Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 4 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Tonight MNL brings you the Challenge Cup encounter between our very own CARDIFF DEVILS and the Sheffield Steelers. Join me OJ from 6:30

Score predictio ns as usual to

Trying to find out whether the team has arrived as there is a major holdup on motorway

Apologies for lack of coverage but having to deal with other matters here in Cardiff

Ruth says 3-2 to the Devils

Everyone accounted for as far as the Devils are concerned for warmup

I know that fans are held up in traffic

Danny L calls it 4-2 Devils

Danny was also wondering that as it is a CC game will we have 2 refs

Soph thinks it will be very close and hopes it isn't a Dar/Hicks double act

Hazel sees it as 6-4 Devils

Warmup done & dusted

about 10-15 Devils fans spotted so far

Five of those are my texters

A big thank you in advance to our texters in Sheffield especially those that volunteered at the last minute as it became obvious that some of my regulars are held up in traffic

If the game was in Cardiff we would have had major problems as many roads are sealed off by police

Maria has made it from Doncaster to help us out

Chris S has escaped from Nottingham whilst Rachael, Rich and Gerald have made the long journey to S Yorks

Carl has Devils winning 3-2 in O/T

PR spotted seated with Red Army

Lets hope teams are late coming onto the ice as there are fans still 5-10 miles away

Very small crowd at Arena

Red Army now around 50

Andy Carson is referee

Lights dimmed

Devils come onto ice

Looks like 3 officials

Looks like 2 refs and one linesman

A 2nd linesman appears

Steelers finally make an entrance

Danette Macrae calls it Devils by 2 goals

Steelers displaying posters "Devin Who"

This intro by Sheffield is the longest in the whole world

Refs are Carson & Staniforth


Anthems done

No scratches for Devils other than the released Milam

Puck is drop and we are away

More Devils fans have made by face off

Didiomete (Deeds) nails Phillips

Good hit it was

Davies denied by Meyers block

Devils look hungry says Rachael

Gametime 3:02

Sarich fllors Deeds by wrapping his stick around his neck - no call - what a surprise

McKensie throws a big hit on Michel behind Steelers goal

Faulkner hits pipes

5 minutes gone

Steelers breakaway foiled bu Osaer

High intensity from both teams

Gametime 6:03

Devils icing @ 6:48

Big save Osaer @ 7:30

Devils icing @ 7:37

Another save Osaer @ 7:53

Steelers icing @ 8:22

Michel trying to wind up Deeds

Steelers icing

Osaer covers @ 9:18

DeCaro save @ 9:31

From Hill that was

Piggott & Harding getting regular shits

No sign of Quiney yet

Puck out of play @10:03

devils c alled for icing @ 10:42 when Faulkner clearly played the puck first

Big save Osaer

Deeds goes close

Devils penalty @ 12:02 K Smith - hooking


Marsh hit on Michel

Faulkner sh shot saved @ 12:47

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Osaer making some big saves

Osaer saves a Jorgensen slapshot

Puck out of play @ 14:38

Piggott hits pipes

Good play by Deeds

Gametime 16:27

One death confirmed in Cardiff roadrage

Fata foius a Macrea/Hill 2 on 1

Michel shot saved @ 16:17

Devils icing @ 17:24

Handbags after Osaer save @ 17:32 - no call

gametime 18:04

Final minute

DeCaro save from Blight @ 19:08

Devils penalty @ 19:18 - M Smith - interference


Steelers goal

PPG scored by Fata @ 19:34

Assists Sestito & Legue

steelers penalty @ 19:59 - Feta - holding

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

A good even 1st period by all accounts with the Devils D looking more secure and some slick passing

Steelers ppg was a cracker

With Devils on the PP to start 2nd periiod lets have a ppg of our own U DEVILS

SoG Steelers 12 DEVILS 8

Officials back on ice

Teams are out

Lets get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

2nd period underway

Devils icing @ 21:28

Birbraer floors Limpright

PP over as Steelers return to FS


Davies @ 22:01

Assists M Smith & Birbraer

It was an evenstrength goal

Hewitt slashes M Smith - no call

Macrae goes close

Osaer save @ 24:02

Its been all Steelers since Devils equaliser

Good block by Batch

Gametime 25:02

Faulkner denied a wraparound


Devils 2nd goal scored by Marsh @ 25:24

Assists Faulkner & Batch

Osaer save from Jorgensen @ 26:11

McKensie winning all his face offs

GAmetime 27:44

Birbraer floors Shields

Devils offside

Steelers icing @ 28:59

Steelers goal

@ 29:51

No chance for Osaer it went in off a Devils skate

Limpright credited with goal

Assists Legue & Michel

Devils offside @ 30:40

Sesito and Deeds nail each other into boards

Steels Goal

Scored by Goertzen assists Hewitt & Sestito

Steelers 3rd goal timed @ 31:17

Gametime 33:30

Steelers are all over our D

Marsh nails Goertzen @ 34:06

Gametime 35:03

Replace Legue by Stephenson as assisted on Steelers 2nd goal

Steelers hit pipes

Steelers penalty @ 36:07 - Phillips - high sticks

Devils PP is off the scale

Steelers back to FS

By all accounts that Devils pp was horrendous

0 SoG during PP says it all

Final minute

Devils have face off in Steelers zone with 19 secs left

End of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 2

Devils D seem to be standing and watching Sestito

Devils purple patch lasted less than 5 minutes after that they were on the rores for the rest of the period

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 8 DEVILS 14

That doesn't seem to tally with what texters have reported

That means if it is correct the Devils have outshot Steelers 22-20 after 2 periods

Officials back on ice along with both teams

3rd period underway

Steelers camped in Devils zone

Macrae goes close @ 42:05

Slower start to this period

Devils icing @ 42:47

DeCaro save @ 43:15 from Birbraer

Handbags after Osaer save @ 43:46

No calls

Did Sestito call out Birbraer then?

Adams goes close @ 44:07

Steelers icing @ 45:09

Marsh blocks Esders shot

Faulkner goes close

Devils fair play are creating chances

The problem is they are coughing up too many for the Steelers

DeCaro saves from Macrae @ 46:52

Steelers call a time out

@ 46:52

Play resumes

Devils offside @ 46:58

Good clean hit by Marsh on Meyers

Still no Quiney

Devils playing well but need to up the quality of the shots on Decaro

Gametime 49:03

Sestito hammers Deeds

Penalties coming

Gametime 49:47

No penalties called afterall

Gametime 50:02

Gametime 59:26


Devils bench penalty @ 51:39 - too many men


Osaer saves a Fata rocket

Deeds serving bench minor

Batch doing well on PK

Devils back to FS


Devils 3rd goal @ 54:00 scored by Macrae assists Hill & Deeds

Osaer covers @ 56:41

That was 55:41

Piggott nails Stephenson

Devils battling hard says Rich

Superb DeCaro save @ 46:38 from K Smith

Deeds laying hit after hit on Fata

Gametime 57:00

Gametime 57:30

Steelers offside @ 57:58

Handbags between Fata & Deeds

Final 2 minutes

Osaer save @ 58:12

Devils icing @ 59:02

10 secs left

End of 3rd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 3

Into O/T we go

We willl soon see if Carl was right and the Devils win in O/T

Glynne thinks we can win

O/T starts

Faulkner , Birbraer, M Smith & Marsh

Steelers offside @ 60:14

Osaer save @ 60:54

Faulkner goes close

Osaer save from Stephenson

Gametime 62:11

DeCaro save 62:22

Last 2 minutes of O/T

Birbraer goes close @ 63:08

Final minute

39 secs left

End of O/T Now penalties

Chris S says that was the best O/T he has ever seen

Blight Scores

Legue misses

Birbraer misses

Fata misses

Faulkner saved

Limpwright scores

Making it 1-1

Blight misses

Legue misses

Birbraer saved

Fata scores Steelers win

I hope I covered those penalties correctly

Fata wins it in the 5th round

Big thanks to our texters - Rachael, Amy, Gavin, Gerald, Chris S, Rich & Maria

Devils MoM - Stuart Macrae

Join me on Sunday night when the Panthers come to the BBT