Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 2 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils game in Glasgow against the Braehead Clan

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off please

Still waiting for texters to report in.

Tonight we are indebted to Clan supporter Chris Devlin for helping us out yet again at MNL

That ace texter and stalwart of MNL Ger-Devils has made the trip to Glasgow

Ger-Devils has reported in and he has seen 6 Devils fans to date

Rachael goes for 4-1 Devils victory whilst Baz is slightly less confident and calls it 4-2

*** We will be bring you updates from the BBT as the NIHL DEVILS take on arch rivals Invicta Dynamoes

I believe warmup has just finished

Gareth - MNL will bring you team news as soon as we have it.

Not icing for Devils - Birbraer and of course BizNasty

Garrett Zemlak back on duty in Clan net

No news on Clan skaters yet

Hanson is back on D for Clan

Danette Macrae calls it 5-3 Devils

Martin A calls it 3-1 Devils in Glasgow and a similar score for the HIHL Devils

Lianne B calls it 3-1 Devils and wonders when Max will be back from injury

Chris D our Clan texter has arrived at rink

Our thanks in advance to texters Chris D and Ger-Devils at Braehead and Derek C at the BBT

14 skaters for Clan - Drew Miller ices

Correction Hanson DOES NOT ice

Red Army grown to EIGHT fans

No news yet of referee

Puck is dropped and we are away

Macrae Hill Davies start

Clan go close

Great chance for Miller

Faulkner goes close

Gimblett floors Phillips

Zemlak saves from Blight

Clan Goal

Nicoletti the scorer

@ 3:15 assists Goldie & Tuma

K Smith goes close

Devils icing @ 4:55

Adam Hardinf ices for Devils after GB duty

Two big saves by Osaer

Rupert Quiney on NIHL Devils duty at BBT

Macrae denied by Zemlak

Osaer saves from Goldie and then McPherson

Gametime 7:21

Zemlak saves from Harding

Devils need to be more physical

*** NIHL DEVILS 0 Invicta 1 @ 4:53

McPherson denied by Osaer

*** NIHL DEVILS 0 Invicta 2 @ 5:40

Devils exerting pressure

Blight shot deflected high

Gametime 11:30

Osaer glove save from Goldie

Linesman hit by puck @ 12:51

Easy save Zemlak fronm long range shot by Batch

McPherson it was who hit linesman in face, massive swelling on cheek as he is helped off the ice

After being told he was hit there was no further news so I though game had continued

Game going on as M Smith shoots a Zemlak rebound wide @ 14:50

Gimblett drilled by Nicoletti

Just 2 officials I believe

Osaer denies Nicoletti as Clan gain control

Rab Cowan is the referee


@ 17:08 - Gimblett assists Blight & Faulkner

Goldie running things says Chris

End of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 1

*** NIHL game very physical by all accounts

*** end of 1st period NIHL DEVILS 0 Invicta 2 - a very physical game that saw Fisher being carried off the ice and an Invicta player given a Match penalty for slashing

SoG for 1st period Clan 12 DEVILS 10

Ice is ready

Not a big crowd at Braehead says Chris

Teams are back and we have a replacement lino

2nd period starts

Save Zemlak

Heywood down, claims of high sticks - no call

Basically it was an accidental collision between Heywood & Batch

Heywood OK

Osaer denies McPherson

Very quiet inside Braehead Arensa tonight

*** Fisher is back on NIHL Devils bench for 2nd period

Devils offside @ 27:41

*** Fisher has made a full recovery

Osaer glove save from McPherson

Ger-DEvils is sitting alongside Chris Blight's parents at Braehead

*** NIHL DEVILS score - Scarborough now 1-2

*** ' 22:58

Zemlak save

Zemlak saves from Davies @ 31:19



Assists Faulkner & K Smith @ 31:25

Zemlak save @ 31:42

That goal cae after a period when D's were in control and not many chances created for either team

Angela press refresh and it should clear up

Osaer denies McPherson again

Chris, James, Skippy if you are watching let me know if there are problems as I am having e-mails saying there are issues

Devils penalty @ 33:10 - Marsh - tripping


Big save Osaer @ 33:58

Puck frozen @ 34:58

Devils return to full strength (FS)


awaiting confirmation that Devils have scored a third goal

YES they have @ 35:23 - Hill, assists Macrae & K Smith

Devils icing

Osaer save @ 35:58

Tuma hurt, gone to dressing room - hit on hand I believe

Devils penalty @ 36:52 - K Smith - high sticks


Osaer save @ 37:20

From Miller that was


I am now confused

No I am not it was a SHG for Devils @38:47 scored by Hill assists Macrae & Adams

End of 2nd period Clan 1 DEVILS 4

*** EIHL DEVILS 1 Invicta 3 @ 32:34

*** Brabon have a great game in the EIHL Devils net

*** end of 2nd period EINL DEVILS 1 Invicta 3

SoG for 2nd period Clanb 8 DEVILS 13 making it 20-23 after 2 periods

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Tuma is back on Clan bench

Gimblett floors Nicoletti

Zemlak save from Blight @ 41:02

Osaer save @ 41:54

Clan Goal

Scored by Walker assist Farmer @ 42:19

Clan pressurising Devils goal

Come on U DEVILS we need a goal to subdue the Clan

Great skating by Blight denied finally by Zemlak

Osaer saves from Farmer and then from WAlker

Osaer saves a backhand shot from Goldie

Devils offside @ 49:37

Devils offside @ 50:23

Zemlak save @ 51:01

Blight breakaway denied @ 51:50

Osaer denies Krestanovich

*** NIHL Devils 2 Invicta 3 - goal fron Osman @ 42:53

Gametime 52:34

Collision between Osaer and Piggott, Piggott is down

Hes ok just a bit of blood

He can use that in the Lab

Bloody nose it looks like, blood on ice having to be cleaned

Piggott gone to dressingroom

*** Invicta making it 4-2 to them @ 44:16

Game restarts after blood clearence

Clan icing @ 53:45

Clan icing @ 54:19

Devils penalty @ 55:15 - Faulkner - interference


Safe Osaer from Birnstill

Puck out of play @ 55:59

Osaer save from Miller

Clan penalty ' 56:59 - Krestanovich - inteference

Devils back to FS

Gimblett floors Phillips yet again

Devils offside @ 57:52


** Invicta now lead 5-2

No details - or confirmation yet

A ppg for Devils @ 58:05 scored by Macrae assists Hill & Davies

Final minute

Zemlak save @ 59:24

*** EINL DEVILS struggling at BBT

Awaiting confirmation of result

Final score Clan 2 DEVILS 5

Devils MoM - PHIL HILL


Apologies, especially to Mark Smith as we missed his goal

Final score was Clan 2 DEVILS 6

Assists for Hill & Macrae on Devils 6th goal @@ 58:30

The texts concerning that goal got to Cardiff via Inverness

*** EINL Devils make it 3-5 with 5 minutes left

Our thanks go to Chris Devlin and Ger-Devils at Braehead

Join me tomorrow night as the Hull Stingrays come to Cardiff Bay and the Devilsd seek to make it a 4 pont XMAS weekend

EINL Devils 4 Invicta 5 as Fisher scores PPG @ 58:55

*** Invicta score ENG @ 59:55 to seal a 6-4 win

Our thanks to Derek C for the updates from the BBT

Thats all from until around 5pm tomorrow night so join me then, Godd Nught, NOS DA