Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 6 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris here hosting, as always I can be shouted at before/during the game at

Provided tonight's texters don't drink themselves into oblivion we should have some decent coverage

Failing that though, Giants do have a webcast for tonights game, if you can tolerate two random people talking absolute nonsense, mumbling and some shifty camerawork the details can be found at

First predictions of the night are in, Hazel going for a 3-4 Devils win in overtime :S

Tom predicting a Devils 2-4 victory :D

As long as it's a better showing than the last game against the Giants we had, it should be all good, although it would also be nice to get the 2 points :P

Ruths predicting a Devils 1-2 victory :D

No team news from the Odyssey yet for either team

Claires predicting a score of 3-1, but not sure for which team! That's not biased enough for us!

Andrews another predicting a Devils 3-4 victory tonight! North Bay, Ontario might be our most distant viewer location tonight :)

Luke is also going with a Devils 1-2 victory, I think i'm with you and Ruth on that score, it's going to (hopefully) be a close affair tonight, unless the Devils want to score more, that'd suit me just fine!

No score prediction, but Clare who's out in Cyprus is predicting a Devils victory :D And here's me stuck in Nottingham for another 270 odd days, not that i'm counting or anything

The MacRaes are predicting a Devils 3-4 victory as well! :D

Absolutely no news from the Odyssey yet, maybe it's time to start trying to find more sober texters... :E

Dans predicting a Devils 2-3 victory...

20 mins to face off, warmup must be over by now and no news, so hopefully we're at full strength!

It's too quiet!

Wahay, a texter is alive, warmup is underway, no team news

Rather, warmup is done, both teams have left the ice

Tonights ref is confirmed as Darnell... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Texters not sure if Quiney was warming up, I thought he was heading over but maybe not?

Quiney definitely did warm up, Darnell still pretending to be a referee and the DJ is terrible... Good Times :E

Odyssey is looking rather empty at the end moment, almost time for the Giants attempt at an intro

Matheson allegedly skated in the warmup, but isn't during tonights game, not quite sure what that's about if he's suffering from concussion...

The lights are down, the Devils are on the ice \o/

All texters have commented on just how empty the Odyssey looks tonight :S

Intro receives a 'meh' rating, Giants on the ice

Texters are confused by Matheson warming up for the Giants but doesn't appear to be icing...

Devils starting line up is MacRae, Hill, Blight, M Smith & Marsh... Puck is dropped and we're away!

Lloyd, Garside and Peacock are the enemy starting line

Macrae very very close, and then Devils called for offside at 0:34

Devils called for icing at 0:46

Batch losses possession in the Giants zone and the Giants get a 2on1 breakaway, shot goes across the face of the goal, but...


Devils first goal timed at 2:22, Marsh with assists unknown... Scramble infront of Murphy and Marsh picked up the rebound!

We think the goal might be Marsh from Blight and Didiomete but that's not confirmed, sound system in the Odyssey is worse than Coventry

Giants penalty timed at 2:49, Roberts 2mins for interference, Giants goal timed at 3:06

Right, actual confirmation. Devils first goal timed at 2:22, Marsh from Hill... Keefe with the Giants goal

Giants are now back to full strength, still waiting on assists for Giants goal

Devils penalty timed at 5:23, Adams 2mins for holding

Giants score a second goal timed at 5:49, this time it's a powerplay goal :(

Giants second goal timed at 5:49, Champagne from Clarke - PPG

The giants first goal was Keefe unassisted - SHG

Devils called for icing at 6:51. The Giants second goal was their 1100th EIHL goal :(

Osaer save timed at 7:14, all Giants at the moment...

Giants score a 3rd goal, uhoh...

Osaer is calling high sticks on that 3rd goal, it's not been announced yet, stripeys are having a conference...

Giants 3rd goal timed at 7:19, Rycroft unassisted :(

"Devils not at the races" according to one texter :(

Texters are calling for the Devils to step up and starting throwing some checks, at the moment we're being outmuscled for everything

Giants penalty timed at 9:28, Stewart 2mins for interference

Giants penalty timed at 11:21, Roberts 2mins for hooking... 7 seconds of 5on3 for the Devils!

Murphy save timed at 11:27

Giants back to 4 skaters, Devils powerplay for 1:53

Penalties called against Didiomete and Lloyd at 12:37, Didiomete 2mins for eblows, Lloyd 2mins for boarding

Didiomete took a silly penalty there, Lloyd had already been called and then Didiomete went in with his elbow :(

Despite the Giants leading, it's another MRA style atmosphere tonight :S

"Osaer looking very shaky, not dealing with anything convincingly" - That's slightly concerning :/

Giants called for icing at 15:22

Murphy save timed at 16:02

That shot was from Birbraer, one of the better shots we've taken so far...

Giants score a 4th :S

Giants 4th goal timed at 16:34, Fournier unassisted

"Terrible defending. Fournier scores all alone in front of Osaer. Goal at 16:34" :(

Murphy save from Davies at 17:29

It's only the first period and texters are saying it's game over, absolutely no effort from the Devils at the moment :(

Puck out of play at 18:19, texters all say we need a period break to try and regroup, or just decide we actually want to win/play

Final minute of the first period

And that's the end of the period, a sigh of relief from all the texters :(

Well, that's every prediction blown out of the water I think, we could always try and win 4-5 :E

Shots on goal for the first period announced as... 15-14 in the Devils favour...

Sorry about that, internet went kaputt and no one else to take over :(

Giants penalty timed at 33:08, Keefe 2mins for tripping


Good time to come back really, score was still 4-1 until my internet restarted :D

Seems penalty shouldhave been timed at 32:08

Devils second goal timed at 32:38, Didiomete from Davies and Milam - PPG


Devils 3rd goal timed at 32:56, Hill from MacRae and Marsh :D

MacRae is scored at 35:04, Giants penalty coming

Giants penalty timed at 35:04, Keefe 2mins for hooking

Well, that was a nice return, Texters reported there was nothing to update on until the Devils 2nd goal :)

Murphy save timed at 36:49

Giants back to full strength

Osaer save timed at 37:43

I'll have to see about my internet going kaputt in the final period in the final minute or so if it leads to two goals on my return :D

Final minute of the second period, play stopped at 39:10 for an unknown reason

Osaer save timed at 39:56, and that's the end of the second period I think

End of the period, Didiomete floors Lloyd off the puck in return for something

Shots on goal for the second period... Devils - 19, Giants - 13

Officials and teams back for the third period...

Puck dropped, here we go! Come on Devils!

Big save from Murphy timed at 41:35

Our Brits are getting lots of ice time tonight, although no word on Quiney yet

Giants score a 5th :(

Giants 5th goal timed at 43:15, Clarke from Stewart and Champagne

Quiney hasn't been given a shift yet tonight, with the score like this I can't see that changing either :/

Conincidental roughing penalties called... for Keefe & Piggot...

Penalties called at 43:53, Keefe and Piggot both get 2mins for roughing

Or as the texters are describing it, Piggot got a 2minute penalty for getting high sticked by Keefe, Darnell takes some flak for that one...

Penalties were called for slashing, not roughing, confusing texts there :/

Both teams back to full strength

47:28 played, "game is a bit flat right now" :(

Giants score a 6th :(

Giants 6th goal timed at 48:11, Keefe from Garside

It's gone a bit quiet, not sure if the texters have finally given in and are drinking themselves into oblivion or the game has just tailed off

Devils penalty timed at 51:02, Davies 2mins for tripping :(

Another terrible call from the make believe referee according to texters

Instead of tripping, more like he checked someone off the puck and they fell over, Darnell somehow sees it as a penalty

On the plus side from tonights results, the Devils u18's have just beaten Chelmesford 8-1! They're now top of the league!

Osaer save timed at 52:26

Devils back to full strength and Darnell gives us a penalty shot after Davies is pulled down on the breakaway!

But it's no go, didn't actually get a shot off. Score remains at 6-3 :(

Keefe is laughing his face off as Davies falls over on the penalty shot :( On the plus side, Giants penalty coming...

Giants penalty timed at 53:43, Lloyd 2mins for elbows

Devils offside on the powerplay :S

Giants back to full strength, powerplay not so great again :(

57mins played...

Ooooooh, Devils hit the pipes

Into the final 2minutes

Final minute

Murphy save timed at 59:01

The texters agree with you Carl, Lloyd has got away with everything tonight with absolutely no challenge from our players :(

But that's it, it's all over... Giants 6-3 Devils :(

Not quite the result any of us were hoping for...

Devils man of the match award goes to Hill

Giants man of the match goes to Keefe

Well that's all from me. OJ is back next weekend whilst I try and stay alive in Stabbingham/Shottingham/Mogadishuham

Chris out.