Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey folks looks like we might be running mnl tonight, if we manage to get some texts going i'll do some more comments! Chris.

Seems the face-off is 7pm not 6pm, oops :)

Good evening one and all, we're definately going to be running tonight, a big thanks to those out there who managed to sort it out!
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First upate of the night, approx 30 Devils fans have made the journey upto the NIC today, lovely weather for the journey as well :E

So who's out there!? Give us a shout !!

Gah I hate this waiting game. So did anyone see My Name Is Earl on Thursday? Best show on TV by far!

Looks like we're almost ready to go folks, seems to be taking an age to get started tonight!

We've started! Word is Panthers started in 5th gear and practically scored on the first shift!

We're awfully quiet tonight, no one out there wanting to email in? FAO: Fubar, details changed check your email :)

4mins in, Devils have also started good it would seem. "We are in the game" as my texter is saying!

Ooooooooooh. Panthers have hit the pipes! Come on you Devils!

Panthers penalty, Toneys 2mins for slashing, surely that's a 6 or 9 game ban?! Devils on the powerplay for 2minutes!

Hello Rhodri, nice to see you back! Afraid i'm with you on this, Panthers have got to be favourites for tonight, be bloody great if we could pick up the 2points at Panthers, but I just can't see it, anyone got any other thoughts out there!?

Powerplay over, no goals, no chances. Barely set anything up. Sounds like we're suffering up there :(

Panthers 2mins penalty, Levers for boarding. Let's hope we can capitalise on this powerplay instead!

Devils penalty, 2mins for intereference by Campbell. Damn! 2mins of 4 on 4!

Bugger. Roughly 8mins and Panthers have scored.

Panthers goal from Cook with assist to Galbraith.

Additional assist for the panthers goal goes to Danny Meyers.

Texter from the game is saying both teams are even, Panthers are just getting the luck at the moment...


Goal update, Hill from Prpich.

Sounds like Matt Towe has gone off injured, will try and find more details out!

Goal for the Panthers, 13:09 Levers with assist Tessier.

Fight! MacIver and Bergin go for it, Bergin appears to have hugged straight away. Maybe he's looking for a rematch with Prpich :(

Sounds like Towe has gone off with a shoulder injury :(

Gah! Panthers goal Clarke from Meyers and Levers. 13:54

Sounds like Bergin had 2+2 for roughing, MacIver has 2+2+2 for roughing and cross-checking.

Towe is back on the ice, can't be that badly injured! Woot, now we just need some more goals!

Seems to have gone awfully quiet in the game. At least there's been no more goals :(

Sorry for the delay folks, 1st period ends Panthers 3-1 Devils.

Again the teams look even, but Panthers are taking their chances, I truely hope we're not playing the stupid passing game infront the net.

Word is Campbell is the only real standout player from the 1st period, throwing lots of big hits, but not playing amazingly. 3rd line is sounding awfully scrappy but the whole affair has been.

M'off to get a drink, don't forget to email us with anything you'd like to say and we'll get it up here!

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Another update! 3-1 end of 1st…playing ok going forward but 3 very easy goals for the panties - thanks fubar!

Fans at the rink from other clubs are saying it's the worst period of hockey they've seen from the Devils! Let's just hope it's bus legs and they've been shaken off for the 2nd!

Email from Russ: "Come on you Devils! You can do it!" - I hope we can, we really need to pull out all the stops for the 2nd

Shots from the 1st period Devils:10 Panthers:13

2nd period starts.......NOW! Come on Devils!

Panthers penalty Toneys for delay of game. Devils on the powerplay. 1minute into 2nd!

Panthers goal, short handed from Levers. Word from the game is "absolute crap" :(

Panthers 4th goal: Levers from Ndur at 21:38.

4mins into the 2nd, word is we're playing absolutely awful. Big ice? bus legs? moths? :E

28mins in, Ndur 2mins roughing. Another Devils powerplay, please please please let us score. :(

Seems the whole team just aren't keeping it together tonight. Latulippe seems to be the one standout player.

Panthers penalty again, 2mins interference 30:08, another powerplay. I'm not evevn going to pray for a goal this time. I'm demanding.

Roughing! Handbags at the ready! Clarke, Meyers, Latulippe and Hill all get 2mins at 31:27. Still on the powerplay!

5mins of the 2nd period left.Still playing awful but at least we seem to have shored the defence up a bit.

Couple of penalties, Campbell 2mins charging, Myers 2mins high sticks.

End of the 2nd period, 4-1 Panthers. We're still playing awful it sounds like.

Word is that Hartwick hasn't iced at all in the 2nd period. Bugger :(

Sorry for the delays tonight folks, we've only got one volunteer doing the texting tonight so everythings a bit delayed :(

Other scores from around the league
Vipers 1 - 1 Phoenix in the 3rd, Giants 2 - 1 Caps, 2nd, Blaze 2 - 1 Bison, 2nd, Steelers 6 - 1 Stingrays

Seems folks are saying we're playing with grit, but the acting captain isn't so great :(

Message from Skippy: Hello Did your texter say what was wrong with Hartwick ? Injured ? or just not getting a shift ? Thanks for the updates really appreciated (: - Sounds like he's just been benched as he's sat on the bench with full kit.

Sounds like Hartwick might be ill rather than injured. Thanks for the post Gazza!

We've gone awfully quiet again folks, sorry for this :(

3mins into the 3rd period. Ndur fights MacIver. Draw.

Seems there's nothing happening at the game at all to shout about. Not good news :(

45:35 Jarvis gets 2mins for cross=checking :(

Shots for the 2nd period Panthers: 6 Devils: 20! What the heck!

Sounds like atmosphere has gone through the floor folks :( Anyone got any interesting jokes to email us? Anyone want to start a new, exciting thread on the forums?

10:44 left of the final period.

Email from ricky! "it seems the squeelers are beating hull 7-2, i wounder if b*b has hulls goal keeper in his suitcase :D ;)" lol mate, just lol :)

Word is we've woken up a bit, but it's too little too late so says the game texters. Bugger.

Update from Fubar! "Big mac certainly held his own against ndur and got a good couple of digs into ndur’s face….still a draw though"

Ina toally non related game, Hull are losing 7-3 to Sheffield, at least they've scored more goals than us. Dan Green in nets for the 3rd period :)

From a passenger ship, everyone can see a bearded man on a small island who is shouting and desperately waving his hands. "Who is it?" a passenger asks the captain. "I've no idea. Every year when we pass, he goes nuts." - Joke of the night :)

53minutes gone, no goals, no penalties, no nothing :(

Panthers goal from Cook. 54:14. Assists coming.

Silverthorn 2mins for holding at 36:09

Steelers win 7-3 vs Hull.

Vipers beat Phoenix on penalties to win 2-1

Blaze 5-2 Bison end of game.

Sounds like fights. "Jarvis kicked off. Tessier got involved. Prpich looking for something"

It's tense in Belfast. Giants 4 - 3 up against Caps, but Caps have just scored with 5 mins to go! Can they get another?!?

Jarvis gets 2+2+2, Tessier gets 2+2, 5on3.

lol, no cos it's just finished! d'oh.

Final 2mins

Panthers 5th goal was Cook from Graham.

Game over, 5-1 Panthers. Damn and blast.

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Hill gets man of the match.

Well that's all folks, a disappointing evening and lets hope we don't play like that tomorrow. Steve will be running MNL tomorrow for our home game Vs Blaze. Thanks for watching!