Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Hull Stingrays

WElcome to MNL as the Stringrays come to Cardiff Bay for a Challenge Cup tie

Score predictions as usual to fefore the &;30 face off please

Join me (OJ) from around 6:45

Have been told that Devils signing will be announced after warmup

Ashley says 4-3 Devils

Simon says Devils 5-3

Hazel calls it 3-2 to thne REE ARMY

Ragan walking about with a big grin.

Danette Macrae says Devils to win by 1

Warmup done

Danette can't you find us someone big and nasty (on the ice) to look after the boys

Sorry for the rush to get MNL going tonight but I have only just got in from my judicial duties

Jimmy S says 4-2 Devils

Very quiet on here tonight, we now have hailstones

Paul Bissonette is the new signing

135 games in the NHL Bissonette joins us from Phoenix Coyotes

Dean Smith & Michael Hicks are the refs

Both teams on the ice

Eizzy55 says 3-1 Devils

Phillip R says 4-2 Devils


Chris Hart from the NIHL Devils is dressed


Come on U DEVILS get us a win we need cheering up

A fan asked my today whether we saw the same old faces as refs iun the old days

Macrae, Faulker & Blight start

Off we go

othing to report in the first minute

Yes we did see the same referee all the time - Nico Toemen

Nice hit from Quiney

But Nico was a top class referee who had officiating in the Gold Medal game as the Lake Placid Olympics

End to end

Stingrays clear chance - not taken

Puck out of play @ 5:04

Macrae ids double shifting

@ 6:48

Silverthorn, assist Ondrej

Shot hit pipes and went in

Osaer save @ 7:17

Devils icing @ 7:58

Devils offside @ 8:29

Big crowd in tonight - Groupon game

Stingrays goals described as a howler from Osaer

Devils D is pathetic

Stingrays 2nd goal @ 9:53 scored by Tendler assists Davies & Dulle

Faulkner shot deflected out of play @ 10:34

Stingrays penalty @ 11:09 - Tanaka - holding

Lets get into this game U DEVILS

Osaer save @ 11:52

Devils pp looks good for a change

Handbags at Devils net @ 12:12

Lets have a PPG now

Davies goes close for Devils

Stingrays back to ful strength (FS)

Bowns covers puck @13:30

Gametime 13:42

Bowns save ' 13:47

Devils are being out muscled

Puck out of play @ 14:15

Tanaka is hitting everything in his sight lines

Oh for a MacIntyre

Bowns save @ 16:58

Devils doing well not to react to Stingrays niggles

Quiney doing well so far

Stingrays offside @ 17:52

Stingrays Goal

Turnover and they acore @ 18:35 - Tanaka, assist Hand

Batch looses puck and they score

Final minute

Bowns save @ 19:49

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stingrays 3

SoG for 1st period will make interesting reading

As a texter asks where is this heralded PL saviour?

Another question being posed is whether the current D corps is weaker than last seasons

Teams are back

SoG Devils 13 Stingrays 11

Tyson Marsh is the bench coach tonight

Off we go for 2nd period

Osaer save @ 20:42

Batch with a godd hit along the boards

Another good Batch hit

@ 24:01

Its becoming an embarrassment

Scored by Squires assists Dulle & Ozolins

Devils icing @ 24:38

Osaer save

Error by Adams led to 4th goal

Quiney blocks shot

Stingrays penalty @ 37:18


27:18 was the penalty _Ozalins - holding stick

Blight scores Devils opener @ 27:50 assists Macrae & K SMith

Check from behind on Blight - no call

Stingrays penalty - Hand @ 30:11 - roughing the call

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Devils go close

Before Devils goal Chris Hart was on the ice and didn't look out of place


Cardiff Bus we love you

PPG @ 31:30

Stingrays call time out

Devils 2nd goal scored by Adams, assists Hill & Faulkner

Macrae denied on breakaway

Bowns save from Faulkner @ 32:24

Devils creating chance after chance

Good goal by G apparently

Devils offside @ 33:54

Stingrays icing @ 34:25

Quiney has obviously learnt a lot from the Smith brothers as he blocks another goal bound shot

Ondrej having a go at Blight

Stingrays icing @ 35:10

GAmetime 36:16

The two Brit Ds are doing a fine job

Batch & Quiney in many ways keeping the Devils in this game

Mar Smith pus his body on the line yet again

Osaer save @ 38:11

Puck out of play @ 38:32

Macrae must be double if not treble shifting as he seems to be on the ice all the time

Bown save

Good shot by Quiney

Bown glove save @38:58

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Stingrays 2

It will be interesting to hear if others at the game concur with Tony that Quiney game is improving by the shift as his confidence grows

Two Brit Ds are as valuable a a bucket full of gold

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 9 Stingrays 7 making it 22-18 after 2 periods

Teams are back on ice

3rd period starts

When was the jast time Devils didn't collect a penalty in the 1st 2 periuods of a competitive game

A false start to the period - Ger-Devils jumped the gun

Ice covered in water

Finally we do start

This game is there to be won U DEVILS

Tony thinks the next goal will be important

Macrae is playing as if his life depended on it - what leadership

Lots of Devils pressure

Stingrays icing @ 42:48

For those of you who live on such facts - Chris Hart is wearing #13

Lets have a goal U DEVILS - please

There a big crowd at the BBT whith many newbies so lets put on a show this period U DEVILS

Macrae hits pipes

That was after skating the length of the rink

McKensie should have converted a clear chance

Devils have come out strong for this period

Devils exerting a lot of pressure

Stingrays penalty @ 46:17 - delay of game


Ozolins was the player who got the penalty

A third Devils PPG

Faulkner the scorer assist Macrae @ 46:38

2nd assist goes to Blight

Blight denied at back door

Now Faulkner goes close

Stingrays offside @ 48:23

Stingrays have upped their physical game

Hill just wide with a tip in front

Stingrays icing @ 50:03

Come on U DEVILS i want another goal

So do the hundreds following MNL

Stingrays D cannot handle Macrae

Batch goes close

Puck out of play @ 52:18

DevilDom impressed with the effort being put in by the Devils tonight

Stingrays penalty Ondrej @ 52:40

Inteference the call

Bowns covers

Gametime 53:24

Stingrays complaing to referees continuously

1:17 left of pp

Stringrays back to FS

Devils penalty @ 54:54 - K Smith - hooking


Piggott goes close twice

Danette I think they will have to carry Stuart off the ice at the end

Blight SH breaaway foiled

Devils back to FS

Piggott goes close again

Stingrays icing ' 57:53

Final 2 minutes


Hill offside @ 58:36

Devils timeout @ 58:50

Osaer pulled

Stingrays icing @ 59:00

Win this face off U DEVILS

Bowns save @ 59:28

Stingrays icing @ 59:35

Final score DEVILS 3 Stingrays 4

Bowns was huge for Hull in keeping Devils at bay

Devils deserved to win but cannot sleep in opening period

3rd Star - COLE TANAKA



Our thanks go to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, Ger-Devils, Tony and DevilDom who as usual did a brilliant job

Join me on Saturday when the Devils take on the Clan in the first game of their Scottish weekend