Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils league encounter with the Panthers at Nottingham.

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Lianne B calls it 4-2 Devils

Texters now arriving at Ice Centre

I'm trying to limit Rachael to one sherbert before the game - no chance

Claire P on holiday in Florida also goes for a 4-2 Devils victory

Viv calls it 4-3 Devils

Scott B says 3-1 Devils

PAK2305 in Bridgend goes for a 3-2 Devils victory

Warmup underway

That is a guess from me as my texters are still in the pub

Ruth predicts Devils will win 4-3 after penalties

I hope we win in regulation as the players have to have maximum energy for tomorrows clase with the Blaze.

Phil R thinks Devils will win 3-2 in O/T

Gavin tinks Devils will win 4-2

Simon D is very confident and goes for a 6-3 win for the Red Army

Devils take to the ice

Followed by the Panthers

Texters have rushed in from the pubs

Glynne thinks we can do it

False text that was Panthers havn't appeared yet

Lots of Devils fans present

Panthers finally appear

Anthem time

Anthem done

Danette Macrae calls it 3-2 Devils

Puck dropped

Panthers penalty- Clarke - hooking

@ 0:12

Kwalk save

BizNasty goes close

Devils pp is promising tonight

Hanbags @ 1:55

Kwall save

Panthers return to full strength (FS)

Osaer save @ 2:21

Puck out of play @ 2:33

Panthers shoot high from 2 metres out

Gametime 3:02

End to end at the moment, Devils have started well

No Mackensie for Devils

Gametime 4:35

Massive crowd

Tyson Marsh also a scratch for Devils

Panthers offside @ 5:39

BizNasty running the show

Shot from Hill deflected out of play @ 6:18

Ref is Andy Carson

Batch killed a Panther

Osaer save

Devils penalty @ 7:14 - Faulkner - hooking


Gametime 8:04

Devils return to FS

Good PK by Devils

Osaer save at 10 minute mark

Osaer saves from Benedict

Chris S impressed by Harding

Deeds nails Fox in Panthers end

Osaer save @ 11:51

BizNasty goes close to getting the opener

Hill hits pipes @ 13:03

Panthers offside @ 13:34

Devils are creating goalscoring chances

We just need to convert some and bury the biscuit

Osaer covers up @ 14:12

Blight floors Beckett

Chris just spotted Mark Richardson with Bari MacKensie, both in Devils track suits

G shoots high @ 15:30

Now Deeds goes close

Gametime 16:31

Panthers penalty coming

Ling - tripping @ 18:13

Kwall save @ 18:28

Panthers penalty coming

I am told Richardson's track suit and MacKensie's are identical

Good Devils pressure

End of 1st period Panthers 0 DEVILS 0

Despite a goal less 1st period Chris says its a very good game with BizNasty looking awesome (1st time he has seen him)

The 10 year old figure skater fell on her backside during the interval skating slot

Number of points awarded not known

SoG for 1st period 8 apiece

Rounds up an equal period nicely

Officials are back

Devils have a 13 second pp to start 2nd period

Julie F calls it 5-2 Devils

Teams return to the ice

2nd period underway

Panthers back to FS

Osaer denies one and one by advancing up the ice

Long it was stright out of sin bin

Apologies Ling not Long

Kwall save @ 21:19 from Davies

DEvils penalty @21:38 - Piggott - hooking


Panthers hit pipes

Lepine elbowed Piggott previously

Panthers goal


@ 22:53 - Graham assists Werner & Lee

Weaver it was not Werner

Puck out of play @@ 24:15

Kwall covers up from Davies

Devils penalty - K Smith - high sticks @ 25:50


hooking it was not high sticks

Osaer save @ 26:18

Panthers goal

Another PPG

Simple goal Panthers basically walked it in

@ 26:50 scored by Gallivan assists Francis & Graham

All Panthers at the moment

Blight goes close

Puck out of play @ 28:29 after Faulkner shot

Kwall save @ 28:34

Harding floors Levers

Panthers goal

Myers the scorer

Terrible line change gifted Panthers their 3rd goal

Assist Lacowicz

Osaer not happy with out skaters

Lee also got asist on Panthers 3rd goal

Clarke floors Macrae

Gametime 30:12

Panthers have set up camp in Devils zone

Panthers all over us at moment

Gametime 31:53

Great save Osaer @ 33:13

Devils total out of sorts @ 33:57

Quiney getting shifts

Osaer save

Batch goes close

Puck out of play @ 34:26

Come on U DEVILS lets have a goal

JohnWildthing struggling to say anything positive about Devils

Panthers penalty @ 34:50 - Fox - interference

Lets be having you U DEVILS

Get that PP into overdrive

Blight wanders offside @ 35:32

Kwall save @ 35:55

Devils penalty @ 36:14 - M Smith - hooking

4 on 4 for 37 secs

Now told M Smith got 2+2 for high sticks

K wall covers up from Davies on 4 on 4

Panthers go on pp

Puck out of play @ 37:18

Panthers goal

Another PPG

Osaer beaten by deflection

Goal is being disputed

Goal given scored by Galivan assists Fox & ???

Panthers still on PP

Final minute of 2nd period

2nd assist was Graham

Osaer save @ 39:23

Devils return to FS

Panthers offside @ 39:50

End of 2nd period Panthers 4 DEVILS 0

After a good 1st period, Devils had a shocker

We came back from 0-3 last week lets see us come back from 0-4 this week

Devils concede 3 PPG which is surprising as their PK is normally very good

SoG for 2nd period - Panthers 14 Devils 8 making it 22-16 after 2 periods

Ice is ready

Both teams back on ice

Come on RED ARMY lift the team

3rd period starts

Devils offside @ 40:46

Slow start to 3rd period

Gametime 42:03

Two great saves by Osaer

gametime 43:08

Osaer save @ 44:11

A fan at Nottingham text me saying he felt cheated by the lack of effort from Devils

Panthers goal

Myers @ 44:18

Assists later

Assist for Lachowicz on Panthers 5th

Handbags between Deeds and Lepine

Osaer save @ 45:53

Puc k out of play @ 46:19

Blight goes close yet again

Deeds & Lepine having words

Panthers almost got a 6th goal

Gametime 47:55

Panthers are all over us like a rash

Great save Kwall @ 48:14

Makes a change

If you mention that word when the opposition go for it is it bad luck for them or us

Decents Devils pressure for once leads to a shot from Harding @ 49:09

Panthers icing

Devils penalty @48:31 - Deeds - delay of game

Osaer save @ 50:23

Devils return to FS

Ling & Batch having words

Gametime 53:03


Kwall & Deeds

Thats what I am told

Deeds thrown out

Awaiting calls

Officials discussing calls

PA system at Nottingham is worse than usual

Kwall & Deeds get 2+2 for roughing

Well its 5 on 5

Maybe Deeds was injured as no majors called as far as I can make out

Osaer covers

Osaer save @ 55:25

Gametime 56:02

Gametime 56:28

Deeds was probly sticked by Kwall and hurt

57 minutes played

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Kwall & Deeds roughing was @ 53:31

Kwall save @ 59:05

BizNasty & Lepine having words

Final score Panthers 5 DEVILS 0

A waste of time says Gavin

JohnWildthing cannot recall seeing the Devils shut out on the road before


Final SoG 36-27

Our thanks to texters Rachel, Gavin & Amy, JohnWildthing and Chris S

Thats all from me for tonight, join us at MNL tomorrow night as the Devils (+ Fireman Sam) will put out the Blaze

By the way - Craig KOWALSKI was the Panthers MoM