Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Evening All welcome to ACT 2 of the Christmas Special Devils v Blaze

OJ here on duty in the MNL control room

Waiting for the first reports from our texters

No team news yet for either side

Its bl**dy freezing in Coventry by all accounts hovering around freezing point

Our intrepid reporters tell me that as many as four of the Blaze have been given their notice as per contracts, interesting!!

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Any predictions of tonights score? Jeff Campbell had us down for 4-2 last night and 2-1 tonight so I suppose that means the Devils win 3-2 at Coventry.

At least Luke Southwood agrees with a 3-2 Devils win

No news on referee yet but it is not Coemen or Boniface as they are at Newcastle and Basingstoke respectively

Would appear that Hatwick is still out along with Prpich, Fulton & Cowmeadow

Warmup nearly over

Warmup completed

My texters complain that can't think stright due to the high volume on PA system

I wonder if we will have DC's dad on from snowy BC tonight, just spoken to family in Ottawa and upstate New York and they have had a ton of snow in the last few days

Devils win 4-2 says Lee

I suppose all the Blaze fans have gone to the game

Will get a feedback on how many Devils faithful have made the trip in a few minutes, let them all get in (or out of the bar) first

Confirmation that Hartwick, Prpich, Fulton & Cowmeadow are all scratches

It might be a long night as Emily thinks Devils will win 4 - 3 after OT and penalties

I ask you all to have faith in me tonight are there are already signs that texts are coming in out of sequence

Tonights referee is Tom Darnell, recently promoted from a Liney, should be interesting

Not a very big crowd at Coventry with around 50 Devils fans

Sit back and watch the Devils claim a 4 point Christmas bonanza

We are now into the longest opening sequence in British ice hockey yawn, yawn!!

Teams are being introduced

Both team ready to go

Maybe they can't find the puck

Or maybe the referee has swallowed the pea in his whistle

Either way it has gone very quiet

Towe, Silverthorn & Campbell start for the Devils

Game underway

First indications are that the Devils gameplan is similar to last nights, ice the puck and win the face-offs denying Blaze quality icetime on the puck

Blaze penalty Watkins - tripping @ 2:10

Blaze penalty Carlsson - slashing @ 2:36

5 on 3 for the Devils

Come on you Devils powerplay

Devils put Blaze under pressure in pp

Perras saves @ 3:53

26 secs of 5 on 4 pp

Perras makes another save @ 4:23

Francis offside on Latulippe breakaway @ 4:58

Gametime 5:48

Devils playing well, creating more chances than Blaze

Aubry has easy save to make @ 6:21

DEvils penalty Silverthorn - slashing @ 6:39

Handbags @ 7:20 after Aubry save

Calder & Latulippe having words

No penalties called despite a massive x-check from Stone

More handbags, I was told boys grew out of their love for handbags as they got older

Aubry save @ 8:28 as Blaze pp nearing completion

A fight will come along soon say my texters

Aubry called upon to make another save @ 8:37

Thommo not happy as Devils kill penalty

Thommo complaing about holes in ice in front of Devils net

Devils offside @ 9:31

Half way through openning period, end to end, Blaze looking annoyed allready

Aubry makes a Glasgow kiss save @ 10:28

Aubry being kept busy

Anyone joining us whilst on holidays abroad?

Latulippe & Campbell giving Blaze bench crybaby signs

Its a bit early to wind them up

Blaze Goal @ 11:06

Goal scored by Coleman, assists Moore & Sly

Devils failed to clear loose puck in crease

12 minutes gone and suddenly Devils are giving Blaze space

Stick to the gameplan Devils

Lots of pressure from Blaze

Blaze shot goes high @ 13:21

Blaze seem more alert tonight and have sussed out Devils gameplan

Blaze announcer has upset Chris

Blaze penalty Coleman - interference @ 13:43

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Silverthorn punches Carlsson both get roughing minors @ 15:15

Correction Silverthorn gets 2+2 roughing and 2 for slashing; Carlsson gets 2 for roughing

Blaze hit pipes @ 16:02

Referee missed a clear Blaze too many men - it went on for 5 secs

Blaze offside @ 16:59

Three Blind Mice on duty apparently

Come on you DEVILS all e-mailers are redicting a Devils win

Stone having difficulty in clearting zone during penalty kill

19 mins gone

Devils kill all penalties

Aubry makes a save right on the buzzer at end of 1st period

Blaze 1 DEVILS 0 after 1st period

By all accounts Blaze playing better than lst night but there for the taking

Reports that Campbell went off holding his knee during 1st period

SoG for 1st Period Devils 10: Blaze 24

Derek Campbell not returned for 2nd period, we are now down to 10 skaters

We are underway

Devils do have 11 skaters

Perras save @ 23:44

Devils playing well but will undoubtedly run out of steam

Aubry save @ 25:39

Amazing save from Aubry @ 25:59

Kelman moaning after every check

Aubry save @ 27:56

Perras save @ 28:17

Aubry has easy save @ 28:38

Voth shoots high @ 29:21

Perras saves @ 29:32

Aubry stps the puck with his helmet after a Latulippe giveaway @ 30:48

Ben Davies having another stormer

Aubry save @ 31:30

This period is flying by

Devils revert to icing gameplan and are winning faceoffs

G must had read Lawless' coaching handbook, the one he wrote on the back of an envelope

Blaze ice puck @ 32:16

Devils are playing well but desparately short of forwards

Russky I have the faith but pllaying with 7 forwards and 4 D is hard

Perras saves @ 33:14 then a comparison of handbags, Cardiff's are much better

Blaze are still trying to get VCoth to drop his gloves.

Aubry makes save @ 34:05

Devils are able to keep the puck in the Blaze end zone but shots are not good enough

Devils penalty MacIver charging @ 34:30

Lewis getting more and more wound up as Devils fans get on his back

I was hoping to hear from some of my buddies in Puerto de la Cruz tonight, but they are probably having a later siesta before going down the pub, Beehive, then Queenbee and finally The Frigate until 4am

Referee blows up as there are 3 broklen sticks in the crease. Lewis goes spare @ 46:05

Devils kill penalty

Perras saves @37:02

Current Devils line consists of 4 D and 1 F

That is one way for the forwards to take a breather

38 minutes gone

Aubry makes save @ 38:18

Devils offside @ 38:46

MacIver now skates off injured

Devils penalty Latulippe slashing @ 39:04

Blaze Goal @ 39:13 ppg

Scored by Lewis, assist Calder

Scrappy goal by all accounts


Team v Team

Kelman jumps on Jarvism, throws no punches but won't let go

Calder and possibly Kelman ejected

Coleman off as well, chaos

3 secs left and 2nd period ends

By all accounts fight started when Blaze player fell over and they all jumped Jarvis

It was Tyson, Voth, Jarvis, Hill and Latulippe against Coleman, Calder, Carlsson, Kelman & Cowley

No penalties announced yet

At the end of 2nd period it is Blaze 2 Devils 0

Will bring you the bottom line when I get it

Whats the betting that the rookie referee balances all the penalties?

Lets hope he knows what instigators are!!

Tom, 2nd period has not ended

Blaze penalties Kelman 2+2 roughing; Coleman 2 roughing, 2 charging; Calder 2 Roughing

Devils penalties Voth, Jarvis both 2 + 2 roughing all penalties @39:57

SoG 2nd period Devils 10, Blaze 19

3rd period starts with a Devils pp

Now its 5 on 5, that can't be right as Calder penalty was not matched by any Devils penalty

Well game goes on

Aubry saves @ 43:32

Devils ice puck @ 44:05

MacIver is back on the ice

Towe hip checks Kelman, that will upset him

Darnell won't call anything until it spills over

Mass handbags meeting @ 45:18

Devils are creating chances but cannot convert

47 minutes gone, COME ON U DEVILS

Blaze offside @ 47:20

Latulippe very intense

Hill misses on a clear chance @ 47:58

Blaze offside again @ 48:13

Chris cannot belive that Hill missed the unguarded net

Blaze penalty - Perras delay of game

Perras moved net off moorings to deny Devils a goal

Perras penalty timed @ 49:21 being served by Watkins

Aubry saves Blaze breakaway @ 50:01


Cross fingers everyone

Ben Davies took out Coleman, bless him

Perras saves @ 50:35

Come on u Devils pp

Things getting heated once again in Coventry

32secs of pp left

Blaze kill penalty, Devils pp did not function I am sorry to say

Perras moves net once again, referee chickens out, maybe he can't face more moaning fron Blaze

Blaze penalty Lewis delay of game @ 51:50

Now then everyone fingers crossed

Hill misses again from in front

Devils penalty Latulippe holding @ 53:07

Devils offside @53:20

Devils have 1:17 to kill

MacIver is getting limited very short shifts, so is probably hurting

55 minutes gone

Devils kill penalty

Teplitsky shot goes high

Blaze penalty Jamieson holding @ 55:47

This is probably your lasr chance Devils

Perras saves @56:39


Devils (or is it Cubs) do your best

Penalties Voth (D) roughing: Kelman (B) charging both @ 56:39

Devils shot goes high @ 57:04

Blaze kill penalty

Aubry save @ 57:57

Blaze Goal @ 58:52

Blaze 3rd scored by O'conner unassisted

Rebound from Aubry led to 3rd Blaze goal

Blaze penalty Coleman holding @59:46

Mass fights again

Voth v Weaver; Latulippe v Sly: Jarvis v Leclair: Siulverthorn v Carlsson: Teplitsky v Calder

Perras made a save, Voth punched Leclair then it takes off @59:52

Might have to wait for Mondays papers for these penalties

Coleman might have left the sinbin to join in

Penalties Voth (D) 2 roughing, 5+Game fighting; Perras (B) 5+Game fighting; Coleman Game fighting: Weaver 2 roughing all @ 59:52

Lewis trying to get Jarvis to fight @ 59:59

Final score Blaze 3 Devils 0

No prisoners taken by either team

Devils MoM Teplitsky

Lewis tries to fight MacIver and Jarvis during presentation of MoM

SoG 3 Period Devils 11 (Game 31) Blaze 7 (Game 50)

Well done to Aubry for his 94% save

Blaze MoM Perras

Thanks to Chris our texter in Coventry

Prosperous New Year to all of you from MNL

Until the New Year Good Night OJ