Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Coventry to seek revenge for their defeat to the Blaze last night in the BBT

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off

Join me (OJ) from 6:15 for MNL unique coverage of Devils games

Apologies, minor emergency at home, delayed me

Warmup done

Hazel M predicts a 3-2 Devils win

Ben A thinks Devils will win 3-2 in O/T

Claire P goes for the same score

Texters - Rachael, JohnWildthing & Gerald in the SkyDome warming up their fingers

Devils we expect a much better performance from you tonight as wome say anything less than a win is unacceptable

RED ARMY balloon fight in full swing

Kirsty F calls it 4-1 Devils

It appears that Devils fans have the faith in the team to turn around last nights disaster

Michael Hicks we believe is in charge again, awaiting confirmation

Ice is ready

10 minute delay to face off as there are queues outside trying to get in

Lights are dimmed at Sky Dome or is it a power outage

DEvils come onto ice

Sky Dome is packed

Blaze come out

We now think ref is Darnell


Anthems done

Puck is dropped

Darnell confirmed as referee

How Jamie Milam is listed on offical gamesheet I do not know

Harding flattens Preece

Gimblett offside

Devils icing @ 2:22

All Blaze at the moment

DEvils penalty @ 4:57 _- Adams - interference


Faulkner denied a SHG

One minute killed

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Amazing save Osaer

Devils icing @ 7:12

Hirsch save @ 7:31

From Faulkner that was

Puck out of play @ 7:58

Hirsch glove save from Piggott @ 8:24

Puck out of play @ 9:13

No real chances to either team

Osaer save @ 10:20

DEvils offside @ 11:05


@ 12:30 scored by Blight

Scramble in front of net and Blight forces biscuit home

Blaze Goal

@ 13:31

Scored by Cameron assist Beleskey

Osaer glove save ' 14:22

JohnWildthing better not go on hols to Switzerland as the Cow Bells are getting to him

Hirsch saves from Piggott @ 15:45

Blaze icing @ 16:12

Glove save by Hirsch from Macrae @ 17:01

Blight goes close as we enter final minute of period


@ 19:37

Scored by K Smith assists Davies & Hill

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

Teams back on ice

We are off for 2nd period

SoG Blaze 12 DEVILS 17

Devils penalty @ 22:19 Batch -

Tripping the call


Osaer glove save @ 23:02

Osaer big save from G Leeb @ 23:43

Devils back to FS

Gametime 24:33

Puck out of play @ 25:00

Hirsch glove save from Blight @ 26:18

RED ARMY very quiet - strange

ABlaze offside @ 26:27

Another glove save by Hirsch @ 26:48

Devils have pitched their camp in Blaze zone

Any of the RED ARMY following us on MNL - make some noise

Hirsch save @ 28:15

Puck out of play @ 28:37

Danette Macrae I know is at the game so she can shout

Blaze goal

@ 28:42 - Cowley assists Egener & Schutte

Domish goes close

Face off in Devils zone @ 29:00

Puck out of play @ 30:42

Texters think both sets of fans over did it over Xmas - hence no atmosphere

Hirsch save from M Smith @ 31:53

Blaze offsude @ 32:05

G Leeb that was offside

Cowley goes close

Coventry is not a war zone now thats Deeds has gone

Venus offside @ 34:27

Pace of game as markedly increased in the last few minutes

K Smith smacks puck at Macrae

Devils penalty @ 36:08 - K Smith - interference


Baze penalty @ 36:24 - Domish

Domish gets 2+10

Venus sitting minor

Minor was for holding

Puck out of play @ 37:06

Devils creating chances

Huge save by Hirsch off Marsh @ 38:02

Devils back to FS

Short pp for Devils

Blaze back to FS

FInal minute

Faulkner & Chambers get roughing minors @ 39:33

Face off in Devils zone with 4 secs left

End of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

Ice is ready

I think the SoG my texters gave me earlier are in correct

They should read Blaze 12 + 8; Devils 13 + 13

Teams back on ice

Come on U DEVILS lets bag those 2 league points

3rd period starts


@ 40:10

Davies assist Blight

Now lets keep that lead - 3 times for a Welshman

Hirsch glove save @ 40:54

Both teams back to FS

Olson down and hurt

Leaves ice and heads for dressing room

Olson back on and up to his usual tricks

Blaze offside @ 42:58


@ 43:22

Davies assists Macrae & Hill

Blaze penalty - Egener @ 43:51

Delay of Game the call

Blaze penalty @ 45:52 - Cameron - holding

Blaze back to 4 skaters

LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO lets have a ppg - now

Olson is really putting himself about now

Blaze penalty @ 46:15 Olson - elbows



PPG at 46:24

Assists Hill & Macrae

Hirsch save @ 47:10

Puck out of play @ 47:29

Macrae hits pipes

Blaze back to FS


Gimblett @ 48:56

ASsists Blight & Faulkner

Gametime 50:05

Devils penalty @50:29 - Faulkner - tripping


One minute killed

Osaer covers @ 51:35

DEvils back to FS

Scramble in front of Devils net but Osaer covers puck @ 52:58


Batch v Egener

Gametime 51:17

That time is incorrect

Egener red faced after a good slapping from Batch

Time of fight 53:21

Both got 5 minute majors for fighting

Devils penalty @ 53:28 - K Smith - hooking


One minute of penalty killed

Osaer covers

Blight denied on a SH breakaway

SAve Osaer @ 55:27 as Devils return to FS

Amy get well soon, Gavin is worn out looking afrer you

Blaze goal @ 56:14

Beleskey unassisted

Richardson down

Seems OK

Osaer save @ 57:55

Final 2 minutes

DEvils penalty - Blight

Hirsch lifted

Tripping ' 58:26 was the call

Blaze penalty - B Leeb - slashing

@ 58:51

Final minute

Hirsch back in net

Superb save Hirsch @ 59:15

Blaze penalty - Schutte

@ 59:42

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 6

Slashing was the call against Schutte

Thats make up for last night but doesn't help the promotion of the Devils as they are supposed to entertain the home fans primarily



Our thanks to testers JohnWildthing, Gwerald and Rachael who did a brilliant job as did our very own Cardiff Devils

Thats all from me (OJ) join us at MNL next Sunday as the DEvils travel to Dundee to take on the Stars

Good Night - Nos Da