Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL as the Hull Stingrays visit the BBT

Texters have been allocated their duties and are arriving at the rink

It appears that Dean Smith is the man in charge tonight

Score predictions welcomed as always to

Ellie, normally in Block 2 but in Geogia, USA preicts a 4-1 win for Devils

Warmup done & dusted

Harry C says 5-2 Devils with a SHG or two

Still no Birbraer for Devils

Stephen B says 5-2 Devils

Hazel calls it 4-2 to the RED ARMY

Blaze falling apart at home to Panthers - trailing 4-0 after 12:48

Officials on ice

Stingrays on the ice

Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Welcome on to the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Ger=Devils has arrived back safe from Braehead

Chris S, home from Uni, says its a decent crowd for a Stingrays game

Devils XMAS SHIRTS look good

Intro time

Anthems done

Game starts

Devils icing @ 0:33

Puck out of play @ 1:06

Via roof

Devils penalty - K Smith - holding stick @ 1:38


Devils clear zone with ease

One minute killed

Osaer covers puck

Blight amazing breakaway comes to nothing - a pity

Hull freeze puck @ 3:18

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Rays penalty - Hand - interference @ 3:34

Gimblett takes stick to face - no call

Rays back to FS

Macrae misses in front

Devils go close

Osaer saves @ 7;20

Batch, Harding & Pigott ice as a 3rd line

Batch hit on Dulle

Rays icing


Hand & Gimblett

Gimblett levels him

Hand cut on forehead

5 mins each for fighting is the call

Gimblett drops Hand who fair play gets up and fights his corner

@ 7:15 that was

Batch now ices with Faulkner & Blight

Simon L called it 4-2 Devils

Rays penalty @ 9:34 - Smith - x-check

Devils go close

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - NOW


Works everytime (well almost)

Batch with a PPG @ 10:31

Assists M Smith & Blight

Osaer glove save @ 10:59

Gimblett & Hand released from sin-bin

Rays penalty @ 12:25 - Towner - slashing

Devils have 3 Brits on pp

Rays return to FS

Faulkner not happy with Ondrej

Gametime 14:56

Devils penalty @ 15:06 - Macrae - slashing


Blight & Faulkner unlucky on SH breakaway

40 secs of PK left

Devils back to FS

Osaer save @ 17:05

Gametime 18:30

Final minute of 1st period

Gimblett shot lodged in Bowns pads

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

Good period for Devils

It will blow in Coventry soon as Blaze now trail 6-0

Lepine has 2nd fight of the night, first against Olson now Egener

Ice ready at BBT

Teams back and we are underway for 2nd period

Puck out of play @ 20:18

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 14 Stingrays 10

Nothing to report say Ger-Devils

Except Devils icing @ 23:41

Bowns covers after scramble in front of Rays net 24:27

Piggott shoots straight at Bowns @ 24:44

I wonder if Dave Simms went to the Blaze party last night, there obviously something amiss at Coventry, Blaze out shot 13-4 in 1st period

Now Steelers v Giants kicking off

Michel levels someone, Phillips leaves the bench and gets 2+2+2+Game

At the BBT it is all quiet

Gametime 26:35

Devils penalty @ 27:25 - bench minor - too many men


Apologies it was Rays bench minor


Bowns saves from Richardson @ 28:08

Marsh fires a missile

Osaer save @ 29:17

Rays back to FS

To save confusion it was Dave Phillips (Giants) that was thrown out

Gimblett goes close @ 31:14

Rays offside @ 31:27

Osaer save : 32:05

Come on U DEVILS give us anther goal - please

Crowd estimated as around 1,500

uck out of play @ 33:56

Big slash on Batch - no call

Rays are like a sponge absorbing pressure

Gametime 35:02

Devils icing @ 35:42

Rays icing @ 36:15

Good Devils pressure @ 37 minute mark

Osaer save @ 38:02

Final minute of period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 14 Stingrays 7 making it 28-17 after 2 periods

Teams are back on ice

Blaze 0 Panthers 8 - final score

3rd period underway

Bowns save @ 41:06

Osaer save @ 41:52

Gametime 42:09

Osaer save 43:04

Richardson foils Rays breakaway

Rays offside @ 43:31


Come on U DEVILS - lets bag these 2 points

Davies takes a huge hip check

Our Ben not their Matt

Rays penalty @ 45:13 - Hand - clipping

Devils offside @ 45:54

Rays back to FS

Devils penalty @ 48;12 - Batch


Slashing the call

One texter says hooking other says slashing - take your pick

I think its hooking

Devils back to FS

Good PK by Devils

Macrae goes close

OLsaer save @ 50:44

Tony thinks we need a goal - WE ALL AGREE

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - NOW

Bowns save @ 51:17

Batch goes close for his second goal

Osaer save 53:17

Stingrays Goal

@ 53:56

Scorer - Tendler assists Silvethgorn & Lovedahl

Hand and K Smith have words

Come on U DEVILS

Get that winner, fans have XMAS packing to do

Time out Devils

Game restarts

Gametime 56:03

Gametime 56:12

High tension at BBT

Hill goes close

Big check by Dulle on Blight

Bowns save @ 57:27

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:20

Gametime 58:40

Osaer save @ 59:22

FO in Devils zone

Faulkner slap shot saved @ 59:37

End of regulation DEVILS 1 Stingrays 1

O/T here we come

O/T starts


Faulkner breakaway wins it for Devils @ 60:18

Assists Blight & Osaer

Osaer catches puck, quick release to Blight who finds Faulkner up ice - rest is history

Final score DEVILS 2 Stingrays 1

3rd Star - BEN BOWNS


1st Star - JOSH BATCH

Our thanks to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, Tony, JohnWildthing, Chris S and Ger-Devils who did a brilliant job as usual

Thats all from don't over indulge you have a game on Boxing Day when the Coventry Blaze come to Cardiff Bay after their thrashing tonight

Its a 6pm face on Boxing Day so join me from around 5:15 as I hot foot it back from the races at Ffos Las

Merry Christmas to you all, GOOD NIGHT - NOS DA a NADOLIG LLAWEN