Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as the your Devils take on the Nottingham Panthers at the BBT

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm for MNL unique coverage

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off

Texters have been allocated duties although we are a bit thin on the ground tonight as far as texters are concerned

Score predictions slow coming in tonight

Bill T says 2-1 Devils

Gareth J says DEvils will win 3-2

Devils u18s won 5-4 at Swindon this afternoon

Teams on ice for warmup

No BizNasty or Birbraer in warmup

NO BizNasty - trying to find out why not.

Hazel thinks Devils wil;l win 5-4 in O/T

BizNasty not icing as he is unwell

Luke Piggott or now Dr Luke Piggott Phd being interviewed after warmup

Whilst I am pretty certain that is a first in modern professional British Ice Hockey there might have been earlier ones in the pre war amateur era

Dr Piggott has a part time job at Llandough Hospital and will continue his research at UHW

plus Devils

plus Devils

Hicks is referee

Both teams on the ice

Not a bad crowd at BBT considering Xmas is just round the corner

Anthem time

Paul T from Nottingham is going for a Panthers win - no surprise there

Devils scratches are Birbraer (injured) & BizNasty (Illness)

No team news for Panthers

I must confess I don't know whether Luke Piggott is a medical doctor or a Phd

Deeds starts on 1st line in BizNasty's place

Ice repairs at the moment

Game starts

Game starts as a free flowing end to end encounter

Batch playing up front

Panthers penalty - Myers - hooking @ 2:18

Kwall save @ 3:01

Poor pp from Devils

Panthers kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

No SoG by Devils in that pp

Panthers penalty @ 4:54 - Ling - hooking

Faulkner unlucky in front of net


Richardson goes close

Davies deflection denied by Kwall pad

Deeds levels Neilson

Panthers back to FS

Neilson not called for obvious x-check

Panthers offside @ 8:04

Deeds winding up Panthers

Lepine pushes Davies over

Good hit by Hill on Myers

Faulkner hits pipes @ 10:37

Blight feeds Faulkner who naroowly misses target

Lepine having a strop

DAvies tripped - no call

Panthers icing @ 12:04

Lepine telling Hicks to wake up!!

Adams & Neilson scuffle

I should have included Harding as a sratch as he in on GB u20s duty

DFeeds hitting any Panther within reach

Neilson floors team mate Clarke

Panthers offside @ 13:06

Panthers seem to be losing their cool

With Devils & Officials

Deeds & Neilson have words

Now Adams & Lepine have serious words

Osaer save followed by handbags

Texter says Piggott in sinbin @ 15:40

x-check is the call


DEvils back to FS

Good PK by Devils

No goals so far in any of tonights 3 EIHL games

Amazing save Osaer

Devils penalty @ 18:45 - Deeds - x-check


Another good save by Osaer

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Osaer playing well is the report

Very even 1st period

SoG for 1st Period DEVILS 5 Panthers 14

Both teams return to the ice

Danette Macrae calls it 4-2 Devils

Off we go


@ 20:11 - Macrae the scorer


SHG that was

Devils back to FS

Kwall save @ 20:52

Panthers Goal

Panthers goal scored by Gulivan assists Clarke & Francis @ 22:29

Deeds misses a check on Francis

Lepine & Deeds chatting again

Ling shoots high

Good kick save by Osaer

Panthers pressure mounting

Lepine hits Faulkner from behind

No call - what a surprise

Handbags after Lepine boards Davies

DEvils icing at 27:30

Simon L eating a fat steak predicts a shortage of prime beedf as Devils win 4-3

Gametime 27:57

Panthers seem to have the upper hand but Devils quick on the break

Panthers penalty @ 28:32 - Werner - hooking


Lepine bounces off Macrae

Marsh cleans up after a bad Osaer rebound

Panthers back to FS

Kwall covers up @ 31:24

Devils penalty @ 31:36 - Hill - tripping


Davies has a clear breakaway. Fluffs on shot

Yet another Devils breakaway foiled

Faulkner looks hurt after blocking shot

Devils penalty @ 33:23 - K Smith - delay of game

Devils 3 on 5

Devils back to 4 skaters


Hill goes close as he left sin bin



Scored by Faulkner @ 34:33

Assists Blight & Adams

Devils back to FS

Good save Osaer

Kwall save @ 36:09

Puck out of play @ 36:47

Ice repairs underway

Deeds and Kwall mouthing

Kwall save @ 37:23

A mystery of what is going on between Deeds & Lepine

They are chatting all the time

I have a text on a mystery penalty - Beckett (Panthers) slashing @ 36:54

That was late coming through, Devils on PP

Panthers Goal

Lepine shoots from bluline with Panther in crease goal given @ 39:17

Panthers icing @ 39:29

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Panthers 2

This Lepine/Deeds is a mystery every shift they engage in long chats

AAnother good period of hockey, this game could go either way

Both teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Blight chance in front - not taken

Devils penalty @ 41:21 - Hill - tripping


SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 13 Panthers 10 making it 18-24 after 2 periods

Faulkner breakaway denied

DEvils back to FS

Osaer save @ 43:44

Panthers icing @ 44:28

Neilson late and high hit on Deeds - no call

Panthers penalty @ 47:31 - Fox - charging

Kwall assisted by his D stop 4 or even 5 shots on Devils pp

Devils shooting on PP - thats something new

Lots of Devils pressure

Then Panthere breakaway - Osaer save @ 48:51

Another 49:23

Panthers back to FS

Gametime 51:00

Its end to end as both teams seek winner

Ling shoots wide @ 52:03

Kwall save @ 52:20

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - NOW

Faulkner passes rather that shooting

Osaer save @ 52:43

Gametime 53:04

Deeds sneakily takes Kwall down

Devils almost score

Ling slash at Adams during line change goes un noticed by those who count

Gametime 57:02

Gametime 57:50


Awaiting confirmation as there is some debate

Not given

Lepine jumps on Deeds

Puck was stuck in Kwall pads and Deeds forces it home


Lepine & Deeds get roughing minors

Both at 58:16

Hicks has lost control

Gametime 58:34

X-Checks and slashes by both teams not called

Hill is hooked - no call

Gametime 59:20

End of regulation DEVILS 2 Panthers 2

O/T here we come

General view is that Devils should have won that game in third period

O/T starts

Devils offside @ 60:06

Both teams back to 4 skaters

Faulkner tripped - need I say more

Osaer covers puck

Devils unlucky not to get winner as Blight has a clear chance

Gametime 64:10

Panthers icing @ 64:26

Kwall save @ 64:34

Kwall denies Marsh @ 64:45

End of O?T DEVILS 2 Panthers 2

Shoot out

WErner saved

Devils score - BLIGHT

Ling - saved

Texts are up the creek


FRANCIS scores

Macrae saved


Werner saved

Blight saved

Ling misses

Faulkner saved

Francis - saved

Macrae - misses

Panthers win 3-2

Osaer 5 holed twicew in shootout after having a cracking game


Apparently this was Myers 500th EIHL game



Apologies for the breakup in shoot out reporting but some texts coming out of order and like all of us texters got excited

Our thanks to to Shalene, Emma, DevilsDom, Ger-Devils and Tony who as usual did a briliant job

Jpin us on Friday when MNL will bring you (so long as we have texters) the Devils game in Belfast against the Giants