Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 4 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL on a cold, wet and windy night both in Cardiff and across the Irish Sea in Belast

A friend of mine (a marine expect) tells me ses levels in the Irish Sea are lower thesedays. I told him you don't have to be an expert to work that out as the missing water has been dumped on us in Wales.

That said Jester (Carl) our Giants texters tells me that it has been pouring in Belfast all day.

Tonight we are indebted to Jester and David Mercer for bring us coverage on the Giants v Devils game.

Thank you lads

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Both teams on the ice for warmup

Carl calls it 4-3 to Devils

Simon L and new nwly born daughter calls it 4-2 to the Red Army

Lianne B says 2-1 Devils

Rachael (texter extra-ordinary) calls it 4-3 Devils

Ger-Devils is working on texters at Fife and we are now certain that we will have coverage of Sundays game on MNL

Giants scratch - Bobby Sandbrock

Jesse Gimblett not sighted yet

Does anyone know wheter Jesse Gimblett has made it to Belfast?

Panic over Jesse is on the ice

His brother Frank is not!!!

Kirsty F is ver confident and goes for a 6-3 Devils victory

David (texter) goes for a 4-2 win for Giants

Danette Macrae calls it 5-4 Devils and will be here in Cardiff for Xmas and some Devils hockey (+ Red Army welcome)

Its Teddy toss at the Giants tonight

Stephen B says 4-3 Devils

Mark H calls it 3-1 Devils and lots of handbags

My texters haven't told me that Birbraer is not playing but I will get a definite answer

Jester our other texter calls it 4-1 Giants

5 minutes to face off

Well thats what the clock says

Devils fans spotted at O

Decent crowd including 3 Devils fans in away block

Rumour that Fournier who warmed up will not be icing

Giants into

No Devils yet

Devils take to the ice

Fournier is introduced

Devils in white

Game starts

Hicks is referee

Safe Osaer @ 0:38

Penalty GIANTS - Champagne - holding

Murphy save

No Birbraer

Delay of game was the call @0:42

Two saves by Murphy

Gametime 2:05

Jesse Gimblett wears # 28


PPG for DEvils

@ 2:39

Gimblett the scorer

Assists Hill & Davies

Jesse deflects puck over Murphy

Lloyd hits BizNasty

Osaer save

Puck cleared off Devils goal line

Osear checks Stewart into net - no penalty

All Giants at the moment

Devils penalty @ 6:16 - Adams - hooking


Save Osaer

Another save by Osaer

Osaer keeping Giants out

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Murphy save

Gametime 10:57

Pad save Osaer

Whistle for high sticks - face off in Giants zone

Devils ice puck to lift pressure

Giants goal

Teddy Bears galore

BisNasty & Jesse helping to clear ice

Waiting details of Giants goal

Fournier scored Giants opener

Game restarts

Assist Rycroft @ 12:44

Gimblett turnover leads to Giants breakaway

Osaer saves the day

Murphy save

Followed by Osaer save

That is end to end

Gametime 18:04

Murphy narrowly denies Davies

Devils hit side netting

Save Murphy @ 18:58

Giants Goal

Mason @ 19:09

Breakaway goal gives Giants the lead

End of 1st period Giants 2 DEVILS 1

Assist Garside on Giants 2nd goal

SoG Giants 14 Devils 12

Good first period by all accounts - Giants narrowly deserve their 1 goal lead

Texters impressed by Osaer and Davies

Zamboni done its deeds

Officials return to the ice

Followed by Devils then Giants appear

2nd period starts

Stewart all alone in front but puck will not sit for him

Murphy covers BizNasty shot

Lloyd creams Richardson

Glynne D says Devils are doing OK

Osaer having a big game denies Giants once again

All Giants at the moment

Murphy save after earlier blunder

Peacock loses stick luckily it didn't cost Giants as Devils failed to capitalize

Devils have weathered the storm and getting back into game

End to end @ 27:03

Osaer covers after a Keefe hit on BizNasty

Devils finally exerting pressure

Osaer denies Stewart

Giants penalty

Matheson - holding stick @ 30:04


Devils penalty @ 31:09 - K Smith - hooking

4 on 4 at the moment

Too many men that call was - Gimblett sits it out

Giants go on pp

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength

There was NO Penalty for Kenton it was a bench minor

Fournier & BizNasty tangle @ 34:21

Giants are winding up BizNasty according to my texters

If you are watching webcast send me your view to

Gametime 36:22

BizNasty getting his own back and goes after Lloyd

Gametime 38:09

Keefe jumps in to help lloyd

Penalties coming

If Keefe 3rd man in he should be gone

No idea what the delay is all about

BizNasty roughing & slashing minors, Keefe 2+2 roughing all @ 38:25

Penalties were @ 38:09 - apologies

Now Gimblett & Peacock fight

Apologies texts are few and far apart

Haven't got a clue whats happenning at the O

With Hicks incharge it could be World War lll

Apparently Hicks taking ages

Here goes Gimblett roughing minor: Faulkner - roughing minor:

Mason 5 + Match (hit to the head); plus another penalty which my texters missed

Its 4 on 4

Devils penalty @ 39:41 - Macrae - tripping

Giants have 4 on 3

Macrae penalty will not start until 40;56 unless Giants score

After the dust has settled Devils should have a 1 minute pp @ 42:56

End of 2nd period Giants 2 DEVILS 1

Officials & teams back on ice

Towe. Keefe & Colbert in Giants sin bin

Giants have a 4 on 3

3rd period starts

Osaer save

4 on 4 as Gimblett & Faulkner return

Devils now on pp

SoG for 2nd Giants 6 DEVILS 12 making it 18-26 after 2 periods

BizNasty & Keefe return

Devils offside

Giants back to FS

Devils penalty - Gimblett @ 44:15 - slashing


Giants Goal

Gardide the scorer

@ 46:15

Big shot from blueline

Come on U DEVILS get a goal back now

PPG that was for Giants

Devils penalty coming but delayed by officials conference

@ 46:49

Its like a WI meeting out there

Gametime 47:13

Giants penalty - Stewart - tripping

DEvils on PP I think

THere was a penalty against Devils @ 47:13 - Richardson - slashing

Puck out of play

Delay was due to problems with plexi - apologies to officials

Peacock shoots wide

Peacock covers up

Devils back to FS

There was no penalty to Stewart texts got in a twist

Giants ice puck @ 50:12

Come on U DEVILS get me that goal NOW - YES NOW

Devils offside doesn't help

Game gine a bit flat says Jester

Stick save Osaer

Batch sticks own player

Apologies Josh it was Adams who sticked Piggott who has gone off

No sign of Chris Blight after hit to head

New stick for Osaer

Icing Giants

Gametime 52:16

Devils penalty - Richardson - tripping @56:20


Doubt now whether it was Adams or in fact Batch who caught Piggott in the face

Devils return to FS

Icing Giants

Apologies Richardson penalty was 53:20 not 56:20

TWO quick goals we want U DEVILS

Electrical failure at ) scoreboard has crashed

Game stopped @ 55:44

Scxoreboard re set

Off we go

Gametime 57:29

Save Osaer

Devils icing @ 57:26

Last 2 minutes

Osaer pulled

Peacock hits the post of empty Devils net

Icing Giants

Time out Devils @ 58:56

Game restarts

Osaer still off

Giants ENG


Champagne the scorer

Osaer back in net

40 secs left

Jester wants game to end as he predicted a 4-1 Giants win

Final score Giants 4 DEVILS 1

Our thanks to David M and Jester for their texts

Garside credited with assist on Giants ENG

SoG Giants 25 DEVILS 36

That doesn't sound right



Join me (OJ) from about 6pm tomoorow night when the Braehead Clan descend on Cardiff Bay. GOOD NIGHT