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Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the league encounter between our very own CARDIFF DEVILS and the Belfast Giants

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Join us from around 5pm for pre-game coverage

OJ here in the MNL studio (box) currently checking my team of texters

Many thanks to Ger-Devils for standing in for me last night.

It looks like I missed a cracker but business and family commitments in Belgium got in the way

Rachael who has arrived at BBT says car park very busy as there is an event at the Pool

Baz predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Bethan says Devils will win 3-2

Jake P calls it 3-2 to the Giants, well he is a Giants fan afterall

Rachael says Devils will register a 4-2 win , topped by an ENG

Lianne B is very brave & confident and calls it 5-2 DEVILS

Warmup in progress

Steven B calls it 5-3 Devils and BizNasty to put Keefe on his backside

Reports of parking problems around BBT

Warmup done

There is a 15 minute delay to Face Off - I assume due to traffic/parking problems

Tom Darnell is the referee

Chris S goes for a 5-4 win for Devils

Gavin & Amy go for a 4-2 win and a KO for Keefe

Stephen B calls it 4-3 Devils

Hazel thinks Devils will win 5-2

Danette Macrae thinks Devils will win 2-1 in O/T

I wonder if we will get a crowd of 1,750 sas PR wanted

Delay confirmed as parking issues

Officials take to the ice

Lights are dimmed

Giants on the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS


Tony says its the biggest crowd he has seen in the BBT

Rupert Quiney ices so does Chris Hart


Mac Faulkner being presents with his Oct EIHL Player of the Month

Franny and Marsh on Devils Bench

Seeking clarification on whether Tyson Marsh is icing

Puck dropped

Marsh is on the Bench not icing

Sandrock high sticks BizNasty

@ 0:07

Sandrock turns down BizNasty

Devils icing @ 1:35

Davies hip checks Keefe

K Smith struggling after hit into boards

Adams, Macrae & MacKensie a line

Piggott, Davies & Deeds another line

Gametime 3:05

Devils started with Blight, Faulkner & Bissonnette

Osaer save @ 4:14

Sandrock attempts another hit on Biz and ends upon his backside

Another Osaer save @ 4:29

MacKensie floors S Roberts

Osaer covers @ 5:40

devils called for icining when Faulkner clearly gets there first

Giants icing @ 6:24

K Smith has not returned, Hill on D

Hill goes close

Why Hill and not Adams????

Giants offside @ 6:54

Puck out of play @ 7:17

Kentomn Smith hurt his knee apparently

Murphy save from Harding @ 7:47

Devils down to 4 D including Quiney

Giants penalty - Matheson - holding @ 8:12

Devils penalty - M Smith @ 8:20


4 on 4

Kenton back on bench

BizNasty flattens Sandrock

Devils icing @ 9:20

Giants will have 8 secs of pp shortly

Devils foiled by Murphy twice

Giants go on pp

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Devils unlucky in front of net

Giants Goal

Looyd assists Garside & Phillips @ 10:51

Giants penalty @ 11:57 - Clarke - holding

Ger that pp into overdrive U DEVILS

Blight goes close

Sandrock is getting a hammering

K Smith shot padded away but Murphy saves Blight shot

Puck out of play @ 13:02

Hill goes close

Frozen puch @ 13:35

Giants return to FS

Keefe tries to floor BizNasty - no chance

Giants Goal

osaer beaten high stick side by Peacock assists clarke & Phillips @ 15:27

Devils offside @ 15:45

MacKensie goes close

Giants icing @ 16:56

Kevan Batch predicts a 4_3 win for Devils

Darnell missing a lot as usual

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 2

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Giants 10

Texters reporting that Devils are putting in a big effort but Giants are a very good team

Ice is ready

Sine better late than never predicts a 5-3 win for Devils

Teams back on ice

Thanks for the kind words Alan

2nd period starts

Fans warned to get their tickets early for Blaze game , huge demand

Giants penalty @ 22:05 - Matheson - delay of game

BizNasty goes near

Followed by a chance for Faulkner

Giants back to FS

Devils PP is its usual rubbish

BizNasty takes puck to ankle, gone to dressingroom

Devils penalty @ 24:08 - Deeds - roughing


Murphy denies Faulkner breakaway

Devils penalty - Adams - hi sticks @ 25:10

5 0n 3 for Giants


Deeds returns

Now Giants have a 5 on 4

Big save Osaer @ 26:39

K Smith and Lloyd tussle

Deeds goes for Lloyd

Penalties @ 26:39

Deeds 2+2 - roughing

Adams returns


Osaer covers @ 27:18

Giants hit pipes

Darnell misses more obvious penalties

Osaer save @ 28:15

Still no BizNasty

1 minor killed

Biznasty was hit on the knee I am now told

Giants PPG

Just as BizNasty gets back on bench

Keefe the scorer @ 29:28

Giants PPG

Assists Garside & Rycroft

BizNasty back on ice

BizNasty goes close

Darnell misses an obvious too many men

Murphy fumbles the puck but Darnell saves his bacon by blowing his whistle

If tonights game was a near sell out next Sundays game against Blaze will be.

Osaer covers @ 32:39

Devils offside @ 35:06

Come on U DEVILS you can win this game

MacKensie down injured

Head first into boards @ 35:31

Helped off the ice by Mark Smith

Osaer save @ 35:53

MacKensie tripped - no call - are you surprised

Osaer denies Fournier wrap around

Batch now on as a power forward

JohWildthing thinks we need a fight to liven the crowd

Lets have a goal before the interval U DEVILS - please

Osaer covers @ 37:38

Crowd estimated as around 1,800

Lines all mixed up now with MacKensie injured

Osaer save @ 38:43

Final minute of 2nd period

Devils struggling to get out of their zone

Giants penalty - Peacock - slashing @39:15

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Giants 3

Devils back on ice

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 11 Giants 10 making it 21-20 after 2 periods

Giants also back

3rd period starts

Giants back to FS

Giants penalty @ 41:21 - Roberts - slashing

Sam Roberts

Devils finding it hard to create pressure whilst on pp

PP non exitent says JohnWildthing

Giants back to FS

Osaer covers @ 44:02

Giants penalty Clarke - hooking @ 44:29

Come on U DEVILS lets make this pp work



@ 45:18

Assist Faulkner

One texter says Biz scored other says Blight scored

Announcer says Blight texters convinced it was BizNasty

Murphy coughs up puck, you know what happens next

Darnell whistles up thinking Murphy has it in his glove

Devils goal now credited to Bissonnette, assists Blight & Faulkner

Lets have another one

Murphy save @ 46:46

Zoesdevil thinks someone should put Lloyd in his place

Puck out of play @ 48:02

Devils icing @ 48:46


Batch top shelf

Fantastic goal by Batch assist Biznasty @ 49:03

Crowd officially given as 1624

Batch is having a fantastic session as a power forward

Huge save Osaer @ 50:40

Puck out of play @51:12

Come on U DEVILS lets have another goal now - please

Big save Murphy from Adams @51:15

No sign of MacKensie

Puck out of play @ 51:39

Deeds pass across the crease to no avail



Epic passage of play sees Devils tie up game at 3-3

Devils 3rd goal @ 52:29

Faulkner, assists Biz & Blight

Narrow miss from Macrae

Osaer save @ 53:56

MacKensie rumour is that he has a rippewd abductor muscle


Devils 1st to everything now - what a turnaround

Penalties coming

@ 56:15

Deeds gone to sinbin

Garside & Keefe for Giants

Also Faulkner for Devils - all roughing minors

time is 54:15 not 56:15

Devils icing @ 56:00

All penalties were co-incidental, 2 minutes has elapsed - out next whistle

They are back

Devils Time out


Game restarts

Osaer covers @ 57:06

Save Osaer @ 57:07

Devils icing @ 57:28

Final 2 minutes

Sportsflair tells us Batch played as a forward when in the USA

Final minute

Blight goes close on a breakaway

Giants penalty


Mason - slashing

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

End of 3rd period DEVILS £ Giants 3

Into O/T we go with 1:37 of pp for Devils

That was a fantastic period by the DEvils

Murphy adjusting his kit

Off we go

Faulkner goes close

Giants call a time out

Gametime 60:51

Giants back to FS (ie 4)

Ger- devils me we have scored

YES GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


Assist Macrae @ 62:38

Final score DEVILS 4 Giants 3

3rd star - CRAIG PEACOCK

Danette called it right helped by Stuart



Our thanks to texters Sharleen, Rachael, JohnWildthing, Tony, Ger-Devils and DevilsDom - believers one and all

Join us next Saturday when the Devils travel to Nottingham

Good night from me (OJ) I need to lie down in a dark room