Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm as we bring you coverage of the Challenge Cup game between the Devils and the Coventry Blaze

Score predictions always welcomed (before face off) to

Texters briefed and they are now doing their finger warmup excercises

Ruth predicts that Devils will win 4-1

She on the bus to Coventry

I suppose they are in the pub by now

Soph predicts a close game with Deeds & Olson dropping their gloves

Carl calls it 4-3 to the Devils with Olson having a fight but keeping his helmet on

Warmup underway

Warmup completed

Andrew L says 4-1 Devils

Kevan Batch wamts to know how to link his laptop to his TV with VGA lead. Answers to

Vevan & Sue Barch predict a 4-3 win for Devils

Josh's sister has travelled to Coventry but might not be sitting in away end.

Luke B goes for a 2-2 Devils win

Hazel says 5-4 Devils

Viv is wishing for a 5-2 victory for the Red Army

Barrie P says 5-3 with a MACtrick

Elliot goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Where is Aberystwyth Keith these days I miss him

Are there any DEvil players familes out there? If so let us know

No Danette MacRae so far

JohnWildthing is in Canada so we won't have his comments tonight

Lights are dimmed

Good Red Army turnout by all accounts

Danette says Devils will win in O/T

Allen W calls it 5-2 Devils

Tevez puts Man City in front, he dived and accidentally headed the ball into the goal

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

DJ begging Blaze fans to make some noise

Blaze onto ice

Away block filled by RED ARMY

Who are in fine voice

No news on ref so far, I know its not Dean Smith as he is in Hull

Michael Hicks is in Belfast

Anthem done

We are away

Birbraer, Faulkner & Blight started

And there was silence

2 ref system - Carson & Callaghan

Devils penalty - Davies - slashing @ 2:19


Blaze penalty @ 2:33 - Olson - x-check

Olson call was 2+10 for checking from behind

Red Army are the only ones making any noise

Deeds hits Egener hard, Egener stays down

Egener back but but shaken not stirred

Davies returns

Davies breakaway foiled

Gametime 5:30

Devils penalty @ 5:30 - Osaer

Awaiting confirmation

I think that was a rogue text

Devils penalty @ 6:18 - Faulkner - interference


Deeds levels B Leeb

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Ben Davies got a few nasty checks during that pk

Devils penalty @ 9:22 - Deeds - high stick

Blaze penalty @ 9:22 - Schutte - delay of game

I think the penalty aganst Deeds was incorrect

Yes Deeds is out there

Blaze return to full strength

An inproved pp says Brummy Devil

Devils playing much better than they did in first 2 periods on Thursday

Both Davies & Piggott go close

Brit line causing problems for Blaze

Superb shift by Brit line says Gavin

Ben Davies still having a rough time

Gametime 14:46

Penalties so far minors for Davies & Faulkner (DEVILS), Schutte - minor, Olson 2+10 (Blaze)

One of the Red Army just had a beer shower after a Deeds hit on the boards

Olson is back

Hirsch glove save from Batch @ 16:48

Marsh puts in a good check, gets an elbow in the face - no call

Faulkner, Birbraer, Blight line tormenting Blaze D

Hirsch covers the puck @ 17:46

Venus checks Batch and ends on the floor

Hirsch saves a MacRae breakaway

Final minute

Its been end to end for most of the period, two strong teams evenly matched



@ 19:36 assists Faulkner & Blight

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 1

Max scored after a mess up by Olson

Big hello for Lauren who is texter Rachael apprentice

That job creation for you Mr Cameron - we have apprentice texters on MNL

Lauren being the first

Chris S calls it 3-2 Devils

MNL number are on the rise which proves that there is nothing like THE INFERNO - MNL

SoG for 1st period Blaze 8 DEVILS 11

Teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Schutte rocket hits the cross bar - Osaer didn't see it I would think


No penalties told to get on with it

The thought of Devils new player making his debut against Hull gives me a nightmare

Devils penalty @ 22:48 - Faulkner - hooking


Scored by Guthrie, assist Cameron @23:15

Not a PPG as Griffin was also called at 22:48 - slashing

Bayrack man handles linesman

Guidice 10 minute misconduct + Game misconduct - abuse of official @ 24:09

Both teams back to 5 skaters

It was Guidice who pushed linesman when linesman called Bayrack offside

Gametime 25:56

Cameron going to late check Adams, ref has a word

Apologies asa some of my postings are not getting through eg announcing Blaze goal @23:15

That call on Guidice woke up the Blaze fans

Come on U Devils

Hirsch hold on @ 7:53

Back to the new player and Hull story in a quiet minute

Blaze hit pipes

In the days of the SuperLeague I had to pick up a new player at Manchester Airport and take him to Hull to join up with the team.

That was?

It has gone quiet

If you know who that was send it to

Good save Osaer

Gametime 32;26

2nd ref is Keiron O'Halloran not Callaghan as I was told earlier

Blaze penalty @ 33:19 - Schutte - hooking

Get the pp into overdrive U DEVILS

Glove save Hirsch

1minute of pp remains

Blaze return to FS

Hirsch covers up @ 35:22

G Leeb misses from in front @ 36:27

Hirsch covers up 10 secs later

Devils penalty - Adams

An awful call by all accounts

Tripping was the call @ 37:03


Blaze goal a ppg

Awaiting details

Blaze ppg scored by Scutte assist G Leeb @ 38:08

Lets get it back before the buzzer U DEVILS

Both Leebs got an assist n the Blaze' 2nd goal

No texts coming through

Mystery - has 2nd period finished or has Coventry been attacked by aliens

Devils penalty @ 39:06 - Birbraer

At the end of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 1

Gavin is the only texter getting through to me , hes on EE network like myself.

We frequently have problems with the networks but never as bad as this

Has anything major happenned in the East Midlans I ask

Hooking was the call against Birbraer

Teams are back

We will continue with just 1 texter until others make contact

Ruth if you are watching MNL at Coventry e-mail us

SoG for 2nd period Blaze 10 DEVILS 15 making it 18-26 after 2 r

3rd period starts with Blaze on pp

Osaer saved

3rd period starts with Blaze on pp

Devils back to FS

Blaze penalty @ 42:45 - Cameron - slashing

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

45 secs left in pp

E-mails are getting through but no texts

Devils still on pp

Hirsch save

Penalty killed

A bit of a scuffle @ 47:25

No call

Weak shot from Adams held by Hirsch @ 48:08

Faulkner offside @ 48:25

Blaze shot goes high and slightly wide

MacRae slammed into boards

Stu skates off unassisted

Blaze penalty @ 49:02 - Chalmers - interference

Come on U DEVILS we want a PPG now yes now please

Olson on the prowl

Blaze clear zone

Blaze back to full strength

Devils go close

Gametime 52:46

Chris S any thoughts on our trouble or is it just Coventry Icedome

Hirsch saves from Hill

Devils offside @ 54:39

Lets hope this game finishes before the delayed texts flood through

Puck out of play

Osaer covers @ 55:26

4 minutes left

Final 2 minutes

Come on U DEVILS we want a goal

Devils go close

Net dislodged @ 58:42

Final minute

Time out - DEVILS

Wonders will never cease Blaze fans making some noise

Osaer lifted

Hirsch save @ 59:22

Big save from Faulkner that was

Final score Blaze 2 DEVILS 1

Great attempt by Devils to equalise in final minute

All the texts are now coming through

here are lots of them probably 100 texts

Devils MoM - Stuart MACRAE

Blaze MoM - Mike Schutte

The player I picked up at Manchester Airport was no less than ROBERT MILLETTE

I should have left him in unclaimed luggage

Our thanks go to Amy & Gavin who were the only ones managing to get their texts through

Many thanks to our other texters who through no fault of their own became lost in ciber space - Brunmmy Devil, Tony, Laura & Rachael (+ her apprentice Lauren)

A special thanks to Ruth for getting e-mails through and lending her phone when we realised what the problem was.

Why only those on the EE (Orang/Tmobile) network got through I don't know

Also was it coincidence that all the delayed texts came through as soon as the final whistle went

Whilst I had a 100 + texts when the game finished I am now getting Rachael's texts

There must be techies out there who can explain whats happenning. This could endanger MNL in total

Thats all for us at MNL, join us tommorrow night as its the turn of the Blaze to visit the BBT