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Braehead Clan 5 - 7 Cardiff Devils

Join me OJ from around 6pm as MNL brings you the Devils league encounter with the Clan in Glasgow

Score predictions welcomed to

Texters have reported in after their long bus ride to Glasgow

Ruth predicts a 2-1 win for the Devils

In O/T she said, so it will be a long night

I guess everyone is watching City who are leading 1-0 at half time

Warmup underway

Paul Bissonnette wears #12

Hazel calls it 4-3 and also fears that O/T might be needed

An O/T will for Devils is very popular - Chris goes for 5-4

Warmup done

Carl says 3-2 Devils

Viv B fears a 5-2 win for Clan

Gareth J says 4-1 Devils

Stephen B says it will be a 3-2 for the Red Army

Dan L calls it 5-4 to Devils and 2pts for BizNasty

City now drawing 1-1 after Bolton penalty

Devils scratches - Birbraer, Deeds and Marsh

AJG Electrical calls it 4-2 Devils

Gerald goes for a 3-2 Devils win in O/T

For Clan - no Maunu, Walker or C Mitchell

Neil Wilson is the ref

RED ARMY amounts to 60 dedicated fans

Marilyn calls it 3-1 Devils

Adanm calls it 4-2 Devils although Rachael says he knows nought about hockey

Rachel goes for a 5-3 Devils win

Baz thinks both Faulkner and Galbraith get hattricks

Baz also sees the game going in O/T

Officials on the ice

Devils on the ice

Followed by the Clan

Kevan Batch calls it 5-3 Devils

Hello to some new MNL followeres in North Wales - Gill, Jim & Eric - Croeso

Clan player intros


Trying to see if any additional Devil players made the trip

Game starts

Faulkner Hill & Blight start

Faulkner goes close


Bissonnette I think

Yes it was BizNasty assist Macrae @ 1:12

Clan goal

Awaiting confirmation that Clan have scored

Yes they have @ 1:39 - Chaumont assists Hanson & Goldie

Devils penalty @ 2:13 - McKensie - holding


Hoping to bring you updates of the NIHL Devils v Romford Raiders

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Zemlak save @ 5:19

Clan icing @ 6:02



@6:11 McKensie assists Davies & Bissonnette

If Bissonnette is going to score all ight I will refer to him as Biz from now on

Harding gets an assist on Devils 1st goal

Zemlak saves from Biz @ 7:51

Zemlak covers puck @ 7:51

He denies Hill in doing so

Devils net off its moorings @ 8:25

Miller misses for Clan

Total lack of atmosphere in Arena tonight says our regulat Clan texter Chris D



@ 9:31

Assist Adams

No assist for Biz - he was busy tweeting

Devils go close again

Devils remember you have to play for 3 periods

Zemlak save from Faulkner

Devils penalty

@ 11:15 Osaer - delay of game


@ 11:23 - SHG - Macrae assist Hill

Time out Clan

Zemlak pulled

Will goes in net

Mike Will in net, Zemlak storms off to dressing room

Devils back to FS

Puck out of play @ 14:01

Devils offside @ 14:39

If there are any BizNasty fans out there in NHL country let us know at

Piggott breakaway denied

Final minute

Danette we won't take a prediction from you, we are still trying to work out whats happenning

Clan offside @ 19:07

Blight has a clear breakaway but buzzer goes

En d of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 4

*** NIHL Devils 0 Romford Raiders 1 after 17:58

Sog for 1st period Clan 5 DEVILS 12

If you are a follower of Biz tell his folloers how he is doing, he's a bit busy at the moment

One texter tells me Devils had 14 SoG not 12 - 10 on Zemlak 4 on Will

i wonder if there are any fans in the Red Army at Braehead that wrre also there when the Devils played their very first Heineken Premier league game against Ayr Raider at the Summit Centre, Glasgow in 1989

Teams back on ice

Viv you of little faith at least the Devils will not lose 5-2 as you predicted

Zemlak back in net for Clan

Game restarts

Osaer save

Devils penalty called

@ 23:01 - Piggott - hooking


*** NIHL 2nd period underway still 1-0 to Romford

one minute killed

Devils back to FS

Thats a fair point Viv, you predict a loss and the team plays well - we would accept that anyday

Zemlak covers puck @ 27:07

Biz goes coast to coast but is denied

Clan Goal

Awaiting confirmation of that goal

Goldie assist Farmer @ 27:30

*** NIHL tie game at 1-1 goal by Scarborough

Hige save Osaer

*** NIHL 2 Romford 1 both goals by Scarborough

Clan Goal

Devils time out

Osaer should have saved that one

Krestanovich assists Galbraith & Miller @ 29:30

Come on U DEVILS wake up - a game is 3 periods long

I had shares in a sprinter who was brilliant over 3 furlongs but the race was 5 or 6 furlongs and he would trail in last

Fray Bentos bought him

*** NIHL Devils ppg from Fisher @ 26:49 making it NIHL Devils 3 Romford 1

Gametime 33:30

3rd Devils goal was scored by Macrae

Chris D says it looks like 2 teams with poor D

Clan are well and truly back in this game

Devils icing @ 36:03

Osaer save @ 36:13

Dervils penalty @ 36:13 _ Batch - hooking


Osaer save @ 36:47

Biz goes close rebound hits Hill who goes down

Puck to face, goes off unassisted


@ 39:00

Davies, assists Harding & Macrae

Hill back out

Devils offsaide @ 39:55

End of 2nd period Clan 3 DEVILS 5

Stupid network playing up again, Vodophone doesn't like MNL

end of 2nd period NIHL DEVILS 3 Romford Raiders 2

Teams are back on ice

Come on U DEVILS close this game as I have work to do

3rd period underway

Goal Clan

Galbraith the scorer assists Miller & Phillips @ 41:19

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal ot two

Blight goes close

Devils icing @ 43:42

Clan fans have found their voice at last, they have been quiet until now

Puck out of play @ 44:20

Clan icing @ 44:50

Clan offside @ 45:24

Clan Goal

@ 45:51 - Goldie assists chaumont & Zajac

** 3rd period underway in NIHL game

Puck out of play @ 47:23

Both netminders will want to forget this game, they cannot hold on to anything

Blight sets up Biz but he couldn't get his shot away

Gametime 48:20

Apologies cannot bring you SoG for 2nd period

Zemlak covers @ 49:55

Davies shot rebounds to no avail

Devils penalty @ 50:07 - Faulkner - hooking


Devils should have had a penalty shot as Blight was away

Clan penalty @ 51:21 Birnstill - x-check

Zemlak save @ 51:51

Devils go on pp as Mac returns

Puck out of play @ 52:23

Faulkner goes close

Clan return to FS

*** now NIHL DEVILS 3 Romford 3

** Romford take a 4-3 lead @45:13

Clan net off its moorings @ 53:39


Hill assist Davies

@ 53:41

Can penalty @ 53:43 - Macpherson - elbows

Zemlak save

Lets have a PPG from U DEVILS

Gone quiet, no news is good news

Gametime 56:20

As Clan back to FS

Clan icing @ 57:31

Devils penalty @ 57:57 - K Smith - slashing


Blight goes close on SH chance

Puck out of play @ 58:37

Zemlak pulled

Final minute


ENG @ 59;54.2

Faulkner the scorer

Final score Clan 5 DEVILS 7



Thanks to our texters at Braehead - Rachael & Ger_Devils and a special thanks to MNLs regular Blaze texter CRIS DEVLIN

*** NIHL DEVILS 3 Romford Raiders 4 @ 56:19

We will stay with that game until the end to see if they can pull it back

** final 2 minutes at the BBT

** NIHL DEVILS on pp with 1:13 left

** Correction no pp for NIHL Devils co-incidental minors

** Time out called by NIHL Devils

** Final score NIHL Devils 3 Romford Raiders 4

Thanks to Gerald for updating us from the BBT

Thats all from me, make sure you join me tomorrow night as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils game in Edinburgh against the Capitals