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Dundee Stars 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me from around 5:30pm for build up to the Devils road game in Dundee

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Kirsty going for a 7-1 Devils win

Some of our texters have arrived at the Arena for the game.

Dean going for a Devils 5-2 win on the road

Scarlett one of our texters at the game tonight is predicting a 5-2 win for the Devils

Matt and Soph going for a Devils 4-2 win

Our other texters for tonight have arrived and just waiting for warm up to begin. They're also impressed with the rink.

Any more score predictions? Send to

Devils missing Birbraer(due back 12th Jan) and Mark Richardson- No reason why but will check

Curtis and Lloyd going for a 6-1 win for the Devils

It's a minor injury for Richardson so has not travelled.

Warm up under way in Dundee

Rachael going for a 4-2 win for the Devils

Quiney has travelled with the team. About a dozen Devils fans have made the trip

Pat in Bridgend going for a 4-2 win for the Devils

Lianne going for a 4-0 Devils win

Ben going for a 4-1 Devils win

Warm up is over and a very small crowd it seems

Stephen going for a 5-2 Devils win

CornwallTaffy just hoping we win as these Scottish games are a lot tougher these days.

Adam and Malgorzata predicts a 4-1 win to the Devils

Daniel Topping the only player not icing for the stars

Kevin going for a 5-3 Devils win

Laura going for a Devils 4-1 win

Carl going for a 4-3 Devils win

Simon going for a Devils 5-2 win

Zamboni is off the ice so waiting for the teams to appear. Wilson is tonight's ref

Danette Macrae has arrived back home to a snowstorm after their trip to Cardiff but luckily it's turned to rain. She's going for a 4-2 Devils win and wishing all Devils fans a happy new year from the Macrae's

Jo, Sam and mark think it will be 5-1 devils with Faulkner scoring at least 2

Both teams are out on the ice

Crowd is now up to around 500

Anthem done

Game underway

Blight Faulkner and Gimblett up top with Mark Smith and Marsh on D

One late prediction from Josh's sponsor going for a Devils 3-1 win with Josh getting one of the goals

End to end start

Hill Macrae and Davies the second line

Piggott Harding and Batch on the third

Devils building pressure but still no score

Mac shot from the point saved @ 4:00

Dundee's turn to apply the pressure but leads to nothing


Devils first goal Faulkner from K Smith @ 4:56

Devils go coast to coast but denied

Batch with a big hit

Devils pen Blight 2 mins slashing @ 7:37 and Stars pen Mccluskey 2mins @ 7:37

Marsh denies the breakaway

Devils pen K Smith 2mins hooking@ 8:30

Save by Osaer

@ 9:23

Stars still on the pp. Blight Penalty is over. 42 seconds of pk left

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 10:31

Stars goal Ryhanen from Wirll and Bagron @ 10:54

Devils under pressure and not clearing their zone

Devils attack but Adams is down on the ice

He's back up back but hit in the ribs it seems.

Glove save Osaer @ 15:09

Lots of Devils pressure. @ 16:20

G is fine and icing as normal

Dundee's turn to apply the pressure. Gametime 18:05

End of 1st Stars 1- 1 Devils. Lots of pressure in the last few minutes from the Stars

Devils need to up the intensity in the 2nd and get back on the front foot.

Shots on goal. On the Devils 11, Stars 10

Teams waiting to come back out on the ice.

Teams back for the 2nd

Second period underway

That Devils first goal, assists have changed to Gimblett and Blight

Kenton shot well saved @ 21:45

Osaer save @ 22:05

Marsh with a nice hip check @ 23:00

Stars goal Wirll from Bagron and Baxter @ 23:43 Sloppy play all round

Harding shot saved @ 24:40

Blight breakaway denied

Hill denied @ 25:54

Riopel looking solid in net for the Stars

Not much happening apart from a few big checks from both teams. Hill and M Smith throwing the body @ 27:10

Devils pen Blight 2mins high sticks @ 27:17

Big save by Osaer @ 27:55

Macrae shot saved : 28:14

Lots of Devils pressure on the PK

Devils full strength

Osaer save @ 29:18

Gametime 29:35

Gimblett making a nuisance of himself in the crease @ 30:27

Devils offside @ 30:54

Scramble in front of Stars net but nothing from it :@ 32:00


Blight with the breakaway

Will post the assists as I receive them 32:23

Game is getting edgy @ 33:21

Devils have woken up and have got the edge

Blight's goal was unassisted

Gone very quiet on the updates.

Batch shot saved @ 36:00

Much better composure by the Devils and holding onto the puck well. @ 36:30

Hutchins from Kraus and MacLean @ 36:41

Devils 2 on 1 chance denied

Final minute of the 2nd

End of the 2nd. Stars 3-2 Devils

Scores from around the league. Steelers beat Coventry 3-2 in OT, End of the 2nd in Kirkcaldy, Flyers 2- 2 Clan

Shots on goal for the second. On Devils 10, Stars 16

Teams just waiting to come back out for the 3rd

Teams back out for the 3rd

3rd under way

Blight shot saved @ 40:32

Big check thrown by Marsh, Devils attack but lose the puck : 41:10

Dundee icing @ 42:15

Devils with lots of pressure, handbags in front of the Stars net

End to end. Gametime 45:00

Devils attacking but simple errors costing us. Gametime 46:00

Lots of Devils pressure. Gametime 46:42

Riopel having a great game for the Stars.

Devils still in the Dundee zone but can't bury the puck. Gametime 47:45

Stars goal. Was a rebound after deflected off Gimblett

Bagron From Ryhanen and Wirll@ 48:18

Devils hit pipes @ 50:00

Stars pen Kraus 2mins tripping

: 51:21

Devils shooting wide, Stars Full strength

Riopel is playing a blinder! Gametime 54:21

Gametime 54:21 Was a long pause in the game but not sure why. Restarted

Crowd is down as 800 on the game sheet

Lots of Devils pressure and Riopel not spilling any of the shots. Gametime 55:31

Penalty shot Devils

Faulkner missed

Gametime 56:40

Starts chance cleared off the line. 56:19 gone

Sorry it was a Devils chance cleared off the line. Gimblett thought he'd scored. Gametime 57:20

Final 2minutes of the game

Gametime 59:00

Devils time out

Osaer pulled

End of the game. Devils lose 4-2

Riopel stood on his head tonight for Dundee.

Devils MOM Chris Blight

No surprise but Riopel Stars MOM

A big thank you to our texters up in Dundee- Ollie, Andy, Emma and Scarlett.

Join us Saturday as the Devils take on Hull @ The Big Blue Tent.

Thanks again for following MNL and sorry about the result. Ger-Devils signing out