Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Panthers at the BBT

Join me (OJ) from 5pm for this must win league encounter

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Unconfirmed reports that referee is Dean Smith

Warmup underway

Awaiting team news

Devils by 1 goal says Kenin MacRae

Stephen B goes for a 5-4 Devils win

No scratches for the Devils tonight

Simon P goes for a Devils 4-3 victory in O/T

Warmup done

Its 4-2 to the Devils according to Hazel

James says Devils will win by the odd goal

I don't care how odd the goal will be so long that the Devils score it

Chris S hopes for a 3-2 Devils win in O/T

Surprisingly quiet on the signing front now that we have a vacancy

Very few predictions tonight, hopefully they have all gone to the BBT

BBT showing the Steve Moria tribute video

I must quash the rumour that Mo is appearing with the Rolling Stones in their up coming concert, although he is of that era

Officials on the ice

So are the Panthers

Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Sonia says Panthers by 2 - wee shall see in just over 2 hours

Daniel votes for a 4-2 Devils win

Paul T says a Panthers win, he doesnt care about the score

Devils on the ice

People still entering BBT so will update attendence later

Intros done


No Anthem yet!!

Maybe Frankel has made an appearence

Minute silence being observed for the victim of Fridays roadrage

Anthem now

BBT filling up by all accounts

Away block looks full

Matt Myers skates away from blyline before Anthem completed

Must count himself as English these days

Puck dropped

Lepins floors Blight

Blight in turn floors Lachowicz

Looks like being a physical game

Panthers penalty @ 1:12 - Stewart - elbows

Devils go close on pp

Gametime 2:01

Devils create chances on PP

Things are looking up

K Smith goes close

Panthers return to full strength (FS)

Osaer save @ 3:38

A lot of sly flying elbows

Kwall glove save @ 3:56

Face in Panthers zone @ 4:01

Panthers offside @ 4:21

Puck out of play @ 5:37

Come on U DEVILS lets have a goal - please

Devils go close again

Faulkner that was

Faulkner floors Lee we retatiates with an elbow (x2) - no call

Gametime 7:15

Its end to end with few stopages

Hill goes close but Kwall saves @ 8:03

Now Kwall saves from Marsh

Tuma trying to wind up Didiomete (Deeds)

Good forechecking by Blight & Faulkner

Panthers rattle pipes @9:30

Kwall rebound not pounced on by Devils

Adams nails Francis

Graham floors Davies

Kevan & Sue Batch just got home to follow MNL in deepest Essex

Devils penalty @ 12:22 - Blight - hooking


JohnWildthing says this is a much more physical Panthers team after Stewart addition and return of Lepine

Puck out of play @ 13:50

Panthers icing @ 13:39

Devils return to FS

Osaer covers puck @ 15:03

Apologies there was a Panthers penalty - Clarke @ 12:48 - hooking

Panthers killed that penalty

Panthers offside @ 15:42

Its only now that I got confirmation of that last Panthers penalty

Gametime 18:00

A nudge from Davies and Kwall does an inpression of Suarez

Faulkner goes close @ 18:30

Deeds floors Lee

Handbags behind Devils net

Panthers penalty @ 18:49 - Ling

Slashing was the call

Final minute

Panthers mess up a clear breakaway

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Happy Birthday to BIG BAZ from MNL

Devils will start 2nd period with 49 seconds of PP

Ger-Devils couldn't estimate attendence so I told him to count them. will keep him quiet for a bit

I asked JohnWildthing how big the crowd was, no answer but at least we now where his is - BAR

JohnW says between 1500 and 1600

SoG is also all square 12 each

Come on U DEVILS lets pocket these points.

I have ordered coffee (whether I get any is another matter) as I am beginning to struggle after a hard weeks work.

Both teams return to the ice

2nd period underway

Puck out of play @ 21:16

Ling went 1 on 1 when he left sin bin but Osaer poke checked him

Kwall save @ 21:26

Osaer save @ 22:08

Gone very quiet all of a sudden

I hope its not the network playing up again

Some updates are coming through 10 minutes late

Panthers goal - Clarke @ 23:33

Assists Myers and Levers

Osaer save @ 24:22

Davies goes close

Puck out of play @ 26:28

Devils penalty @ 27:17 - Faulkmer - boarding


Osaer covers @ 28:02

1 minute of penalkty killed

Devils return to FS

Devils penalty @ 29:44 - Davies - slashing

Kill DVILS Kill

Batch goes close SH

Birbraer floors Beckett

Devils back to full strength

Puck out of play @ 32:03

Text says Panthers back to FS but I haven't had a penalty for them

Mystery solved Clarke had a hooking minor :@29:30

Devils icing @ 33:14

Osaer covers @ 33:34

Gametime 34:02

Batch goes close again @ 35 minute mark

Devils offside @ 36:41

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Panthers 1

gamesheet showing attendance as 1,679

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 8 Panthers 12

Teams are back

Teams are back

3rd period starts

Osaer covers @ 42:02

Panthers penalty @ 43:43 Lee - holding

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG now

You can win this U DEVILS

Come from behind on your home rink like the Devils of old

Panthers penalty @ 44:30 Benedict - tripping

Come on U DEVILS a 5 on 3 opportunity

Faulkner denied


A PPG by Birbraer unassisted

@ 45:36

Kwall goes nuts

Panthers penalty @ 46:20

Myers - tripping @ 46:20

Panthers back to 4 skaters

Puck out of play @ 46:58

Kwall fumbles

@ 47:23


@ 48:02 - Birbraer again assists Deeds - PPG

Devils penalty @ 48:24 - Marsh - slashing


Blight has a SH chance, denied by Panthers D

Gametime 50:02

Devils back to FS

Jerry Hall is toast

Kwall covers @ 51:05

Gametime 52:20

Kwall save @ 52:31

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Penalties @ 53:23

4 on 4

Panthers penalty @ 53:23 - Beckett - delay of game

Blight also got the same penalty

Probably dancing

Puck out of play @ 54:53

30 secs left on 4 on 4

Penalty shot for Devils

Birbraer brought down

@ 55:20

Misses - hits pipes

Both teams back to FS

Hikk goes close

Hill even

Gametime 56:03

Osaer save @ 56:04

Devils penalty @ 56:04 - Hill - roughing


Puck out of play @ 57:12

52 more seconds to kill

Final 2 minutes

Devils back to FS

Final minute

Kwall pulled

Puck out of play @ 59:30

Time out Panthers with 30 secs left


Kwall gone again

10 secs left


Birbraer hat-trick thanks to unselfish play by Macrae for ENG

There is a doubt about Devils 3rd goal

DEVILS WIN nevertheless

3rd Star - Craig Kowalski

Final score was DEVILS 2 Panthers 1

Ger_Devils got carried away and gave Max a 3rd goal

Devils player of the month - September 3rd CHRIS BLIGHT 2nd BEN DAVIES


2nd star went to JOSH BATCH


A cracking game by all accounts

Our thanks to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing & Ger-Devils for their usual brillant reporting

Join me on Thursday when the Dundee Stars hit Cardiff Bay

Thats it folks, GOOD NIGHT