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Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL for the first game of 2013 as we welcome the Stingrays to Cardiff Bay

Join me (OJ) from 6pm as MNL brings you its usual comprehensive coverage of the game

Score predictions always welcomed, send them to before the 7pm face off.

Warmup underway

Very quiet at BBT

Ruth says 4-1 Devils

Andrew KP wants a six goal shut out fopr Phil Osaer

Kate M is not so confident and goes for a 3-2 win for Devils with goals from Faulkner, Batch & Harding

Chris S back at Uni goes for a 4-3 win for the RED ARMY

Ony one netminder dressed for Stingrays

No sign of Sylvan Cloutier in warmup for Rays

If there is no back up netminder for Rays are the rules the same as they were in my days?

Any of you out there clued up about the rules concerning a replacement for the starting netminder

Warm up done & dusted

Having seen the latest viewer counts for MNL there must be someone out there who can tell us the present rule

It would appear that Dean Smith is the referee

Dressing a single net minder was common for the Devils in the early days when Ian Wright couldn't make every game (mostly away ones) due to work commitments

Jeff Smith would be our only netminder

MNL figure for this season shows a growth of nearly 20% on last season record breaking total

Officials take to the ice

Simon O calls it 6-2 to the Devils

Cloutier is dressed he simply didn't warmup - well on the ice anyway

Ben Bowns confirmed as the only netminder

Jeff Smith (injured) replacement is Rodin

Intros done now Anthem

I will come back to the matter of a single net minder when I have a chance, Stephanie has got the answer but I think she has left out 1 condition

Puck dropped


Gimblett v Hand

After 3 secs

Hand cut under his eye

Both getting fighting minors

Game restarts

Bowns save from Batch @ 0:19


Awaiting details

Davies from Hill @ 0:49

Batch has another shot saved @ 1:48

Danette Macrae calls it 3-1 Devils & wishes us all a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Osaer covers @ 2:32

Phil R calls it 4-1 Devils

Quiney floors Dulle

Osaer covers again @ 4:41

Batch making a nuisance up front

Faulkner floors Towner

Hit by Hill on Ondrej

Gimblett & Hand return

Penalties @ 5:43 for Hill & Ondrej - both called for roughing

Macrae given an assist on Devils opener

Davies shot saved @ 6:16

Devils icing @ 7:02


It involves Blight

& Ozolins

A win for Blight is the verdict

Blight gets sticked in the face and goes for him

waiting on penalties

Ondrej called for roughing @ 6:43

Now Blight & Ozalins get fighting majors with a m inor for intigating for Blight


@ 8:46 Faulkner assist Davies - SHG

DEvils back to full strength

Rays offside @ 9:39

Batch floors Ondrej

Batch throwing bit hit after big hit

It would appear that Bight had 5 + 2 + 10 @ 7:34

Whilst Ozalins only got a major for fighting

Stingrays Goal scored by Tendler

Rays penalty Daves - slashing @ 11:26

That was a SHG for Rays

Assist for Lowdahl

Devils have a goal disallowed - Hill in the crease

Ozalins returns

Bowns save ' 13:26

Bowns glove save @ 13:36

Puck out of play @ 14:46

Rays icing @ 14:58

Rays Goal

Scored by Cloutier

Assist Squires & Ozalins @ 15:22

Batch shot tipped by Faulkner goes narrowly wide


Rays score

Tendler assists Silverthorn & Hand @ 18:31

Final minute

Ger_Devils says its a mystery that Devils are behind in this game

Devils penalty @ 19:41 - Richardson - interference


End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Stingrays 3

Getting back to the issue of having one netminder who gets injured

As I recall it the team has to nominate a replacement before the game starts so that if need (INJURY or exclusion only) that player is given 10 minutes to get dressed

Stephanie T says its any player (skates) on the team sheet

I can vouch that when the Devils sometimes travelled with just Jeff Smith I had to nominate a player before the game stated. Steve Moris uise to pester me that he should be the one to go in net

Needkless to say we didn't agree and the usual nominee was Andrew Fletcher

I remember a game against Cleveland when Jeff Smith wet down hurt only for Fletch to shout at hime _ "Get up you pussy"

In later seasons Jason Stone was the nominated netminder - and he was desparate to have a chance to show his skills in net

officials back

As are both teams

2nd period starts

No fight at 3 secs

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Chris Blight will nbe back - 1st whistle after 24:43

Osaer save @ 22:50

Rays offside

Bowns save @ 23:54

Devilsd need to check like they did in first 10 minutes

Bowns save ' 25:11

Blight returns

Will he hasve to warm up again I ask!

Marsh floors Osman

Devils offside @ 25:45

Gamesheet notes shows Lovdahl nominated as replacement netminder

Blight shot saved @ 26:15

So my memort was not playing tricks with me although I must confess that I don't keep the IIHF Rulebook by my bed anymore

Save Bowns

Nice work by Ben Davies but no one in front to capitalise

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 12 Stingrays 7

Harding breakaway denied @ 29:17

A better option then would have been a pass to Piggott

Rays penalty ' 30:55 - Dulle - holding


Lets have a PPG now U DEVILS

One minute of pp gone

Rays back to FS

Tendler hits pipes

Simon L I like your confidence - he calls it 5-3 Devils

Gametime 35:10

Bowns glove save @ 35:29

I am getting texts asking me why am in a wet amnd miserable Cardiff and not with my mates in Tenerife

I say MNL

Faulkner & Blight comine but nothing to show for it

a poor game says JohnWildthing

In Tenerife now they are getting into their Christmas mode for the night of the Three Kings

Bowns covers @ 37:44

Don't feel sorry for me as I will be there for Carnival in February

I have been told off for talking about horse racing so I have gone to my other pet subject Tenerife

Blown down for a hanpass @ 38:40

Final minute of 2nd period

Penalties ' 39:44 - Faulkner & Silverthorn - delay of game

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Stingrays 3

Teams back on ice

Come on U DEVILS this game is there for the taking

Off we go

Bowns saves from Macrae @ 40:31

Stingrays penalty @ 42:10 - Dulle - slashing

Stingrays penalty @ 43:13 - Cloutier - x-checking

Devils have a 5 on 3 for a minute

Dulle returns

Gimblett shot blocked

Puck out of play @ 44:38

36 secs of pp left

Rays back to FS

GAmetime 48:00

Osaer save @ 50:11

SoG for 2nd period DECVILS 13 Rays 6 making it 25-13 after 2 periods

How are we losing?

A 70% save% is one reason

I meant 77%

Bowns save @ 53:09

From Davies that was

Come on U DEVILS

Handbags at Rays net

Is this going to be our 3rd loss to the Stingrays

Rays icing @ 54:05

Osaer save @ 56:07

Batch denied by Bowns @ 56:26

I could be drinking at Lacolmena, Calle La Hoya, Puerto de la Cruz

Gametime 57:53

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - NOW YES NOW

These performances at home are driving fans away

Bowns covers puck @ 58:54 after scramble in front of net

Devils time out

@ 58:54

FO in Rays zone

Osaer on bench

Here we go

Gametime 59:06

Final score DEVILS 2 Stingrays 3




1st Star - BEN DAVIES

Where has fortress BBT gone?

A texters remark Devils are better value on the road putting hard earned money in the pockets of other clubs

Big thanks to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWilkdthing & Ger-Devils

Simon I agree with you Devils performances at home are becoming a joke

Final SoG says it all DEVILS 41 Stingrays 19

Join me tommorow night as the Devils play the Capitals in Edinburgh

Thats all from me- taxi for the airport for OJ

Good Night - NOS DA

PS I have placed my texters on standby to play in the next home game