Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 0 Fife Flyers

I've put the game thread up early as I will not be able to start MNL until about 5:30 due to commitments elsewhere. Shouldn't be a problem as I shall be back in Cardiff by 5:15 at the latest as I intend to miss the last race at Ffos Las.

Send your score predictions as usual to

Back home, texters all organised and ready to go

Andrew R says Devils to win 5-2

Sine in Scotland only wants the Devils to beat the Flyers and possibly BizNasty to continue his run of scoring the first goal

Andrew R also gives a big shout for BizNasty from all at North Bay,

Steven B calls it 6-2 Devils following MNL whilst on a Spa weekend

Did he say Spa or SPAR

gaz334 calls it 4-2 Devils after the Devils go behind again

Reports of it being very busy at BBT

Warmup underway

Stehen B says 5-1 Devils

Hazel thinks Devils will win by the odd goal in nine

Warmup done & dusted

Lets hope we have a big crowd in the BBT tonight as Paul Bissonnette (BizNasty or simply Biz) makes his home debut

No Phil Hill tonight as hes been with the successful GB team in the Olympic qualifiers

Face off delayed due to walkup queues

Don't know how long a delay.

10 minute delay according to Sharlene

Danette Macrae says Devils by 2 goals

No info on ref yet

If I had known that there was going to be a delayed face off I wouldn't have rushed back from the races

We think Darnell is the ref

Michael Hicks is at Coventry

Lights are dimmed

With the Giants in the BBT next Sunday lets have some bumper crowds

Flyers take to the ice

PA system at BBT tonight is terrible, so texters will have to watch the calls closely

Devils on the ice

Intro time

Whats the betting that the EIHL considers MNL to be "Twitter" and a club function

Chris Hart ices for Devils

1 minute silence observed at BBT

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Stevenson from his Uncle Bob


No prediction from Chris S in Nottingham tonight, probably up to his neck in UNI work

Game starts

Darnell confirmed as ref

Puck out of play @ 0:16

Again out of play @ 0:33

Chris S says Devils to win 5-3

Osaer covers @ 1:10

Flyers icing @ 4:47

Puck out of play @ 5:29

BizNasty is causing widespread fear on the ice

Osaer covers @ 6:05

Devils icing @ 7:28


@ 7:41

Scored by Piggott assists McKensie & Davies

Biz goes close

Piggott has probably upset him by scoring 1st goal

Osaer save @ 9:22

Devils offside @ 9:50

Flyers penalty '@ 9:56 - Horne - tripping

M Smith shot saved @ 10:19

Blight goes close

20 secs of pp left


Devils ppg @ 11:44 scored by Davies, assits McKensie & Deeds

3rd line on fire tonight

Tyson Marsh bench coach tonight

Puck out of play @ 14:00

Max Birbraer and Neil Francis selling 50/50

Devils offside @ 15:46

JohnWildthing impressed by 3rd line

Harding playing in Phil Hills slot on 2nd line

Pitton save


Devils 3rd goal @ 16:07 scored by Blight, assists Adams & Faulkner

Devils penalty @ 17:39 - Davies - tripping


Final minute

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Osaer save @ 19:46

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Flyers 0

Sine suggests that Birbraer & Francis should go on the mike and do a duet We're neat We're shifty We're selling fifty fifty

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 8 Flyers 3

Ice is ready

If anyone intends to go to the Dundee game next Saturday and can help us out at MNL please PM Chris S. I am not hosting next weekends games as I am in France & Belgium on business next week.

Slow returning to the ice

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Crowd estimated as circa 1,600

Puck out of play @ 20:34

Pitton covers @ 20:58

Devils penalty Deeds - roughing @ 21:15


Puck out of play @ 21:48

And again @ 22:28

Devils back to FS

Gametime 24:02

Kaulkner goes close @ 25:03

Pitton save @ 25:29

Flyers penalty

@ 25:39 - Stewart - hooking

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Flyers penalty - Carriveau - high sticks

@ 25:48

Lets make this 5 on 3 pay U DEVILS

Pitton save @ 26:24

Flyers clear zone after Devils pressure

Bissonnette goes close

Flyers back to full strength

Puck out of play @ 28:04

Devils spent the 5 on 3 trying to tee up BizNasty

Devils penalty @ 28:26 - Davies - tripping


Devils back to FS

Crowd thought Faulkner had scored then

Gametime 31:04

Devils icing @ 31:35

Flyers icing @ 31:47

Flyers icing @ 32:28

Lets change up a gear U DEVILS

Biz shoots wide

Pitton save in Flyers net

Puck out of play @ 34:21

Puck out of play @ 34:21

5 minutes left in 2nd period

Flyers net off its moorings @ 35:12

Pitton save @ 36:49

Gametime 36:53

It would appear that the Devils 1st line is being rested

Osaer save @ 37:45

Blight hits pipes

Final minute

Devils penalty @ 39:36 - Deeds - interference

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Flyers 0

Teams are back

Off we go for 3rd period


Gone very quiet

Flyers penalty @ 45:37 Hogg - tripping

It would appear thathat the old network problem has reappeared

Fracas in front of Osaer net @ 48:10

Deeds get 2 for roughing + 2 for a x-check

Flyers Hogg get 2 for slashing


SHG ' 48:43 scored by BizNasty assist Macrae

I tink we are now up to date

Devils back to FS

BizNasty goes close

Pitton save @ 51:55

I think we got everything, what confused me was Hogg getting two minors quickly

Devils p;enalty @ 52:34 - BizNasty - slashing


Osaer save @ 53:45

Devils back to FS

Gametime 55:40

BizNasty is certainly looking for a 2nd goal as he goes close yet again

Puck out of play @ 57:21

Final 2 minutes

McKensie goes close

Final minute

Osaer save @ 59:13

Flyers penalty @ 59:44 - Wands - tripping

Final score DEVILS 4 Flyers 0


Waiting for 2nd & 1st Stars

Devils October player of the month 3rd Birbraer, 2nd Davies, 1st Faulkner

2nd Star - BARI McKENSIE


Our thanks go to our texters at the BBT - Sharlene, Rachael, Ger_Devils and a welcome home to JohnWildthing

Thats all from me (OJ) join us at MNL next Saturday when the Devils travel o Dundee to take on the Stars