Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL coverage of the Challenge Cup game against the Coventry Blaze

The Devils will be ultra keen to win tonight after losing the close game in Coventry last night.

Score predictions as usual to

Teams on the ice for warmup

No scratches for either team

Danetta MacRae goes for a 3-2 Devils win

Al Beer thinks Devils will win in O/T

Carl travelling to BBT calls it 3-2 Devils

Nia T wants a Devils win, 3-1 would be nice

Hazel thinks DEvils will win 4-2

Warmup done & dusted at the BBT

Simon P calls it 3-1 for the Devils

Simpn thinks Bonnie & Clyde (Hicks & DArnell) will do their best to influence the game

Matt Selby of the Blaze turned the net around so that Deeds couldn't shoot at the open net

Just bury the biscuit in the game Deeds

Stephen B fancies Devils to win 4-2

Officials are out

Blaze on the ice

Hicks & Darnell confirmed as referees

Devils take to the ice

Intro time

Big queue at Box Office


Looks as it a nice number of Blaze fans have made the trip to the BBT

Game starts

Osaer save after 10 secs

B Leeb has a chance but couldn't pull the trigger

Blaze penalty @1.00 - Griffin - high sticks

Marsh shot tipped wide by Hill

Devils offside

Devils pp is very poor

Blaze return to full strength (FS)

Blaze not stretched at all on that penalty kill

Blight stays down after late check - no call

Blight is up

Bayrack and Deeds tangle

5 minutes gone

Puck of of play

Kevan & Sue Batch call it 4-2 Devils

Davies makes Olson look silly

G Leeb flored @ 6:11

Beleskey wastes a good chance

"NHL you are having a laugh" is the chant

Macrae chance blocked by Hirsch

Devils penalty @ 7:31 - Hill - hooking



MacRae shg

@ 8:36

Blaze Goal

Cameron assists Guthrie &Egener @ 9:24 a PPG

Macrae's goal wasa unassisted

Puck out of play @ 11:48

Devils offside @ 12:13

Adams goes close

Piggott stands up to Olson, G Leeb joins in followed by Marsh

No call

Handbags @ 12:48

Now Blight goes close

Osaer covers @ 13:55

Deeds penalised - a silly penalty

High sticks was the call @ 14:15

Scramble in fron of Blaze net @ 15:32

Devils are creating chances (even when SH) but are not finishing

Blaze penalty @ 15:32 - Guidice - interference

Devils back to FS

Davies goes close twice

Now Faulkner goes close

9 secs left on Devils pp

Blaze back to FS

Devils icing @ 17:49

Final minute

Hill floors Bayrack

BBT is unusually quiet

Linesman calls Faulkner offside when he had his skate on the blueline

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 1

A quiet period for a Devils v Blaze game

DevilDom impressed by Brit line

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Osaer covers @ 21:27

Blaze have started 2nd period as if they mean business

Osaer needs a new stick

Poggott goes close

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 12 Blaze 9

Blaze offside @ 23:45

Faulkner goes close yet again

Hicks gets in way of MacRae

Hirsch save from Birbraer @ 25:36

Good save Osaer after Guthrie shot

Gametime 26:35

Devils go close again, BURY THAT BISCUIT U DEVILS

Guthrie goes close up the other end

Hill flors Bayrack again

What has he done to you Phil?

Macrae shor rebounds - Harding misses

Blaze penalty @ 29:39 - Olson - x-check

Tony wants me to guess what the Devils pp is like

Well its

Devils go offside twice whilst on pp

Hirsch and his D blocking all Devils shots

Blaze return to FS

Puck out of play @ 32:06

DEeds is quiet, Marsh & Birbraer the standouts

Tony thinks a big hit or a fight is called for as crowd has gone into hibernation

Devvils pnalty @ 33:44 - Piggott - tripping


DevilDom has just realised that Sam Smith is playing for the Blaze

Hes made a big impact!!

Blaze pp is good

Bayrack levelled once again and makes his way to the bench

Devils return to FS

Hirsch save @ 35:46

Deeds goes close

Hirsch save @ 36:36

"Goes close" is Ger-Devils new catchphrase

Its a goal we need Ger

RRebound from Hirsch after Birbraer shot - noone takes advantage

Gamerime 37:40

Good period of Devils pressure

Hirsch save @ 38:15

Harding misses an open net

Devils penalty @ 39:06 - Adams - roughing


Faulkner goes close on a SH brekaway

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Blaze 1

Blaze will start 3rd period with 1:06 pp

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 13 Blaze 6 making it 25-15 after 2 periods

Officials back on the ice

So are the teams

3rd period starts



Macrae breakaway

SHG for Macrae @ 40:53

Devils return to FS

Assist Marsh

Goal was on a delayed penalty

Blaze offside @ 41:52

Crowd estimated as c1500

Hirsch save @ 42:34

From Piggott that was

Osear save @ 43:01

Blight goes close

Devils penalty @ 44:22 - Marsh - delay of game


Osaer save @ 45:35

Olson camps himself in fron of Devils net

Puck out of play @ 45:11

Osaer save was @ 44:35

Birbraer hits pipes

Devils back to FS

Birbraer hits popsts again

Devils penalty @ 47:28 - K Smith - hooking


Macrae goes close on another SH breakaway

Lots of DEvils pressure on Pk

Hirsch covers up @ 49:14

Devils back to FS

This is the 5th season on MNL

In our first season 2008/9 we had a total of 21,478 unique viewers during the season

Devils icing @ 50:48

Crowd given as 1,321

After last night we passed the total for 2008/9 with 21,620

Blaze goal

Awaiting details

Beleskey, assist Griffin @ 51:46

Puck out of play @ 52:15


Birbraer went down after Olson hit

Max goes after Olson then everyone jumps in

All this @ 51:46

Max caught by high stick we believe

More of a mele than a fight

Birbraer is helped off the ice

Awaiting penalties

Slow coming through

No calls yet

Big discussion going on

Birbraer gets match for x-checking

Marsh 2+2 roughing

Olson 2 for roughing, 2 for tripping, Griffin 2+2 roughing

A total joke is the view I am getting

Hirsch save @ 54:03

Blaze Goal

Guthrie I believe

Assist Schutte @ 52:50

Texs are all over the place

Gametime 55:43

Blaze have a 1 minute pp

Osaer save @ 57:13

Devils back to FS

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Hirsch covers up @ 57:32

Final 2 minutes

Hill check

Egener checks Marsh to the head

Gametime 58:58

Blaze penalty

Osaer still in net

Egener was given minor for interference

Osaer pulled

Marsh hurt

Macrae goes close

Hirsch covers @ 59:31

Fiunal score DEVILS 2 Blaze 3

Blaze wwre also called for too many men @ 59:11


Troubl on the benches

I cannot report accurately on what is happenning as texts arriving out of order

Blaze surround Devils bench

Bayrack and linesman in a wrestling match

All players finally off the ice

There was a huge fight at end of game Olson v Deeds

Egener goes for Franny

2nd Star - BEN DAVIES


All players got involved as did one fan

All that happenned because of incompetent referess

Our thanks to texters - Rachael, Tony, Ger-Devils and DevilDom

Join us on Thurday when Hull are the vistors to Cardiff Bay

I guess we havn't heard the last of tonights going ons