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Fife Flyers 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils game against the Fife Flyers

OJ your host, just back from Hereford Races where the last race meeting took place today after 241 years of horse racing on the course

Three good winners made a worthwhile contribution to my Xmas pot

Score predictions to before the 6:30 face off please

Gillian a Flyers supporter has volunteered to help us out at MNL, hopefully other Fife fans will also text us

In addition we have our regular texter Rachael who ledt for Scotland at 5am (afterr texting last nights game) and has made it to Scotland in good time for tonights game

Which is more than the Sheffield Steelers have managed with their game in Dundee cancelled as their coach broke down at Gretna

What they were doing in Gretna I don't now as I would have thought they would have travelled up the A1/M1

How many dodgy coaches are there at Sheffield? Send your entry to Dave Simms

Kirsty F calls it 7-5 Devils

Thomas B predicts a 3 goal Devils shut out win

Ruth, in BT hibernation , says RED ARMY will win 3-1

Gerald calls it 3-1 Devils

Lianne B says 5-2 Devils

Danette Macrae calls if 4-2 Devils and warns us all that the Macrae clan will be out in force at Devils next home game

Ger-Devils predicts a 3-1 win for the RED ARMY

Harry C wants a 10-2 win but settles for a 3-2 in O/T for the Devils

Rachael in queing at the rink and says it is cold, very cold. Wait till she gets inside it will be colder

Warmup starts

Clan's problems getting worse by the minute, netminder Garrett Zemlak has had to go home, Mike Will his back up in net tonight with a rec hockey net minder on the bench

Flyers Christmas sweater very festive

Matt & Soph go for a 4-2 scoreline in the favour of our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Warmup completed

Hopefully we will have enough texters to keep you up todate with the DEvils exploits tonight

Carl goes for a 4-3 Devils win

Andrew R in a very snowy North Bay predicts a comfortable 4-0 Devils win

Baz thinks Devils will win by 1 goal

Rachael calls it 4-2 Devils

Andrew if the rain we've had over the last few days had been snow we would be under 10ft of white stuff.

Game time - Lights are dimmed at Kirkcaldy or a power cut maybe

Both team on ice


Anthems sung

WE are ff for 1st period

Devils start with Davies Macrae & Hill

Rab Cowan is referee - hes new to me

Its end to end frantic pace

Muir & HIll have words

Pitton glove save

Flyers breakaway denied @ 2:03

No Harding, Birbraer and BizNasty for Devils

Save Osaer @ 3:16

Faulkner pressing hard

M Smith shot saved Pitton

Gametime 3:57

Pitton glove save @ 5:17

Osaer saves from Dutiaume @ 6:01

Kev & Sue Batch predict a 4-2 Devils win

Osaer saves @ 7:01

Stephen B is very confident and calls it 5-2 Devils

Flyers offside @ 7:41

According to David E Rob Cowan is a linesman in Scotland that does the odd EIHL game

Well he cannot be orse than some of the plonkers who attempt to ref every week

Devils exerting pressure

Puck out of play @9:25

FO in Flyers zone

Goal Flyers

@ 9:59

Scored by Carriveau

No info re assists

Flyers penalty @ 10:43 - Dutuiame - interference

Devils shot saved by Pitton @ 11:14


Pitton denies Marsh

Flyers clear zone - mid way thru PK

Gametime 12:25

Pitton covers puck

Flyers SH breakaway denied

Flyers return to full strength (FS)

Osaer save

Pitton save @ 13:31

Both net minders playing well

Gametime 14:26

Devils penalty @ 15:21 - Faulkner

Roughing was the call


Assists on Flyers goal goes to Chaumont & J Pitton

Netminder is Bryan Pitton

Devils teturn to FS

Come on U DEVILS lets have a goal please

Osaer glove save @ 17:59

Another Devils penalty coming

@ 18:10 - Piggott

Boarding the call


Devils create breakaway chance

Hill shoots - Pitton saves @ 18:51

Final minute

End of 1st period Flyers 1 DEVILS 0

Devils will start 2nd period with a 10 sec pk

J Pitton & Gimblett having words

Jesse is probably asking him which country is he in!!!

Texters report that it is a good close game

SoG for 1st period - Flyers 11 DEVILS 8

Devils return to the ice as do Flyers

2nd period starts


@ 20:28

Macrae the scorer

DEvils offside @ 20:38

That was an even handed goal as Piggott had returned

Assists Hill & K Smith

22:38 puck out of play

FO in Devils zone

Osaer save @ 23:07

Devils icing @ 24:28

Good Devils pressure

Pressure is OK but goals we want

Flyers offside halts their breakaway @ 26:05

Devils offside @ 26:21

Lew I have seen enough hockey over the years to recognise a psudo referee

Flyers penalty @ 27:41 - Muir - interferewnce

By all acoounts Rab Cowan is doing a fine job

One mi nute of Devils pp gone

Flyers clear zone

Flyers back to FS

Lew Rodd who ever he might be is taking issue with me calling some of our referees plonkers

Its the %-Live debate tomorrow

Piggott floors Hogg @ 30:57

Hogg hobbles off after that hit

Game getting feisty as referee has put his whistle away

Gametime 31:37

A ref that lets the players get on with it.

Flyers offgside @ 32:14

Its certainly entertaining end to end hockey

Davies shot blocked

Fan hit in face by puck

Puck into crowd again


Faulkner denied @ 35:07

Flyers penalty @ 35:07 - Caister - slashing

The 2 fans hit in the face by puck were in the away section

Rink staff treating the two fans

Flyers clear zone @ 36:40

Again @ 36:55

Flyers FS

Another near miss as puck leaves ice

Devils offside @ 37:41

Devils penalty @ 37:58

K Smith - holding


Flyers goal @38;10

Flyers 2nd goal a PPG scored by Haines assist Keller

Final minute

Rachael & Baz are fine in away block

Flyers penalty @ 39:41 - Carriveau - x-cheching

End of 2nd period Flyers 2 DEVILS 1

To clear it up, two home fans in the away block were hit by pucks and we led away bleeding

Rachael & Baz were in the middle of group but were not hit but don't have the same level of rprotection any more as fans have moved away

Teams are back

3rd starts

SoG for 2nd period Flyers 6 DEVILS 5 making it 17-13 after 2 periods

J Pitton limps off after attempted hit on Macrae - Stu is fine

Flyers back to FS

Osaer save @ 42:03

Pitton denies Adams @ 42:25

Devils penalty @ 42:50 - Piggott

Hoding the stick


Nice save Osaer @ 43:52

Flyers goal - Carrriveau @ 43:54

Flyers penalty @ 44:32 - bench minor - too many men

Dolan sits

Pitton save

Flyers clear zone @ 45:38

Flyers clear again @ 46:16

Flyers back to FS

Great glove save @ 46:57

Osaer blocker save @ 47:22

Pitton saves M Smith slapshot

Gametime 50:02

Gimblett goes close @ 50:18

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - now - yes now

Devils offside @ 50:56

Pitton glove save from Blight @ 52:00

Puck out of play @ 52:02 - no injuries this time

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - now - yes now

Gametime 54:03

Pitton save from Blight again @ 54:12

Devils putting everything into the quest for a goal

Puck out of play @ 55:37

FO in Flyers zone


Well a scrum anyway

penalties for J Pitton & Marsh @ 56:13

And Faulkner

Awaiting explanation

Faulkner 2+2 Roughing, Marsh - Game: J Pitton 2 +2 roughing

I assume Marsh was 3rd man in


Batch @ 57:20

Final 2 minutes

Will hopefully get assists in a minute

Puck hits roof @ 58:12 - FO in Flyers zone


Pitton saves from Davies @ 58:53

Time out - DEVILS

@ 58:53

Blight with only assist on Batch goal

Game restarts

Osaer gone

FLYERS ENG @ 58:57

Final minute

MacAlpine the scorer assist Haines

Final score Flyers 4 DEVILS 2

Our thanks to Flyers fan Gillian for her efforts and of course our very own Rachael



Rachael surprised that netminder Bryan Pitton didn't get Flyers MoM

Thats all from me join me next Saturday night as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils game in Glasgow against the Clan

Good Night - Nos Da