a defending team goes around its net a few times ie time wasting

Great save by Tomas @ 47:25

Piggott goes close but Tomas denies him

Another Tomas save

Good work by Osaer @ 48:22

Devils offsiude @ 48:31

Gimblett shot saved @ 48:46

Gametime 50:02

Puck into crowd by Devils fans - all OK

Good Devils pressure

*** NIHL DEVILS 2nd period starts

Devils penalty @ 51:55 - Faulkner - holding


One minute killed



Blight to take


Now told it was Ben Davies who took it

Tomas threw his stick was call

Capitals mounting a bit of pressure

Devils return to FS

Osaer covers @ 54:33

*** NIHL score - Scarborough making it 1-2 @ 22:59

Devils shot saved @ 56:16

** NIHL goal was a PPG

Gametime 57:02

Devils go close @ 57:29

Final 2 minutes

Devils go close for their 7th goal

Final minute

Caps neary score as puck rools along Devils goal line but stays out

Final Score Capitals 3 DEVILS 6

SoG for 3rd peiod Capitals 7 DEVILS 10 making it 27-34



*** NIHL DEVILS tie game at 2-2 with goal from Fisher assist Quiney @ 28:38

Our thanks go to Gillian (Fife Flyers) and own very own Rachael for the fantastic coverage from Murrayfield

Its prople like them that makes MNL

Thats all from me until the next game, GOOD NIGHT - NOS DA