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Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Good Evening OJ here at the MNL Hub

By all accounts loads of Blaze fans have made the trip to Cardiff for tonights game

Remember I am waiting to hear from you at

MNL has the ONLY coverage of tonights game

Hartwick not icing tonite

Waiting for texters to report in, well the sober ones

Confirmation that Hartwick did not appear in warm up

Michael Hicks is the stripey in charge

Blaze come onto the ice, they are keen arn't they

Blues won, Bluebirds drew, DEVILS WIN?

No emails yet is there anyone out there

Voth is back

Sarah Jane just wants a Devils win, no matter the score but wouldn't 20-19 make it exciting and busy for me

I told you that the Blaze came out early

First puck is dropped

Devils start with Silverthorn, Campbell & Towe


Hill is pushed into Perras and Voth intervenes

Devils bench vewry short with just 11 skaters

TRading standards could have had us for calling that a fight, just new handbags

Were are experiencing communication problems

Blaze Penalty Perras roughing minor: O'Conner hooking minor

Devils Penalty Voth - x-checking minor All penalties @ 1:12

Blaze Penalty - Jamieson tripping minor @ 2:53

Devils playing well

Devils goal scored by Hill, assists Voth & Silverthorn @ 3:24

Devils GOAL

Devils 2nd goal scored by Latulippe, assists Davies & Stone @ 4:31


Awaiting confirmation of 3rd Devils Goal

Correction ony 2 - 0 to Devils

Puck out of play @7:51

Awesome save from Aubry @ 8:17

Blaze Penalty Coleman hooking minor @ 9:53

Lets have a ppg DEVILS

Blaze kill penalty

Blaze miss a clear open net chance @ 12:04

Devils ice puck @ 12:13 to relieve pressure

Welcome to KC in BC and Keith in Aberystwyth, both west of Cardiff

Lets be hearing from you Blaze fans, I can see that you are out there, don't by shy

Devils penalty Voth hooking minor @ 14:25

DC's dad reports snow in Vancouver

15 minutes gone in opening period


Jeff when does Sundin play his first game?

Aubry saves @15:30 then MacIver and Lewis compare handbags

Jeff Campbell calls 4-2 (Home) and 2-1 (away) wins for DEVILS

Devils kill penalty despite a lot of Blaze pressure

Blaze wander offside @ 17:05

Blaze Goal

Blaze Goal scored by Kelan, assist Sly @ 17:31

Blaze Penalty Weaver hooking @ 17:40

18 minutes gone

Thats it for the first period DEVILS 2 Blaze 1

Good 1st period from the Devils by all accounts but they will be severely tested with their short bench

Both team back on the ice

We are away

Francis goes close

Devils Penalty Silverthorn hooking @ 23:03

Aubry's pulling off some cracking saves

Devils kill penalty

25 minutes gone

End to end hockey at the Blue Tent

Thats a nice handbag

Ongoing discussion

Blaze penalty Calder interference @ 26:31

Carter knocked Latulippe off his feet with the puck nowhere

Lets get this pp into gear Devils

Perras makes amazing save to deny Towe

Voth has been on the ice for the full 8 mintes of this period

Blaze kill penalty

Devils ice puck @ 29:44 and Voth finally leaves the ice

Voth must think he is Shannon Hope

Perras now makes a great save to deny Latulippe @ 31:04

Devils under pressure and ice puck @32:28

Ice the puck as much as you want boys but win the face-offs

Devils ice puck @ 32:38

I recall one game where the Devils iced the puck at least 40 times in one period against Sokol Kiev in the European Cup


DEvils goal scored by Campbell @ 33:07

Assists by Silverthorn & Teplitsky

Awesome goal for DC

Devils ice puck @ 34:34

Aubry save @ 37:16

Lewis trying his best to get Voth or Maciver to drop the gloves

Take no notice of him a WIN is what we want

Mass discussion on latest handbags styles afrewr Perras save @ 38:09

Lewis' pink handbag is very fetching

39mins gone, Devils playing well according to Chris

Apparently there are 184 periods of hockey until Christmas

More handbags, Carlsson showing his to Stone, Calder trying to impress Latuliuppe and Voth having a look at Lewis' pink affair

Penalties Latulippe (Devils), Calder (Blaze) roughing minors @ 39:30

Penalties Jarvis (D); Sly (B) x-checking minors @ 39:57

End of 2nd Period DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

3rd period will start as 3 on 3 for 90 seconds

What did I tell you about that Devils classic in the European Cup well Blaze are getting very frustrated by the Devils tactic of icing the puck as Silverthorn & Latulippe have got a close on 100% record on face-offs in our end

I will never forget the look on the Russian players faces as Moria or McEwen were winning the face-offs. It even got to the stage that the defencemen were turning to try and stop the Devils icing as the puck was being dropped. At onetine the referee came over to our bench and just leant against the boards as the bewildered Sokol Kiev team tried to w ork out a solution.

For those of you that don't know the Devils were leading then Sokol equalised and whilst we were content with a draw we carried on in the same vein. Then in the last minute we won a face off in our end Stepohen Cooper stormed up the ice centred and brother Ian scored and we had beaten not one but two Russian Elite teams in three days

My apologies its was Torpedo Ust we beat by a single goal, Sokol were beaten 6-2. 1994 The previos season Sokol had beaten us 11-4 at Riga.

Shots on goal Devils 9 + 9; Blaze 17 + 14

Its apparently 4 on 4

Latulippe & Calder return, don't ask me why?

Second pair of penalties coincidental, nevertheless they should be in the sinbin

Hill has a great chance @ 41:02

Phil Hill goes close again at 42:55

Now Latulippe goes close as Perras keeps Blaze in game

44 mins gone

Aubry save @ 45:29 as Blaze temporarily releive the pressure on their goal

Perras makes save from Latulippe @ 46:52

Loudest cheers of the night reserved for Ben Davies

Easy save for Aubry @ 48:26


Devils Penalty Campbell - boarding @ 48:42

A harsh call by all accounts

Latulippe sh breakway, Perras saves

Perras saves @ 49:43

Devils appear to have a new ploy for killing penalties - ATTACK

50 mins gone

Devils kill penalty

Lets run that clock down

Devils penalty Aubry delay of gamem @ 51:02

Penalty being served by Latulippe

Hicks blows early and Lewis goes spare - maybe he's found out that pink handbags are available for 70% discount on E-Bay

Devils kill penalty with ease

53 minutes gone

Towe steamrollered Kelman who looks stunned

Aubry saves @ 54:03

Texters report that it is a brilliant display by the Devils so far

55 mins gone

Voth has a cracking shot which is deflected wide

Devils ice puck @ 55:30

56 minutes gone

Perras saves @ 56:49

57 minutes gone

Come on you DEVILS

Blaze now icing the puck, they are under immense pressure and no answer

Last 2 minutes of regulation time

59 minutes gone RED ARMY on the move

45 seconds left

Devils Penalty MacIver delay of game @ 59:15

Blaze time out

Blaze lift netminder

Latulippe & Silverthorn miss empty net

Final Score DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

What a win

Blaze MoM Kelman


Our thanks go to Sharlene and Chris our texters tonight at the Blue Tent

Thats it from me folks until tomorrow when the Devils will seek to repeat tonights performance. OJ