Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL as those nasty Blaze come to Cardiff Bay - - except we now have BizNasty

OJ here as your host although on nights like this you feel as if you should be at the BBT

A big crowd is expected tonight for this eagerly awaited return grudge match

Score predictions as usual, before the 6pm face off to

Claire goes for a 3-2 Devils win with BizNasty putting Olson in his place

Reports of it being very busy at BBT already - almost an hour before face off

Dean Smith has been spotted at the rink so hopefully he is the man in charge tonight

With a big crowd expected fans (including texters) have been turning up early

Teams on ice for warmup

Tyson Marsh warming up

By my reckoning this is the end of Max suspension, he'll be back for Steelers next weekend

I wonder if Max is selling "Shirt of his back" tickets tonight - the prize is BizNasty's shirt from tonight

Predictions are slow tonight - everyone gone to the game?

Looks as if Olson, Guidice & Egener having words with Deeds during warmup

Seperately I should add not ganging up on him

Marsh confirmed as icing tonight

Sine hopes Devils will win by 2 goals and Biznasty looks after those nasty Blaze

Not many Blaze fans at the BBT

Warmup done

Gareth J in flodded Pershore calls a Devils win and a hat-trick for BizNasty

Simon D calls it 4-1 Devils

Danette Macrae says Devils 4-2 with an ENG to seal the victory

Kev & Sue Batch go for 3-2 Devils

Officials take to the ice

We are almost ready to "rock & roll"

Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Its electric at the BBT already

Big big crowd and they are still coming in

Blaze on the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS


Anthem time

texters trying to spot empty seats

Devils start with Davies, Hill & Macrae

Puck dropped

Two Smith brothers start on D

Osaer save @ 0:40

Kaulkner, Blight & NBizNasty, Adams & Marsh 2nd line

Piggott Harding & Deeds on 3rd

Devils penalty @ 1:54 - Piggott - hooking


Osaer save @ 2:41

Good pad save Osaer ' 3:30

Devils return to full strength (FS)

BizNasty goes close with a good shot

Osaer covers @ 5:19

Uneventful so far

End to end though

Puck out of play @ 6:43

JohnWildthing thinks game might have been overhyped as it is quiet

Devils penalty ' 7:16 - Faulkner - slashing


Blaze penalty @ 8;44 - Guthrie - hooking

M Smith goes close @ 8:46

Devils back to FS

Devils on pp for 1:28

2 on 0 break by Blaze @ 9:58 denied

Blaze back to FS

Gametime 11:02

BizNasty hits side neeting

Gametime 12:15

Big scrambe in front of Blaze net

Blaze relying on their top line a lot

Lets hope they tire

Hirsch save @ 13:48

Another Hirsch save @ 14:09

Good Devils pressure at the moment

Puck out of play @ 14:25

Blaze struggling to contain BizNasty

Devils offside @ 14:57

Macrae shoots wide

Piggott avoids a hip check

This fuse is a slow burner

Its still end to end

Gametime 18:20

Come on U DEVILS get that 1st goal - now

Olson threatens Osaer after whistle, Kenton Smith has words

Faulkner goes close as does Blight

Final minute

Hill with a narrow miss of target

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Blaze 0

No news on SOG yet

Ice ready

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 7 Blaze 15

Devils u18's seeking to maintain their 100% record are tieing 0-0 at Guildford after 1 period

Officials are back so are the teams

Rachael estimates crowd as 2,100

Ger_Devils says circa 19,000

2nd period underway

JohnWildthing says 2,050

Marsh takes stick to his face - no call

Draws blood and there is no call

Batch & Deeds double team hit on Beleskey

Deeds big hit on Olson

Blaze offside @ 23:31

Hill & Davies have chances

Osaer save @ 24:33

From Guthrie that was

Hirsch covers puck @ 25:24

Tny thinks crowd within a 100 or two of capacity

Macrae unlucky not to score

Hirsch save @ 26:55

Hill shot stright at Hirsch - he should have scored

BizNasty floors G Leeb

Harding having words with Guidice after a check

Still end to end with chances to both teams

Gametime 29:30

Adams denies a Blaze 2 on 1


Yes its that man BIZNASTY

Assist Faulkner @ 30:19

BizNasty skates into zone un-noticed and buries biscuit


Cardiff Bus

Goal @ 31:23 scored by Harding assist Batch

2nd assist goes to Deeds

BizNasty misses on breakaway

Now Blight is denied


Devils offside @ 33:08

Olson checks Batch from behind - no call

Linesman jumps into Devils bench to avoid play

Osaer save @ 35:23

Fireman Sam can go back to Pontypandy as Devils can put out this Blaze without his help

Blight shot saved

Blaze goal

@ 36:10

a few deflections and trickles over line

G Leed assist Schutte @ 36:18

Totally against the run of play I am told


Macrae @ 37:57

Assists Hill & Davies

Devils go close yet again

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

Devils u18's losing 1-0 at Guildford after 30 minutes

BizNasty has 5 NHL goals , he now has 6 for the Devils

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 17 Blaze 11 making it 24-26 after 2 periods

Teams back on the ice

3rd period starts

It seems the temperature at the team benches has been raised a few notches

Chirping going on

Gametime 41:30 - face off in Devils zone

Ben Davies goes close

And Hirsch covers up @ 42:03

No news is good news - unless the network is playing up again

Devils offside @ 43:20

SOHB sold over 2,000 tickets

Zoesdevil wins $300 on 50/50

BiZNasty shot @ 43:25 saved

Blaze offside @ 44:02

Hirsch save @ 46:01

Devils well set up in Blaze zone

Allowing Blight to go close

Osaer save @ 47:40

Olson attempts to goon it up and 2,000 fans mock him

Puck out of play @ 47:44

Olson getting derstroyed by the crowd and doesn't like it one bit - so watch your backs

Good defensive play by Devils

Guidice floors Blight, BizNasty takes offence

BizNasty wants Egener who declines

Devils penalty @ 49:16 - BizNasty - charging


Blaze rattle pipes

Puck out of play @ 50:14

Devils back to FS

BizNasty looking for a 2nd goal goes close

After 6 wins from 6 Devils u18s are losing 2-0 at Guildford after 50 minutes

Deeds big hit on Griffin

Gametime 53:00

Schutte floors Hill with a hint of an elbow

Gametime 53:44

Hirsch save @ 54:09

OLson shoves Deeds

Olson resorts to slashing anyone within reach - no call

Blaze bench minor - too many men @ 55:24 - Guidice sits it

BizNasty goes close again


PPG @ 55:58

Macrae, assists Blight & BizNasty

Hirsch save @ 56:33

Egener hit on the wrist looks hurt - no sympathy from Red Army

U18 pull it back to 1-2 with 4 minutes left

Blaze goal

K Smith silly giveaway fired home

B Leeb unassisted

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:14 - puck out of play

Hirsch pulled


Blight ENG


Final minute


Awaiting contestants

Well it was handbags really

Deeds v Venus; Piggott v Domish, Harding v Sam Smith

BizNasty talking to the whole Blaze bench

Penalties - Deeds - Match - fighting, Piggott roughing minor; Domish (Blaze) roughing minor: all @ 59:10

Final score DEVILS 5 Blaze 2

u18s lost 3-1

Blaze don't shake hands

Blaze have left the ice

Blaze players arguing with officials

Coach Thompson went first to dressing room - what a sportsman



1st Star - PHIL OSAER

How can you fight nobody?

Exessive roughing 2+2 yes but 5 + Match is a rubbish call

Thanks to texters - Rachael, Sharlene, Tony, Ger-Devils and JohnWildthing for another high class report

Thats all from me join us next weekend when we take on the Sheffield Steelers