Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm as MNL brings you coverage of the league encounter between the Steelers and our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Score predictions as usual (before 7pm face off) to

Texters have been allocated their duties and are arriving at Sheffield Arena - via pub in Rachael's case

Claire P calls it 4-3 Devils

Warmup underway

Birbraer and Richardson on the ice

It looks as if Michel is icing after all

As is Sestito

Meyers and Jorgensen are Steelers scratches

MacKensie is the only scratch for Devils

It looks as if Rupert Quiney is back at the BBT as the NIHL DEvils take on the Streatham Redskins

It would appear that tonights lines are: BizNasty, Faulkner & Blight: Macrae, Hill & Birbraer; Piggott, Deeds & Davies

Trying to find out if Harding is there

Confirmation that Quiney is icing at BBT

Harding is at Sheffield and they seem to be rotating 4 forwards on 3rd line

MNL will be bringing you updates from the BBT, these will start ***

Warmup over

Ken & Sue Batch thinks Devils will win by the odd goal in seven

Danette Macrae busy decorating while following game on MNL calls it 2-1 Devils

Soph & Matt say 3-2 Devils

Soph & Matt also think there will be a coming together between BizNasty and Sestito

Carl in Gods Country (Carmarthenshire) predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils - WEST IS BEST

Gavin says Devils will win 5-2

5 minute delay to FO

50+ Red Army present at Sheffield Arena

Hannah & Martin in Neath would settle for the points - no matter what the score is

Lights are dimmed

Devils on ice

Andy Carson has the whistle - pealess I hope

Simon L who is bringing his oinlaws to Sundays game calls it 3-1 Devils

Rich is not impressed by Steelers intro - its pants he says

Waiting for Steelers

Finally Steelers venture onto the ice

A game will be an anti climax after all the excitement of the longwinded intro

Texters on duty tonight are Rachael Spearsy, Gavin (& Amy) and Rich along with our regular texter at Sheffield Maria from Doncaster

*** No Brabon for NIHL DEvils - hes banned so Takel is in net and Piggott is backup

Also texting tonight from Sheffield are newbie Sataneight (& family) & Brooke

Anthem time

A long 5 minutes this delay

We are ready for FO

**EINL DEvils are leading 1-0 - scorer Osman

** After 58 seconds that was

We are away for 1st period

*** Redskins equalise now 1-1

Blight has good break but couldn't get his shot away

DeCaro covers @ 1:28

THomas hip checks Davies

Steelers hit pipes

Steelers icing @ 4:01

Fast pace to game, Devils have started well

Its end to end says Maria

Brilliant work by Hill & Macrae but Birbraer shot saved by DeCaro

Game not physical - so far

Osaer save @ 6:27

Steelers goal

@ 6:32

Tait the scorer, assists Sarich & Legue

Osaer covers @ 7:21

Great shift by Deeds

Leads to a shot by Davies - who misses target

DeCaro glove save @ 8:58

Another Decaro save @ 9:34

That save was from a shot by Hill

DEvils penalty - Deeds - tripping @ 10:12


Handbags at benches

Steelers PPG

at 10:22 - Fata assists Limpright & Sestito

Steelers penalty - Hewitt - hooking @ 10:40

*** Devils 1 Redskins 2 @ 12:55

Steelers return to full strength (FS)

Decent pp by Devils says Gavin

Osaer covers @ 12:58

Simms does a reffle when game is in progress - how unprofessional is that

Devils started well but are a bit off the pace at the moment

DeCaro save @ 13:58

Raffle is ongoing

DeCaro saves from Birbraer

Fata dumps Macrae on his backside

Devils offside @ 15:28

Decaro saves from Deeds @ 15:51

Michel & Deeds still niggling each other

Come on U DEVILS we want a goal now - YES NOW

Birbraer makes beautiful drop pas to Marsh but Tyson misses

BizNasty starting to throw hits

Osaer save @ 17:47

Gametime 18:02



Big hit by Hill behind net, Macrae feeds Max - boom boom

Birbraer from Hill & Macrae

Deeds puts big hit on Sarich

Final minute

18:25 was time of Devils goal

Gametime 19;39

Decaro save @ 19:43

End of 1st period Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

My texters cannot belive that they have just witnessed Dave Simms doing a raffle when the game was in play

What is the EIHL going to do about it since the Game Announcer is a match official

We even had a proposal at the end of the 1st period - didn't they realise what the divorce rate is in South Yorkshire

SoG for 1st period 8 for each team

*** At the end of 1st period it was Devils 1 Redskins 2

News from BBT that Dean Smith is the referee for Sunday, with who else I ask

Teams slow coming out for 2nd period

Probably checking their raffle tickets

Officials back

Teams finally appear

We are off for 2nd period

Puck out of play @ 20:33

Steelers offside when clearly not

DeCaro save from Deeds @ 22:37

*** Devils 2 Redskins 3

Decaro saves from Macrae @ 24:34

Devils creating chances

*** now 3-3 at BBT after 30 minutes

Piggott shoots wide

Golove save DeCaro from BizNasty @ 26:11

*** HIHL DEVILS 4 Redskins 3 - Rupert Quiney scores

Osaer save from Sestito @ 27:09

Now Osaer called upon to save

Devils penalty - Macrae


Slashing the call @ 27:19

Decaro folil Birbraer on SH breakaway

30 secs left on Devils pk

Devils back to FS

Good PK by Devils

DeCaro stops a Macrae rocket

Devils now looking the strongest

3 on 2 breakaway - tic tac toe to no avail

Good play nevertheless

Steelers icing @ 31:17

Gametime 31:52

Lucky escape as Osaer looses sight of puck but recovers just in time as it trickles towards goal line

Osaer saves from Michel

Come on U DEVILS give us another goal - please

Devils seem to have lost that momentum they had in the early part of this period, Steelers have come back into game

Devils penalty - bench minor - too many men @34:31


Steelers offside @ 34:42

Deeds serving penalty

*** end of second Devils 4 Redskins 3

Devils looking dangerous on PK

Devils go offside

Devils back to FS

Lets have that equalizer U DEVILS

Devils made 4 attacks on that PK

Awesome PK says Sataneight

Deeds & Thomas clash

Gametime 37:39

Hewitt takes stick to face

Great Osaer save

Steelers pressure

Final minute

Serious Steelers pressure

Devils offside @ 39:56

End of 2nd period Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

Textes bekieve this game could go either way.

So lets have one of your barnstorming 3rd periods U DEVILS

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 10 DEVILS 11 making it 18-19 after 2 periods

*** 3rd period underway at BBT with NIHL DEVILS winning 4-3

Official gamesheet is its usual mess, No Richie listed but he is playing. Chris Hart listed but he is playing at BBT

Officials are out

Forget the EIHL website MNL brings you the news accurately

Devils back on ice

Steelers now out

Puck is dropped for 3rd


Devils penalty @ 40:21 - Piggott - delay of game


Big save Osaer

Goetzen deflects a shot onto post

Devils back to FS

*** Fisher scores to make it 5-3 for the NIHL Devils

Richardson breaks up the pay and Devils clear their zone

*** Now 6-3 Armour scorer

Birbraer is having a stormer says Rich

Devils offside @ 44:43

** Now 7-3 at BBT


Faulkner the scorer

@ 44:49

Richardson & Marsh with the assists

Gone very quiet all of a sudden

Devils 2nd goal was at 44:59 not 44:49

I think we have a network problem

Apologies for this but I am not getting any texts at all

Using another phone there are 5 minutes left

Still 2-2

Carson blows up thinking DeCaro has puck but he doesn't BizNasty not very happy and tells Carson


Faulkner scores assists Blight and BizNasty

That goal timed @ 55:27

Deeds tripped - no call

Gametime 57:03

Gametime 57:39

Final 2 minutes

Decaro looking to go

Decaro gone

Decaro looking to go

Decaro gone

Steelers time out

Decaro gone

30 secs

Final score Steelers 2 DEVILS 3