Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Braehead Clan

Welcome to MNL as the Braehead Clan visit the BBT

OJ your host this evening waiting for your score predictions sent to

Coverage from about 6:10 - after my tea

texters have reported in

Unconfirmed rumour that Clan have turned up with just 11 skaters

We will soon see when warmup starts

Rachael, my texter who can count past 10 says there 11 + 2 netminders warming up for Clan

Chris Blight is warming up for Devils

There are no predictions so far - where are they all - Xmas shopping ot partying

Danetta Macrae is not partying but packing, she predicts a 5-2 win for the Devils

Jim H says 6-1 Devils

Its very quiet on all fronts

Warmup done & dusted

No referee sighted yet

Only scratches for Devils are Birbraer and Harding

Good turnout of away supporters

Both teams on the ice

Andrew R thinks Devils will register a 5 goal shutout tonight

Into time

Confirmer that Clan have 11 skaters

Does the 12 minimum skaters exist in EIHL

Home fans like Jesse Gimbletts size

With 11 skaters including Galbraith who apparenbtly is not 100%

Watch out Devils, look what happenned to City today losing to Peterborough who are bottom of the league

Anthems done we are ready to face off

Dean Smith is the man in charge

We are off

Davies, Macrae & Hill start for Devils

Osaer save @ 0:34

Farmer crashes net - handbags

Gimblett floors Birnstill

Clan icing @ 2:01

Devils go close twice

And again

Gimblett & Batch up front on the sameline

Clan offside @ 3:17

Zemlak lying on floor flapping about as Devils dominate opening minutes

Zemlak save from Macrae @ 5:10

Osaer save @ 5:24

Crowd estimated as around 1,700

Gametime 6:40

BizNasty goes close @ 7:01

Piggott floors Zajac

Good hit by Batch on Goldie

Devils penalty @ 7:53 - bench minor - too many men


Hill sits

1 minute killed

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Puck out of play @ 9:57

Gametime 11:02

Devils icing @ 11:20

Davies shoots high & wide

Devils offside @ 12:02

Handbags between Gimblett & Nicoletti

it looks as if we have a boring pre-christmas game

Gametime 15:02

Looks like the most excitement is the game clock winding its way to ZERO

Clan will not throw any hits with only 11 skaters

BizNasty and Gimblett skating around



Goal @ 17:06

Teddies galore

Clan go to bench for a breather

Devils 1st goal scored by Hill, assists Macrae & Marsh

You don't see bears in a circus anymore but you do at ice rinks

Teddies all collected - game restarts

Zemlak save @ 17:35

Long range shot by K Smith saved by Zemlak

Final minute

Devils go close as they seek their 2nd goal

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Clan 0

Back to the form book as I need some winners to pay for Christmas

Off to Hereford Races in the morning for the last meeting at the track until someone else takes it over

Ffos Las Monday so some serious studying of form called for

No need to panic I will be back from Hereford in time to host MNL tomorrow night as we cover the Devils game in Kirkcaldy against the Fife Flyers

Teams are back on ice

Cannot bring you SoG as no announcement made

2nd period starts

Zemlak covers @ 20:27

Faulkner shoots high

Blight goes close

Gametime 23:59

Haywood messed up by Marsh on boards

Clan penalty @ 25:16 - bench minor - too many men

Galbraith sits

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Clan 7

Clan penalty @ 25:14 - Nicoletti - holding

Devils 5 on 3


Scored by Blight

@ 26:28 assists Macrae & BizNasty

Devils still on PP for 1:17

Clan back to FS

Faulkner goes close - twice

Osaer save @ 28:28

That DEVILS goal of course was a PPG

Gimblett goes close

Gametime 29:30

By my reckoning BizNasty need 2 more points to register an average of 2,0 points per game

Devils poling on pressure

Clan penalty @ 30:56 - Galbraith - tripping

Zemlak glove save from Macrae @ 32:12


DEvils score as Galbraith leaves sin bin

Macrae assist Hill @ 32:56

Wether a PPG or not we will have to wait

A PPG it was

Zemlak changes stick @ 34:14

Clan goal

Where did that come from?

Farmer the score @ 35:07

Assists Goldie & Walker

Zemlak save @ 37:04

From Faulkner that was

Mark Smith goes close


Macrae the scorer of Devils 4th goal

Goal of the season from Stu says Tony

Unassisted @ 38:22

Final minute

Haywood goes close for Clan

Zemlak save @ 39:52

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Clan 1

Devils have 4 goals - Macrae 2+2

Thats a captains performance

Teams back on ice

Slight delay for surface water to freeze

SDoG for 2nd periuod DEVILS 17 Clan 11 making it 26-17 after 2 periods

3rd period underway

Devils offside @ 42:40

Just run the clock down don't cough up any goals you have a long bus ride tomorrow

Macrae goes close

Puck out of play @ 43:02

Crowd recorded as 1,481

Osaer save @ 43:29

Batch puts big hit on Birnstill who goes off injured

Gametime 46:30

Haywood misses from in front


@ 46:54

Awaiting details

Blight the scorer

Unassisted it seems

PA system is down at BBT

Osaer save @ 49:29

I can assure you it is 5-1 Devils

All media - PA, TVs etc have blown at BBT

Assists for Faulkner & Marsh on Devils 5th goal scored by Blight

DEvils now running the clock down

Zamlak save @ 51:16

PA working - Ger-Devils dug deep and found money for meter

Osaer save @ 52:31

Zemlak saves from Blight @ 53:14

Puck out of play @ 53:29

Osaer save @ 54:03

Gimblett looks tired

First icetime this seson, flies in Friday now completing his 2nd game

Osaer save @ 54:41

Batch enjoying himself as a poer forward - landing hit after hit

Clan D cannot cope with Macrae who slices through them like a knife through butter and then turns them inside out

Zemlak save @ 57:14

Devils penalty no less

@ 57:22 - Faulkner - hooking


RED ARMY in full voice at the BBT

Final minute

Devils return to FS

Gametime 59:24

Final score DEVILS 5 Clan 1

Our thanks go to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing, Tony and Ger-Devils

Brilliant job as usual




Player of the month 3rd Ben Davies, 2nd Mac Faulkner, 1st BIZNASTY

Correctiuon 1st Star was CHRIS BLIGHT

Join me on Sunday night from around 5:30 as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils game against Fife Flyers in Bonnie Scoland