Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 1 - 9 Cardiff Devils

Devils are 2-0 to the good. Stu on the Short handed and Kenton

Neil Francis come up trumps for us so updates will be live shortly. Also thank to John Ions for helping get this sorted.

1st goal was assisted by Bissonnette. 2nd goal assisted by Bissonnette and Blight

Devils 3rd goal Blight from faulks and biz @ 10:30

Devils pp at 11.12, maclean in box

Blight forces good save on pp

Hill shot saved on pp

Lines tonight Biz faulkner blight Hill stu bari Piggott ben deeds G on d rupe getting ice time

Mark smith typical block save scoring chance for stars

Gametime 15:00

Big save osaer 3.20 left in the 1st

Deeds throwing himself about, draws dundee pen with 2.11 left of 1st. Hutchins

Biz on d for pp. 2 good shots, tips just staying out

Biz dangles 3 stars killers and shot saved

Save from hill on pp

Pp over buzzer goes end of 1st 3-0. Best 1st period in dundee

Result to bring you from earlier- Devils U18's with a 5-4 win v Bracknell. 6 wins on the bounce and top of the league. NIHL 1 Devils are 2-1 up with 12minutes left in the first.

Devils outshoot stars 18 - 11

2nd underway

Riopel saves from faulkner on 3 on 1

End to end start to 2nd

Riopel save from davies, harper big hit on deeds

And then bissonnette

Puck bounces over bowen sticj with the goal open wide

Riopel save from macrae, 1st whistle in the period 4.37 gone in the 2nd

Batch hit on maclean

Devils offside 26.15

Rhyanen scores at 26.34, tipped in from a hard pass to the net

Wirll and Kraus with the assists

Gametime 28:20

Batch again cleans up, devils break. Piggot pushed into riopel. Bit of pushing and shoving

Blight weavers in and out of both stars d men. Hipechecked/lifted in air into riopel who gives him a facewash

Macrae draws both d men in, pass to mckenzie who doesn't quite get enough on it. Another face off stars zone

Dundee struggling with ben and deeds working on boards. Davies misses net 8.30 left in the 2nd

Davies takes a puck to the foot

Goal faulkner with 8.02 left, interception, shoots top shelf

Dundee miss with a tipped shot

Bissonnette with a beautiful tic tac toe goal from macrae and mckenzie

Time-out dundee at 7.09 left in 2nd

Mckenzie 1on1 with d man, forces save from riopel

Devils moving puck well, riopel save from kenton

Deeds move on 2 stars resulting in collision

between them. Wilson blows whistle incorrectly when devils are on a break as star injured. This is from the last message.

Deeds bangs ice with stick and receives a 10 min misconduct

34:28 gone.

Riopel again saves from kenton. 4.35 left in second period

Hill nails hutchins

Then feeds macrae who passed to mckenzie who deeks riopel for devils 6th with 4.18 remaining

Riopel pulled, mcgill now in net

Harding replaces deeds on 3rd line and just tips shot wide

Ben comes from behind net, deeks through d mans skates and fires devils 7th. Assist piggott36.11

Harding tees up batch shot with 2.10 left

3rd line pegging stars in their zone, mark smith shot saved by mcgill

1.31 left of the 2nd

Save osaer 1.05 left

Stars pressure in last minute, save osaer and again.

End of 2nd. 7-1 devils

End 2nd at the NIHL 1 Devils 3-2. Kipper is the announcer and has been pretty impressive so far.

Human bowling delaying start of 3rd! 1st kid (on a bungee powered sled) gets a strike

Teams back for the 3rd

Hutchins not back following hit from hill, apparently he has a cut on face 3rd underway

Big save osaer, devils clear zone

Trip on macrae not called by ref wilson. I won't comment on any ref decisions haha

Devils 3rd line again camped in stars zone

Faulkner and biz on 2 on 1, biz shoots high and wide. 4 mins gone in 3rd

Save osaer, face off devils zone

Quiney clears well under pressure and starts devils break out

Save riopel, face off in stars zone

Didiomete back

Good cycle again from 3rd line. Shot saved, break dundee, osaer saves

Good cycle again from 3rd line. Shot saved, break dundee, osaer saves

2 on 1 chance with biz and faulkner blocked pass by d man

Hill drop pass, faulkner shot, save mcgill

Stars icing. Apologies with saying Riopel is back in net. He's not, still Mcgill

12.19 left in game

Osaer save from wirll

Stars icing

Devils lacking quality shots to test mcgill

Gametime @ 50:00

Mcgill save, mckenzie looks like he has an empty netter but stars d man blocks with stick

Harper dundees standout at the moment

Just to let you know, Franny will giving us a brief write up at the end of the game.

Kenton hit with puck on leg, hobbles off

Deeds again carries puck through 3 stars, pass to davies, shot blocked

Dundee interception, kenton gets back to get a stick on the shot. Showing no signs of discomfort from getting hit with puck earlier

G clears zone, hit by harper. Adams has had enough of him so throws hit to the ice

Riopel save 6.11 to go

Harper hasn't learnt lesson and trying to start up trouble after whistle. Deeds has words and harper changes

Well worked dundee break forces good save from osaer

Big trip on deeds not called, deeds gets 2nd 10 for his reaction and is out of the game.

Big breakout pass from biz to faulkner who feed blight, goal 8-1

Harper with 2 more big hits, late one on mark smith and then hits stu without the puck

Batch steps in and gets 2 for x-checking...nothing for harper

Batch steps in and gets 2 for x-checking...nothing for harper

Osaer save 3.49 left. 1.42 left on pp

Faulkner and blight break short handed, pass astray.

Quiney getting some pk time

Macrae intercepts, short handed break away....of course he scores his 2nd short hander of the game, 5th of the year

Devils full strength, 2 mins left

Devils called for too many men.

1:19 left in the game. Brits getting lots of pk time.

Game over. Devils best performance in dundee by far 9-1 win.

Hope the coverage was ok for everyone?

Biznasty gets man of the match. So much for the dundee fans nhl reject chants!

Jack Watkins Dundee's MOM

NIHL 1 Devils are 4-2 up with 2miutes left in the 3rd

Just waiting for Franny's write up so I can post it.

NIHL 1 Devils win 4-2.

No response from Franny just yet but just to let you know, OJ will be back tomorrow to host the game v Belfast Giants

No write up from Franny so when he sends it through, I will post it on the opening post of the game thread. A big thanks to Franny and Michelle(Stars fan) for their updates at such short notice. I'm glad we could bring you coverage of tonight's game. Thanks for tuning in and a safe journey back to the team. Bring on the Giants. Ger-Devils signing out.