Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 6 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Steelers again after their thrilling 3-2 win in Sheffield last night

Whilst last nights game was a League encounter tonights game is a Challenge Cup game

Basically a non -event as the Devils cannot qualify and the Steelers have already booked their place in the quarter finals.

Score predictions as usual to

Last night we had massive problems on two different fronts

We had server problems that affected The Inferno and MNL

Secondly texts couldn't get through to me from the 48 minute mark and finally arrived long after the game had finished. Not being an expert on mobile phone networks (if you are - get in touch) I think its down to the fact that as I had so many texters trying to text me it clogged up the system.

Another suggestion is that the problem was caused by people voting for X Factor or Strictly etc

Hopefully tonight we will not experience any problems

Devils take to the ice for warmup

Sine calls it 5-3 Devils with a brace of goals for both Birbraer and Faulkner

Steelers finally appear for warmup

No sign of Birbraer during warmup

No sign of Decaro, Meyers, Jorgensen and Michel for Steelers

Hazel calls it 4-2 Devils

Birbraer is a scratch, apparently being checked out after taking a hit last night

Birbraer seen at rink in mufty

Warmup done

Lets make it a treble over Sheffield after wins for Devils last night and City (1-0) this afternoon

Sharon Mc calls it 3-1 Devils

Our ace predictor Danette Macrae says Devils will win 5-2

Carl goes for a narrow 4-3 win for the REd Army

Stephen B says Devils will win by the odd goal in nine

Sine we don't think Max is selling 50/50 as the push tonite is SOHB featuring BizNasty's shirt

Officials take to the ice

Steelers on ice

Rink is empty says Ger-Devils

DeCaro is icing

Devils take to the ice



Richie got a standing ovation when introduced

Dean Smith is the ref

Checking whether the CC 2 ref system is operating

Just 1 referee tonight

No rush to start this game

Finally we start

Puck out of play @ 0:37

Steelers bench penalty for too many men not called @ 1:20

Osaer save @ 2:08

Andrew R thinks Devils will win 4-3 in O/T

Nice hit by BizNasty

Devils chance wasted

Puck out of play

Gametime 4:38

Devils penalty @ 4:51 - Piggott - holding


BizNasty dives for the puck and takes net out @ 5:15

Steelers goal @ 6:11 PPG

Scored by Legue assists Tait and Phillips

The Devils need a session with the "trick cyclist" as they don't have to let the opposition score first

I know they are gentlemen but this is taking it too far

Deeds shot deflected out of play @ 8:15

Osaer covers @ 8:45

Gametime 10:02

A non eventful game so far

Steelers penalty @ 11:30 - Thomas - holding


1 minute of Devils pp gone

Davies goes close


No details yet

Decaro save @ 13:43

Devils 1st goal a PPG scored by Davies assists K Smith & Richardson @ 13:17

Decaro save @ 14:28

Some nice play from the Devils says Rachael

Andrew R in North Bay - sorry no Boom Boom tonight, he needs to check out an injury he picked up last night

Marsh goes close with a rocket from blue line

@ 18:40 Faulkner goes close at back door

Final minute

Steelers icing @ 19:08

Osaer glove save @ 19:18

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Steelers 1

SoG for 1st period 9 for each team

Ice is ready

Devils back on ice

One of our regulat texters JohnWildthing is a bit under the weather and has missed the game

Get well soon

Steelers back as well

I wonder if the Sheffield "Raffle caller" is at the game

2nd period underway

Steelers penalty @ 20:51 - Decaro - tripping

Tail sits penalty


Ref has words with Steelers bench

Steelers Goal

SHG by Limpright

@ 22:00


Steelers return to full strength (FS)

Deeds hits pipes

Decaro save @ 24:32 from BizNasty

saer save @ 25:49

Osaer replaced by Myers

Time of netminder change 26:12

Steelers penalty @ 26:49 - Sarich - hooking

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG


Steelers penalty n- Stephenson - 10 minute misconduct

DeCaro goes nuts

Steelers abusing ref

Hence call against Stephenson

All this @ 28:25

Devils 2nd goal scored by Macrae assist Faulkner & Blight @ 28:25

DeCaro save @ 29:42

Devils 2nd goal was a PPG

Two PPG what next?

Puck out of play @ 30;29

BizNasty fans on Blight pass

Do you know that BizNasty has more points per game than any player in EIHL - 2.25

Myers save @ 32:37

From Phillips that save was

Decaro covers @ 32:52

Steelers Goal


Fata unassisted

Yes Carl we might have to re-assess BizNasty as a player not an out and out enforcer

Two good blocks by DeCaro @ 37 minute mark


Macrae assists M Smith and Marsh @ 37:40

Myers save @ 38:10

devils penalty @ 38:26 - Blight - hooking


Steelers penalty @ 38:38 - Dcaro - delay of game

Macrae breakaway denied

Final minute


Scored by Tyson Marsh

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Steelers 3

Devils 4th goal @ 39:51 scored by Marsh, assists Faulkner & BizNasty

3rd period will start as 4 on 4 for 27 secs then Devils pp for 12 secs

SoG for 2nd period Devils 3 Steelers 6

I find that hard to belive that Devils scored on every SoG in 2nd period

Officials are back so are the teams

Lets put this game to bed U DEVILS

Off we go for 3rd

Devils back to FS

Steelers back to FS

Devils offside @ 41:15

Myers covers puck @ 42:28

DeCaro saves from Blight @ 43:21

Steelers icing @ 43:47


@ 44:06 Hill assists Macrae & Batch

Steelers Goal

@ 44:21

Hewitt assist Sarich

Devils offside @ 45:12

Puck out of play @ 45:46

Hill denied by DeCaro

Scramble in front of Steelers net @ 47:12

Myers save @ 48:28

Steelers icing at 48:37

Starbucks to pay its taxes, I wonder if BP will pay

Blight goes close

Nice Myers save @ 50:56

Steelers offside @ 52:11

devils penalty @ 52:45 - Faulkner - high sticks

Steelers Goal

Limpright from Legue & Sarich

@ 53:09

Steelers GOAL

Scored by Shields assist Tait & Goertzen

Devils back to FS

In fact both teams back to FS as Thomas assessed a holding stick penalty at the sametime as Mac penalty @ 52:45

Come on U DEVILS

Gametime 55:58

Gametime 37:02

Final 2 minutes


Macrae - hattrick

Assist Hill @ 58:59

End of regulation DEVILS 6 Steelers 6

O/T here we come

O/T underway

Decaro save from Hill @ 62:30

Steelers go close

Gametime 63:03

Gametime 63:35

Puck out of play @ 63:53

Final minute

End of O/T DEVILS 6 Steelers 6

Penalty shots coming up

Myers stays in goal

Legue - Save

Blight - miss

Limpright miss

Faulkner - save

Shiels - GOAL

Macrae - GOAL

Legue - save

Blight - GOAL


Puck rebounded hit Decaro and went in

Was originally dissallowed now given


Steelers throwing things onto ice off bench

3rd Star - LIMPRIGHT

Kenton Smith - November Player of the Month

From what I can make out - Blight shot rebounds off the crossbar hits Decaro on his back and goes into net

2nd Star - TYSON MARSH


Stu gives his award to Myers - a beautiful gesture

I always remember Doug Smail giving his MoM award in Minsk to a little boy in the crowd only for the father to knock on the dressingroom door thinking he had to give it back. Both father & son were over the moon when told it was for the boy

Our thanks to my A team of texters - Sharlene, Rachael and Ger-Devils for a faultless service

Join us at MNL next Saturday when the Nottingham Panthers come to the Big Tent