Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL. OJ your host for this League encounter between the Devils and the Blaze

Score redictions as usual to

Texters have reported in from Coventry already

uth says 3-1 to the Red Army

Al Beer says its going to be tight, no its not Max is back

4-1 win for the Devils says Dan and he predicts Devin D will have a fight

WE hope not as Deeds is needed on the ice playing the quality game he showed us last night

Yes Ruth it is Ger-Devils birthday, he's at the BBT tonight as hopefully will update on the progress of the EIHL Devils

Chris S predicts a victory for the Devils by the odd goal in five

Before anyone asks I did not back the 33/1 winner of the Arc. I am still in the placepot at Uttoxeter

This morning I was sratching around for texters now I have a massive team, many doing MNL service for the first time

Its heartening that so many are prepared to support MNL in this way

Warmup underway

Rupert Quiney dressed for Devils

Max Birbraer is back after suspension

Hazel calls it 4-2 to Devils

Happy birthday to Goughie

Well done to the Red army runners who did their first 4 mile run today

Nobody told JohnWildthing it was only 4 miles as he's run all the way to Coventry

My placepot is in thanks to Pete the Feat

Warmup done & dusted

My texters have been on the sherbert already dring a Guinness, Jaegermeister & Red Bull concoctions

Darnell spotted at Coventry, well it will be all whistle again

Tom Darnell confirmed as referee

Large Devils contingent at Coventry

Matt & Soph call it 3-1 Devils

Carl goes for a 4-2 victory with Olson being thrown out in 2nd period

Around 100 Devils fans in Coventry - less than usual

I am now told Quiney not in Coventry

Spearsy calls it 5-3 to the Devils with Deeds & Olson going

Blaze scratches - Cameron, Domish, Guidice

Tom M calls it 4-2 Devils and no fights

Rupert QUINEY is in Coventry

He was announced as an afterthought

Devils on the ice

Announcer pleading with home fans to make some noise

Blaze on the ice


Devils start with Macrae, Blight & Hill with K Smith & Milam on D

Puck is dropped

Devils go close, twice

Hirsch saves from Hill

Blaze icing @ 1:56

Huge hit on Faulknet by Griffin in centre ice

4 minutes on Blaze yet to get a SoG

Its all Devils at the moment

Olson playing as a forward and hitting any Devil within range

Gametime 4:56

Red Army's Danton chants have started already

Blaze penalty @ 6:00 - Olson - tripping

Lets have another PPG u Devils we like them

Devils penalty @ 6:03 - Faulkner - interference

1st Blaze SoG @ 6:36 easy save Osaer

Hirsch glove save @ 6:54

After good play by Davies

Milam then Davies go close


@ 7:55 scored by Birbraer assists Deeds

Olson floors Hill and is called for it

Roughing @ 8:39

2nd assist on Devils goal goes to Milam

Hirsch save @ 9:06

Having signal problems at Coventry - it happens all the time

They still use Ravens up there

Blaze back to full strength (FS)

Devils penalty ' 10:57 - Blight - hooking


Good save Osaer

Blaze pp putting pressure on Devils

Davies on breakaway deked Hirsch but puts it wide

Devils return to FS

Blaze' Egener goes coast to coast poor final shot

Sam Smith shoots stright at Osaer

Leeb shot saved by Osaer

Devils penalty @ 15:29 - Faulkner - slashing


No atmosphere

Blaze pp looks dangerous

Devils return to FS

Red Army now doing a rendition of Silent Night

Gametime 18:02

Blaze icing @ 18:42

Final minute

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 1

No news on SoG yet

Teams are back

2nd period starts

SoG for 1st period Devils 10 Blaze 8

Like the first period Devils have started the period strongly

Big hit by Olson

Devils penalty @ 22:47 - Hill - tripping


Heavy pressure from Blaze on pp

G clears puck stright at Thompson on Blaze bench

Davies has another SH breakaway - save Hirsch

Devils back to FS


@ 25:34 - Birbraer assist Macrae

Devils icing @ 25:49

Osaer save

Blaze icing @ 27:00

Darnell missing a lot of Blaze offences

Egener hip check sends Macrae sprawling

Leeb goes right through but falls over

RED ARMY going SsssssssssHHHHHHHHHHHH as Blaze fans asleep

It is unbelievable - not a sound from the home fans

Devils icing @ 31:01

Game in a static mode at the moment

If the home fans are that bored speed up the clock so that they can go home early

Piggott, Davies & McKensie line working hard

Harding sitting it out at the moment

its great to have a 10th forward that you know can do the business or take over when Piggott or someone runs out of gas

Gametime 34:03

Blaze have upped the tempo but Devils are comfortable

Olson now cheap shooting the Brits

Olson run Davies into boards - no call

In fact Davies was hit onto bench

Blaze penalty @ 32:27 - Smith - slashing

That wa 35:27

Get the pp intooverdrive U DEVILS

Goal for blaze @ 37:02

Guthrie scores after masive mistake by Marsh

A SHG that was

Blaze return to FS

Lets get that goal back now U DEVILS

Final minute of 2nd period

Blaze icing @ 39:08

Hirsch covers up @ 39:19

Darnell calls a hand pass against Blaze when they are in their zone. Everyone laughing at him.

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

Blaze penalty @ 3952 - leeb - hooking

Will need to check that penalty with texters

Penalty was against G Leeb

Both teams back on the ice

3rd period starts

Guthrie lays big hit on Blight

Devils taking shots on PP but poor quality

Blaze return to FS

Gametime 43:05

Devils turnover gives Olson chance

Save Osaer @ 44:01 from Schutte

Blaze player after player going coast to coast unchallenged

Double save by Hirsch @ 44:40

Davils icing @ 44:58

Piggott miss @ 46:00

If only the third line could bury the biscuit, the rest of their play is fantastic

Penalties @ 46:45 Deeds )De vils) interference; Olson (Blaze) diving

Elbows it was for Deeds

Blaze offside @ 47:15

Osaer save after another error by Devils

Oseaer foils a Bayrack breakaway

Both teams back to FS

Gametime 49:17

Macrae goes solo, fires wide

Blaze penalty @ 49:56 - Smith - tripping

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG


It worked

PPG @ 50:03 scored by Faulkner assist Marsh

2nd assit for Hill

Devils penalty @ 50:14 - M Smith - interference

Blaze Goal

Blaze 2nd goal @ 59:55 ppg scored by Schutte

Weak shot went through Osaer

Guthrie gets assist on Blaze 2nd goal

Gametime 53:50

Blaze penalty @ 53:50 - Smith

High sticks was the call

Blaze 2nd goal was of course 49:55

Darnell waves off a perfectly good Devils goal

He is a disgrace

Gametime 55:19

Blaze back to FS

Gametime 56:15

Gametime 56:36

Devils offside @ 56:42

Blaze go close

Milam knocks Olson over

Last 2 minutes

Hirsch lifted

Blight goes close for an ENG

Blaze timeout @ 59:01

Time out actually as 58:57

Blaze goal

Bayrack scores @ 58:59

Hirsch fantastic save from Birbraer

End of 3rd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 3

Into O/T we go

Devils should have won in regulations says Brummy Devil

Faulkner & Birbraer to start O/T

Save Osaer

Hirsch save @ 61:20

Hirsch saves from Marsh @ 61:20

Now Hirsch saves from Faulkner

Egener block denies Blight

Osaer save @ 63:02


BIRBAER Hattrick

It Was MARSH not Max @ 63:27

Assists Davies & Hill


Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 4

Our thanks go to texters - Rachael, Arron, Rich, JohnWildthing, Brummy Devil and Adam Temme

Join us again for the Next MNL next Saturday when the Devils take on the Giants in Belfast

Blaze MoM - Bayrack