Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join OJ tonight as the Devils play their second game in the far, frozen north. As always, predictions and/or general comments to :)

Coverage live from about 5:00pm!

Texters are drying out before tonights game.

A 4 point weekend in Scotland would do nicely

Texters have reported in and making their way to the Murrayfield Ice Rink

Ruth first with her prediction again calls it 3-1 Devils

Don't know who ref will be but it ill not be Darnell & Hicks as they are doing the Steelers v Panthers CC game.

Viv B is predicting a Capitals win hoping that his run of being wrong continues

Danette Macrae calls it 4-2 to the Devils, a win which will make the long bus trip home more pleasant

Simon D predicts a 9-1 Devils and some quality icetime for Joe Myers

Judging from the texts for the last few games its Phil Osaer that needs some quality ice time.

Devils warming up

Stephen b says 7-2 Devils

Jane who supported us last night has tonight reverted to he own team the Capitals who she says will win

Carl in windyWest Wales says its going to be 6-2 win for the Red Army

Sine the Devils next trip to Scotland or God's Good Land is on Sat 17 Nov when they are at Dundee

Scotland might be God's Good Land but Carmarthenshire is Gods Country - WEST IS BEST

Adam thinks DEvils will win 6-1 and Faulkner scores a hattrick

Marilyn thinks Devils will squeese home 4-3

Rachael goes for a 6-2 win for the Devils to round off a great wekend in Scotland

Gareth goes for a 5-0 Devils win

Fight in Coventry after 3 seconds

Warmup done

I don't know whether that fight in Coventry is true or someone pulling my leg

No its true Olson v Keefe @ 0:03

Warmup completed

I though someone was pulling my leg over that fight at Coventry

Chris S calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Hazel also goes for a 5-3 win for the lads

About 70 members of Red Army in Murrayfield plus 2+ secondees from Clan

Officials on the ice, Dean Smith is the ref

Devils on ice

Red Army cheering the ref

Capitals also on ice

Nigel B says 71 Devils


Game underway

Hiadlovsky save @ 0:14

Lets call him by his first name- Tomas

Devils penalty @ 0;48 - Harding - hooking


Capitals Goal

a ppg @ 1:49

Hartmann asists Jarolin & Senko

Tomas sdave @ 2:20

Biz goes coast to coast

Gametime 4:02

Biz floors Goldie

Biz is of course Bissonnette

Tomas save @ 4:40

Capitals Goal

@ 4:58

Cingel assist Jarolin

That scorer might be Zambergs not Cingel

Caps penalty @ 5:18 Benadik - tripping

One minute of pp gone

Caps return to full strength (FS)

Puck out of play @ 7:59

Devils offside @ 9:27

Olson & Stewart fight at Coventy , netminder Hirsch joins in and is given game as 3rd man in

Tomas save @ 9:14

Harding goes close

Blight goes close then Faulkner does the same

Devils penalty - Faulkner - holding the stick @ 10:28


Caps hits pipes

One minute killed

What is going on at Coventry,

3 Blaze players have been thrown out already

Devils return to FS

Harding goes close

Then Biz goes close

Bury that biscuit U DEVILS

Gametime 15:03

Caps icing @ 15:18

Looks like ref Andy Carson is taking no rubbish off Blaze

Caps penalty @ 15:30 - Zambergs - slashing

Give us a PPG U DEVILS

Devils offside @ 15:58

Puck out of play @ 16:13

Devils pp is poor

Devils offside @ 16:48

Caps back to FS

Big save Osaer

Caps breakaway denied

Final minute

Lets have a goal U DEVILS - please

End of 1st period Capitals 2 DEVILS 0

SoG Capitals 7 DEVILS 11

Hirsch's Game means he is toast for this game

Nice to see you back Keith

Teams back on ice

Elite website seems to have frozen

Off we go

Osaer save @ 21:29

Hill shot blocked

We have to get back into this game

Tomas save @ 22:48

Caps icing @ 24:57

Hill going close is not good enough we want goals

Tomas dislodges net as Devils about to shoot

Our friend Benn Olson gets 5 + Game for his 3rd fight of the night

Devils offside @ 25:59

Biz shoots wide


Devils offside @ 25:59

Caps penalty McIntyre - hooking @ 28:31

Puck out of play @ 29:31

Caps return to FS


Biz @ 31:24 assist Faulkner

Faukner goes close as Devils seek equaliser

Biz goes close again

Caps icing @ 32:58

Gametime 35:00

Devils have set up camp in Caps zone

Sine pointed out that Biz scores our 1st goal in both games

Puck out of play @36:39

Caps almost put the puck in their own net

Devils penalty @ 36:54 - Faulkner - hooking


Come on STUUU one of your shg called for

Puck out of p[lay @ 37:25

Big save Osaer @ 37:58

Devils return to FS

Final minute

Tomas save @ 39:17

Puck out of play @ 39:38

End of 2nd peiod Capitals 2 DEVILS 1

Teams are back on ice

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS lets bag those 2 points

Puck out of play @ 40:43

Osaer save @ 41:01

Caps penalty @ 41@27 - Senko - holding

Puck out of play @ 42:11

Tomas rebound not punished

Caps return to FS

Osaer save @ 44:00

Devils penalty @ 44:11 - Adams - slashing


Big sve Osaer @ 44:26

Devils penalty ' 45:33 - Faulkner - holding


Adams return, Devils up to 4 skaters

Capitals Goal

@ 46:52 a PPG

Jarolin , assist Hartmann @ 46:52

Caps penalty @ 47:51 - Gautsch - hooking

Both Biz and Faulkner go close

Gametime 49:12

Caps back to FS

Hill goes close

Tomas save @ 50:25

Come on U DEVILS

RED ARMY get the boys going

Devils offside @ 51:51

Caps penalty @ 52:08 - Hartmann


A PPG @ 52:17

Blight assist Faulkner

Gametime 54:15

Devils offside @ 54:25

Gametime 55:38

Osaer save @ 55:47

Osaer save @ 57:28

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Lift Osaer now

Osaer pulled

Devils time out


Capitals ENG


Jarolin, assists ZAmbergs & Cingel

Final score Capitals 4 DEVILS 2

Our thanks to our star texters Rachael & Ger-Devils, well done

SoG for 3rd period Capitals 8 DEVILS 12



Thats all from me (OJ) join us next Sunday night when the Fife Flyers visit the BBT in Cardiff Bay,