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Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Dundee Stars

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the game against the Dundee Stars

OJ here in the MNL box waiting for your score predictions which as usual can be sent, before face off to

Gazza says 4-1 to the Devils

Glen & Ellie-Jo calls it 4-0 to the boys in red

Chris S calls it 5-3 Devils

Chris S tells me that the average number of unique viewers on MNL is up on last season

We would willingly give up some of our viewers if the went to the game instead as the team thrives on a noise RED ARMY

Whilst unconfirmed I have been told that G & Franny are thinking of viewing MNL whilst on the bench so that the team can benefit for the excellent tactical advice our texters are sending us

Ger_Devils, JohnWilding are at BBT already - there must be free beer

DEvils take to the ice for warmup

Did anyone else read about Arsenal flying to Norwich - a 20 minute flight at best, certainly not enough to get the card school going

They should take a bus ride to Dundee, walk off the bus and play

Stars are warming up

Come on U DEVILS lets bag the points and try to get 6 in the bag by Sunday night

I need something to cheer me up, its been a hard week.

Rachael calls it 4-1 to the Devils

Big Baz says 6-1 - thats the confidence we need

Big Baz go into the dressing room and give them a pep talk

I assume he is at the BBT

Warmup completed

Officials on the ice at the BBT

Stars out

Dean Smith is the man in charge

Another good game on the cards

Devils make their entrance

Intros done


We will soon see if the Stars net minder Nic Riopel is a good as everyone says

It will be interesting to see how many there are in BBT

Game starts

Devils start with Deeds, Macrae, Hill, M Smith & Marsh

Stars goal


No shut out then

Scored by Bagron assists Wirll & Ryhanen

Quiney gets a shift

Good 1st shift for Quiney

Gametime 3:10

Blight floors a Star

Riopel save

@ 3:55

Birbraer goes close

Anoth Riopel save @ 4:56

Much improved Stars team from last season

Puck out of play @ 6:38

Poor crowd but with three games this week not unexpected

Osaer save @ 7:13

McKensie playing evey other shift - is he carrying an injury?

Devils icing @ 8:22

Stars net off its moorings @ 8:51

Hanbags between Deeds and Ryhanen

Batch floors Watkins

Danette Macrae says Devils by 2

Piggott crashes the net @ 9:52

Stars icing @ 10:28

Puck out of play @ 12:40

Riopel covers @ 12:49

Adams goes close twice

Riopel save @ 13:14

Devilhookings penalty @ 13:14 - Davies -


Stars offside @ 14:07

Blight shot saved @ 14:11

DEvils back to full strength (FS)

Osaer save @ 15:00

Scramble in fron of Devils net, puck finally cleared

Devils penalty @ 16:06 - Piggott - slashing


You don't spell Devils like that!!

Deeds goes close @ 16:56 on sh effort

Gametime 17:04

Devils have anothe sh breakaway

Devils back to FS

Riopel save @ 18:48

Final minute

Devils hit pipes

HArding that was

Osaer save @ 19:37

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stars 1

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 10 Starts 8

Teams are back on the ice

2nd period starts

Puck out of play @ 20:43

Devils penalty - M Smith - delay of game @ 20:43


Stars ppg

Scored by Brown @ 22:15

Bowen it was that scored assisted by Ryhanen & Krantz

It looks as if the Stars are our bogey team again this season

By all accounts that was a peach of a ppg for the Stars

Lessens the pain to a small degree

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE, PLEASE

Gametime 26:22

A very low key game according to texters

Gametime 29:20

Riopel save @ 29:24

Stars penalty - Wirll - hooking @ 29:44

Get that pp into overdrive U DEVILS and get us a goal

I think Ger-Devils has lost a minute as penalty was @ 28:44

Devils pp is still very poor

Stars back to FS

Osaer save @ 33:46

Riopel save @ 34:11

Gametime 35:03

Osaer save @ 36:28

From Ryhanen that was

Lets have one back before the interval U DEVILS

Devils icing @ 37:19

Those Cup Cakes should be all done by now

Another Devils penalty called

Batch - roughing @ 38:20


End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Stars 2

Officials are back

So are the teams

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 10 Stars 7 making it 20-15 after 2 periods

Period starts with Stars on pp

Devils return to FS

Gamesheet show attendancer as 1,064 the lowest of the season

Riopel covers puck @ 40:47

Piggott's pass across the crease couldn't be tapped in by Davies


I think awaiting confirmation

Yes it is Kaulkner assists Birbraer & Blight @ 42:40

I am greedy - lets have another goal U DEVILS

Dundee almost score, in fact they should have regained their 2 goal advantage, but I am sure we don't mind

DEvils offside @ 45:05


@ 45:48 Faulkner from Birbraer & Blight

Riopel save @ 47:16

Gametime 49:20

Devils icing @ 49:24

Stars offside @ 50:15

@ 51:30 Stars look tired

Letrs take advantage then U DEVILS

DEvils penalty @ 52:39 - Deeds - interference


One minute killed

Devils back to FS

Osaer save @ 54:56


Scored by Birbraer @ 55:56

Assists Faulkner & Blight

Puck out of play @ 56:41

Gametime 57:03

Final 2 minutes

Faulkner goes close

Final minute

Stars pu;;Riopel @ 59:40

Stars time out

Devils penalty

MacRae @ 59:40


10 secs left


Blight assists Faulkner @ 59:58

A sh Empty net goal

Final score DEVILS 4 Stars 2

Rachael wants to know why Devils can't play like they did in that period all game?

3rd Star - NIC RIOPEL



Our thanks to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing and Spearsy who did a brilliant job waking up the Devils in the 3rd period


Final score DEVILS 4 Stars 2

Thats all from me, join us on Saturday as the Devils take on the Blaze at Coventry. Good Night